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MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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10 Paladin Karma

PVP Arena

Room: #96

a level 16 Paladin named Karma. And because he's just accepted one of the Default Class and unlike Sullen who didnt advance his class yet, Karma was eager to test his new Class and enter at PVP. But to his surprise, his Enemy for his first time was a Healer, a level 10 at that. He trashtalking it for being shameless for entering at the Arena but system forbid the communication as it notify him. at first, he Underestimated this Healer but after he saw its above average battle control adding to its muscular body, he was surprised. Muscular body aside, his damaged was healed for two consecutive cast of its «Heal» skill. With this, he aggresively attacked as smashing it using his mace and comboing this mere Healer in front. and then by activating his newly found Skill «Shield Charge» for Paladin class

Stomp— Stomp— Stomp—

Bagoom— Bagoom— Bagoom—




—Karma Dragged his opponent forward using his shield for 7 meters at most. when the Healer seems to be crashing at the wall, He summersaulted and kick the wall and ultimately used «Heal» Skill, with Swish sound as He successfully land to the side

+15 (Critical)

[ Dafaq!? ]

Karma cried out. though his damage was heavy, but with just one heal, half of it was restored.

Kicking a Wall? yes, that was possible in this Game, as the Healer's position for that split second was like skillfully standing at the wall, and so the system counted that he was on the ground while using Skill. this level of mechanism and controls isn't counted as Bug or Error but was the Players themselves who should exploit it for their advantage. as Karma himself is a hardcore MMORPG mouse and keyboard Gamer. as his mouth turn 'O'. So that was possible in this Game! Karma thought and smiled but he still felt gloomy as he relentlessly attacked afterwards.

But what's even more surprising was, when this Healer's critical Attacked was proc'ed as they exchange blows, he recieved much damage than what he Healed! as Karma's [Root Class] was a Healer himself, his «Heal» was surprisingly pitiful to compare.


is what systemn prompt infront of him after his Vision turned grey. staring at the sky when he kicked outside, Karma pupil became transparent white. thinking 'what the hell!? that Guy was using Mace and Shield right!?', though He didnt mind its bulging muscles, he was surprised of this Healer, Immediately after he sent friend request.

[ Request Denied! ]

as the system prompt in front of him. For the record, theres a Setting menu on which, one can denied others friend request and Lugias accidentally [checked] it. or not.

Sighing, Karma went Outside the City and grind his levels.

● ● ●

[ whew, that was close ]

so says by Lugias, he amost lost but thanks to that Critical Heals proc'ed after he exchange blows, he won in slugfest battle.

[ Haaaaa ]

Lugias sigh, and went outside the City. He sigh because he want to PVP all day, but because his Left hand and Right hand twin reprimanf him to last time to grind levels He doesnt have a choice and do it.

[ the Higher your level, the higher chance you encounter a Strong Players! ]

they said. Sneered as Lugias looking forward of that Strong Opponent even if its a Boring just to grind level.


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