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MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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7 Jaw Dropping

another 3 Hours

Lugias was capped and now level-10.

«Bind» — it was the skill he acquired when he reached level 8. but never try to use it to this Alpha Wolf who was named 'Tama'.

Lugias's experimenting other animals using Bind skill. he then conclude, it will surely bind its target but varied by strength, so he doubt to catch this Alpha Wolf with its agile movements.

you wouldnt know if you didnt try! Lugias said. this is the first the he doubted himself. he thought

[ But also the last time! ]

Slowly, he entered at its range while narrowing his eyes

SHIING! unsheathing his weapon to short sword in reverse grip.

BAM—! this time the Alpha charged at him, but he welcomed it with round shield, he then knocked back but then grind his teeth and steel his position while still focus at Alpha's body.

[ As I thought! ]

Alpha vanished from its position



slashing forward with lowered position, he missed. meaning Alpha's body was therr a second ago. Lugias Immediately kicked to his back diagonally upward, it successfully land at Alpha's throat.



[ you fucker used your Flicker and Flash simultaneously to caugh me offguard from that time haa~!? ]

with only one of his feet in the ground, he spinned his body and slash Alpha's neck while still in its staggered state.



it instead bit the sword and Lugias arm, but because he was in reverse grip he clench his teeth and just continued his slash with full power.

[ Oraaaaah!!!! ]


-13 (Critical)

*Blood Spill*

Alpha's mouth skin teared and now was jaw dropped along with its tounge.

[ you cannot use your Crunch anymore! kakakaka ]

Lugias then unequip his sword and change it to mace. and used heal to himself.



[ ready your shit coz' I'll smash it hard! ]

Lugias boasfully said while in sneer.

[ Too bad I cant use heal when using an equipment other than Mace, Wand, Flail and Staff ]

Another 10 minutes later.


Tama the Silver Wolf (Alpha)


HP: 146/300

Skill: Flicker, Flash, Crunch(unavailable)


[ .... ]

Lugias was speechless. though, Alpha was persistent, nimble and almost kill him again with its claw.


what made him speechless was. It didnt let Lugias stepped foot for atleast 5 meters from that big tree no matter what. he was a parent whose protecting his precious children afterall. he thought

[ Lugias then stepped out and cast his Heal spell to Alpha wolf ]

+ 3

+ 4

+ 8

+ 5

T....that heal. dissappointed, he then walked out and said to Alpha.

[ that was exciting~ ] while smiling

I didnt kill you not because you are protecting something, its because they're only prey to others if you die, and its troublesome to take care of those. Lugias thought.

He didnt admit it. but Lugias is out of Candy, out of Mana, as that last 5 heal was his last, also his reserved shield is also destroyed and unrepairable beyond recognition. even his default priest clothes become ragged and full of scratches.

● ● ●

after the repair and he fully healed at Novice Ville, his clothes returned to its original white and refreshing color. equipping his remaining shield and 60 medium Cor. for novice, that was big sum of money.

Teleporting out, Lugias smiled and close his eye.


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