MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
8 Left Hand of His, Right Hand of His
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MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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8 Left Hand of His, Right Hand of His

Southern Part. One of 4 main Cities of Mythical Kingdom.

an Archer and Fighter walking side by side and went outside the gate talking

[ Do you think Master went out there? ]

[ Im sure of it, Boss was strong afterall. Come on, lets hunt so that we didnt become dead weigths later ]

it was twin sisters Nunu and Lulu. their name was 'Gold Left Hand of His' and 'Violet Right Hand of His'. in short, they are Gold and Violet. it was obvious to their hair color. also, theybuy long and hooded cloak to cover their voluptous body. though one of them was only an A-Cup.

it was like an accident that their name was alike but it is not. only them knew its true meaning and because of this, the 'Spark of Rivalry' saw from their eyes when their eyes met. because of this, others soffocated without them knowing and run out, others just logged off out of fear.

now, about their Cloak. When one equipped an 'Equipment' who doesnt belong to that class other than 'Weapon', that equipment was counted as an 'Item' or just a simple 'Decoration'.

For 'Weapon' and 'Sub-Weapon', anyone can equipped any weapon they want. But, because there was a 'skills' who 'didnt activate' without a certain weapon, majority of the players go with the flow and just equip their weapons according to their class. those who defy this gaming physics was either a Professional gamer or a Noob. Of course our MC was the latter.

[ why it has to be you here! haaaaa]

sighing, it was from Gold(Nunu). of course they didnt met in the same Novice Village but instead to this Southern City of 'Demaxa', one of the 4 main Cities. though there are 25% chance they're met, this two really did. but instead of being happy, Mumu murmured and cursing 'why it has to be you!' repeatedly. vein popped out from Violet head and smack her small sister.


[ Ouch! ]

[ If you didnt move, I will! ]

Funny was, this two is already popular from their Novice Village and so, the story travelled until here.

the Golden Fighter, who subjugated 3 Bears bear-hand.

the Violet Archer, who was not kiting but instead attacking packs of wolves head-on, Nocking its arrow point blank, take it and nock again.

rumor is powerful indeed.

the 2 sigh and run faster through Gate. their thought was 'so Embarrassing!'. because this two was anti-social.

but If someone they knew heard whats on their mind right now, that person will die from heart attack for sure.

at the same time

at Novice Village 2948, a man with sheathed sword named [Great Servant] logged-in.


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