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MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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11 Slithering

as Lugias successfully levelled up to 13 this time with his 5 hours of grinding, he obviously put it to LUK.

[ Haaaa, such Boring cycle ]

He said while looking at the Level from Leaderboard and other fun things to do.

«Yi Lai — Level-27»

As he saw its level and Class as «Barbarian», a default class from Warrior whose using Axe or a Hammer. Lugias' blood boiled and smile. His subordinate (Twin sister) want him to catch up to ranking levels, though not high for normal Games. Yi Lai the Barbarian's Level was high to this Game, and at their country. whats more, the level cap of this Game was only level 30. So they want Lugias to catch up.

Lets turn back the time for a Bit.

[ Next patch was this Games' biggest event and our turning point! ]

[ not just you Master but also us needs to catch up, like Lulu said, next patch released is our turning point! ]

they say, as Lugias heard the word 'turning point'. He asks why, so they took out their Plan (Operation: Twin Sister Plan).

[ hooo— Creating Guild you say? ]

Lugias said in surprise. Creating a Guild was every Players' dream in every game they went, especially those who wanted to gain Fame, Power and Money. But that was only the tip of an Iceberg, the so called Capital, the Main City of their Kingdom will open. But only one of it catch his attention, 'Global PVP Arena'. one requires to be atleast level 30.

[ kukuku, Global eh. Well then, I was motivated! ]

as He raised his body and entered the Game. The Twin Sister giggled after they saw their Master and Boss' motivation soar through the sky.

● ● ●

For past 6 months during this Game Launched, next Month was their third Patch. Lugias repeatedly grinding, return back and grind again for purpose only because he wanted a Heated battled when his level was higher, he grinned from time to time because of his subordinate' words. Im looking forward to it! he thought. And with his unconciously repeated combos of Shield plus Mace plumetting, a System prompt in front of him

« System: you have Successfully created your own skill, do you want to name and save it? YES/NO»

as the system send a recordings of him with same moves again and again, he was surprised it was a skill of

Pummel it with his mace three times, next is to Shield Slam horizontally, then knee kick. With this 3 moves hitting his opponent 5 times combo. But he selected 'NO', after he saw his mana will consumed in return.

[ tsk! you Shitting me! I can do that combo many times but with my mana being consume with that Skill in return? no way ]

as he cursing the system. Lugias then check his Status, or not. his focus was only at his 'SELF MADE SKILL: 0/5'

[ if I counted it right, the recording vidoes played was exactly 150 times before that Self created Skill prompt in front of me. hmmm, maybe later If I have a lot of Skills, I will create my own ]

[ Hmmmm? ]

Lugias spotted 4 Players while murmuring, they saw him too.

● ● ●

[ sir, you're a Healer right?? ]

a shemale-like figure with sheathed Sword, dash in front of Lugias and raised his arm while holding his hand. With his big Arm Her(?) hand was like of a child.

[ Truth is, we need a Healer so we have thu' return thu' Town but we accidentally meet thee' here.. Isn't thy fate??? ]

She(?) said. Funnily, her language is out of this world, like she was using auto translator. other member of hers' also followed suit and bow as they introduced themselves.

[ Im Rona ]

said by a Girl wearing pointed long hat, a mage.

[ Raka ]

[ Hila ]

Consecutively said by the one wearing pair of gloves and the other Girl wearing a pair of gauntlet. they are from Fighter Class.

[ and Im Gaya! ]

and the last one who introduced herself, who grab Lugias, she's a Warrior. as she Invite him to their party

{A/N: pronounced as Gaia}

Yup, all of them are Female, just this chic Gaya was at the category of 'flat is justice'.

Party. in this game, as long as you're not entering the Dungeon there is no limit to a Party. That's why 'Party Chat' in this Game is considered as 'Guild chat to many', but one needs to personaly invite a member individually. as for Dungeons, the maximum Person who can enter was 25 and called it 'Raid'. but thats the later part of the story.

Right, their Party composition isnt balance at all, no Archer as Scout and no Healer. Also according to their equipment, only Gaia and Hila was Advanced to the next class.

After hearing their Names, and checking their equips, Lugias walked away. He didnt even say he's going to join in the first place.

[ [ [ [ Eh?! ] ] ] ]

Bewildered, the four opened their mouth.

[ he...hey! ]

Gaya called him as he looked back

[ arent thou interested?! thee just have thu' Heal us from thee back and thy was farst to pick thy loot boo— boo— ]


covering Gaya's mouth before she finished her sentenced, Lugias dropped her Head and signalled the others to silence. Though faint, he heard it Clear. Lugias then threw Gaya to the side and raised his shield.



-33 (Critical!)

a Snake-like being Attackes him from above.

though he parried its Fang, it still bit his shoulder as it slither to his side as Lugias moan. Lowering body, He charge out of range of the Snake as he jeer his body to the side, rotate his body as he Slam his Mace jumping backward afterwards.



he damaged it. sure thing, this Guy want to kill him in that same spot with its multiple assault of Bite and Slither, if Lugias didnt charged out He'll return to the respawn point again.

[ Oh my! ]

looking at it, 4 Girls covered their mouth in shock, not because Gaya was thrown to their phalanx but because It was a Snake, a 10 meter long and 2 meter width on top of that. But it was more like a Snakedragon with small arm and claws with its darkmetal Scale. Sure thing, it was but a Snakedragon


Snakedragon (Baby)


HP: 536/537

Skill: Slither, Spit(Poison), Bite(Poison), Tail Stab, Tail Whip, Tail Crush


with its Skill, its arm was like an Ornament but, Strong! too strong! and for them to raid this 'Baby' Snakedragon at this time? they're dreaming. Also, its tail.. Its like an overlap of four arrowheads.


after 5 seconds, Lugias received another damage; Poison, he was poisoned because of that bite.

[ uh-oh, were screwed, alright— RUN! ]

he murmured and then Shouted to others.



casting his skill, Lugias luckily triggers [Cure] buff that can nullify any debuff for 10 seconds. running like their life in the line, 4 Girls also dispersed. unfortunately, Gaya and Raka was simultaneously stabbed and crushed by its tail as they directly return to town. Though their Body is still there.

[ So the physical Body won't vanish ]

Said by Lugias as this is the first time he saw a Player's death with his own eyes. even though he died a couple of times, his vision turned grey and return to respawn point instead, for he didnt know if his Body also vanish. thats the story for the later thought..

after 2 of the girls was killed, Lugias didnt look back again but instead run forward and run and run again. why? this shit followed him here.

[ Bitch! wait for me to level up more and I'll KILL YOU!!! ]

shouting, Lugias found himself on a cliff and without a second thought, he Jumped with all his might and face the Snake, raised his middle finger.


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