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MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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12 Party Invite

Its been a few days since then. Lugias' didnt answer any of subordinate's questions about the Game especially about the 'Baby', as he dodge and changing topics everytime, he then went out after eating. an everyday life of his IRL was boring as hell. or not.

But not inside the Game, what really happened last time was when where Lugias fell off.

° ° °

Below the Cliff

[ Haaaaa Im alive, Bwahahaha!!! ]

Lugias was at the big branch that protruded from the side of the Cliff, He successfully or rather luckily catched by this Branch. Though his HP is only at one digit left, He casts «Heal» repeatedly then jump off after he fully healed. He was still 10 meters above ground though, but thankfully, another Tree was in there so with sacrifice some of his HP and its agonizing 202% Pain Absorber. he was but still alive.

[ hmm hmm very good. I'll have my revenge later. for now, Lets grind ]

He said so as he look for monsters to hunt.

Minutes later, He found a player Soloing a Green Big monster equipped with trunk-like bludgeon. on the other hand, a Player was equipped with full bloody armor, yes Bloody. his helmet and armor was covered by dark and red blood whose also couldnt even recognized if its an armor or an armor trash. Getting nearer, Lugias looked at the player, aure thing he knew who was it.

[ Fucker Mana! is that why you file a temporary leave so that you can play and overtake my level haaah—! ]



the so called Mana was surprised but as Lugias used «Blessing» and «Heal» at him while talking and Bind the monster.

the same time, Mana who was surprised jump backwards as he lower his Body and used «Shield Charge», the Monster on the other hand was flew upward, but only a mere foot. maybe because of its Big physique.

[ hm? ]

Lugias was surprised. the Paladin who used the same skill in PVP didnt lower his body when using it to me. Lugias thought.

without using any skill(?), Mana lowered his centrifugal force with BAM— sound, The monster blew backwards as it drop its weapon midair. whats more, it didnt stopped until 30 meters or so.

[ Boss! accept my party Invitation, help me kill this and we'll talk later! ]

Mana dash forward after he sent an Invitation

«Player 'Great Servant' Invite you to their Party. will you Accept?. Yes/No?»

[ haaaa!? ]

Lugias' face was surprised, but still accepted Mana's request.

turned red, Mana activating his own «Heal» while running and an AOE skill «Strengthening», it was to strengthen Class' main Stats. for the record, Lugias' main class was WIS! so this skill was 'useless for him'.

[ now that I think about it, He was using Flail and a big Shield ]

following the lead, Lugias also appraised the Monster


Name: Lord of Troll, Fureta

Level: 20

HP: 278/423

Skill: Troll Smash, Body Slam, Self Regeneration(Passive), Bludgeon Mastery


[ The hell? isnt he unkillable than that Snake!? ]

Lugias cried out, afterall, if you compare the Dragonsnake and Troll HP and self regeneration, Dragonsnake was killable than this one, but to his surprised. its HP was almost half. did Mana really did it? He thought.

[ Boss, my Weapon can negate its regeneration every 5 secods, plus my Attribute was Light while he was Dark so I damaged him than that of a normal Class/Job, but at the same time, his damage to me also amplified because Light and Dark attribute was contradicting each other so dont dilly dally boss help me please! ]

Mana said as he had time to explain his situation. The same time, Lugias was at loss, Light and Dark Attribute? the hell?

[ Dont worry boss! Dark and Light are only attribute of this Game! knock your head out and helo me nooooow! ]

Like he knew whats running through lugias mind that want an immediate answer, Mana said again

[ I'll explain it to you all, so please!!! Ahhhh Boss watch out! ]

Mana cried out, as Fureta the Troll Lord dash to take his Bludgeon whose now charging straight to Lugias. The same time as lowering his Body, Lugias slid his right foot forward then used uppercu using his shield. with BAM— sound, Fureta flew up at least 3 centimeter, lowering Lugias Body as it return to where it came from a seconds later.

[ What the!!!?— ]

Mana dodged Fureta's body flying towards him.

[ F*ck Boss! that was Guardian exclusive Skills! ]

[ F*ck you! stop the talk and do the walk!! ]

Lugias run forward. though with his current STR, what he did isnt possible, but with the law of physics exolanation, he used his enemy's weight to lift it up, as for the Guardian exclusive skill «Guardian Slam». He already obtained its lower version skill called «Shield Slam» using PVP's glory points. like a Merchant Wanderer of other games or Gatcha Box, PVP shop items was random everytime.


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