MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
9 PVP Arena at Level-10
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MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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9 PVP Arena at Level-10

Outside World, 10 am

[ Good morning Boss! from now on Im your temporary Servant! Anton ]

With a bow a black haired Man with small height but toned muscl said e to Lugias, as he introduced himself.

[ hm? I dont remember firing Mana, where is he? ]

said by Lugias, seconds later, Mumu and Lulu walked in.

[ Master! ] [ Boss! ]

[ uhm Good morning, lets eat our Breakfast then ]

Lugias said and went to Dining table. There, the new servant named Anton Explain what was Mana's reason leaving his Duty and hire new servant.

[ vacation leave he say? hmp better not go back or I'll beat his ass! ]

with his Angered Face made Anton cower in fear.

[ by the way Boss, what level are you? and what City you've been Teleported? Me and Mumu met at the same City ]

after swallowing her food, Lulu asks Lugias.

thought the two always wearing maid uniforms and his personal housekeeper, they always ate alongside him, and so his new servant.

[ I was teleported at Southern part at Nexus City, I was only level 10 because I died twice haha ]

Lugias happily said but made his two Maids confused.

[ death means reducing a whole level! why youre always so dumb when it comes to this Boss!?! ]


Lugias body was pierce by the word 'Dumb'

[ nah Its nothing, I discovered a fun fun he he ]

[ that horrible smile! ]

[ and horrible laugh! ]

'and a horrible face!'

Twin sisters said simultaneously and together with Anton thoughts. though he was happy that the Gang who hired him has a Gentle and Kind Boss but he cant stop himself from cursing after he saw its scary face but still created a harem.

[ hm? well, Im at the Arena for 5 hours ]

Lugias said whilst standing and then waved his hand and went out while saying

[ go finish your meals, I will log-in now ]

[ [ [ SO FAST!?! ] ] ]

again, they simultaneously cry out. because, its not even 5 minutes during they started their meals but their Boss' already finished his. Mumu and Lulu double check his plate, sure thing he really finished it.

[ Its been a year since then, right sis? ]

[ hmmm, meaning... ]

the two looked at each other while Anton unconciously swallowed his saliva while mixing his soup.

[ [ he was enjoying that Game! fufufufu ] ]

the two giggled while Anton cannot comprehend.

● ● ●

Inside the Game, at the Arena

Room: #35

a level-10 Healer and opposite of him was level-18 who was equipped with two Gauntlets, a Fighter, using only its hand who was specialized at CQC named 'Sullen' was battling for 8 minutes now. It was Sullen's first time opposing an unkillable Healer, though many Healer Class noobs trying their luck to win, they smashed by another noob who has a Figthing Class instead. So veteran Gamers whose Healer class didnt participate this PvP but instead power leveling.

Also, because this game was special and with only hundreds of Hitpoints, an average battle time is only around at 1 to 2 minutes. thats why it made Sullen huffing up to this point.

This fucking Guy was only healing my damage!! He thought.

What made Sullen depressed is that, even though their level gap was 8 and this healer's damage was laughable, that was only from the beginning, for the Latter to only heal itself back, and the end of the day he was beaten and felt the 100% winrate of his is in Danger at this moment. He wanted to start a conversation but in PvP Arena, theres no such a thing.




his head was smashed and his vision turned grey and teleport him out. Stomping his feet in anger and bring this out to his next opponent

he start to click «Find Match» but a mix of Horror, fear and resentment struck him Good.

[ Fuck!! ]

He cried out and Logged off!

● ● ●

« Glory! »

« Your Opponent conceded and by default, you won the matched »

« You obtained 2 Glory Points »

[ The hell!? ]

said by Lugias while teleporting out. he promised to himself that this was supposed to be his last matched before he grind his level so he was feeling down because of this, he then went out of field gloomily.


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