MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
13 Global Notification: Emergeance of a King
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MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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13 Global Notification: Emergeance of a King


Shield Slam: A knock-back skill using shield, knock-back range depends on caster's STR.

Cooldown: 15 sec.

Activation Requirements: Consumes 10 mana; Any kind of shield; Point blank range; No specific class.

Level Requirements: None


Checking his newly buy and first activating skill, Lugias was astonished. It wasn't an O.P. but because this was the first time he activated his not Healer skill.

with the help of Mana, the two of them whose damage was only scratched to Troll Boss killed it at last. Even though it takes them 3 long hours. it really is worth the work.

«Level Up!»

though In the middle, Lugias and Mana's HP and MP drained to bottom, Lugias conserved it and focus on Healing skill instead, because of those, the time they kill the BOSS was doubled, but sure thing. All is well and End is well. Lugias who was now level 14 hesitating if he invested this to STR now than LUK. Sweating as he swallowed his saliva, he still distributed it to LUK whose now 39.

[ when LUK reached 40, I'll go to STR then ]

He said as he sigh, if his STR was 49 instead of LUK, maybe they kill the Troll faster? no, no, no, shaking his head Lugias wasnt regretting investing his points to LUK, there are many times LUK helps him. LUK or luck really worth its name, not only his heal doubled in critical moments, even his «Blessing» helped him from time to time, like, when he used Bless when he poison from «Bite» of Snakedragon, he isnt now and didnt met Mana, afterall that Poison tick was for full 60 seconds and damages him every 5 seconds. another time is when he's in PVP, his critical damage gives him an Advantage everytime he attacked especially when his HP dropped to bottom.

[ hmmm? ]

Drop to bottom!? Lugias thought.

[ maybe I'll experiment that next time ]

He said as he looted the Drops, this is the first time he looted colored equipment and items other than white or green, he didnt looted white because not because he didnt want an item but, his backpack was heavy with 3 metal shields and weapons. Appraising his first loot, Lugais was amazed


Heavy Bludgeon (Mace type) (Blue)

Damage + 3

Enhanced Damage

Requirements: Level 20; STR 15

Bounded when equipped


[ Damage? is there's a paraneter called damage? ]

[ gimme gimme.. Ahh Boss that was mine ]

Mana wanted to snatch the item that he almost forgot it was his Boss.. Staring at him, Mana explained as he scratch the back of his neck.

[ He he, Damage was hidden to our Status, even Defense, Critical Hit or Critical Heal, all was hidden. Afterall, this game has many loopholes or whatnot, ahh and was almost lifelike ]

[ What do you mean? ]

Lugias didnt comprehend, he's not an avid gamer, even though, he's playing arcade game, he's still newbie when it comes to this. of course he didnt give the equipment

[ you see, if we have enough Strength(STR) we can beheaded that BOSS or two, or we can even chop his leg or arm. But you see Boss, he's so damn hard right? plus his stamina was bottomless ]

Reaching his arm, Mana wanted Bludgeon that bad.

Lugias didnt understand even a gist of what Mana was saying as he equipped the weapon

[ Aaaaahhhh! Boss that was my Advancement Quest! ]

Crying, Mana tears flew out as he cry again his Boss' name, as Lugias looted another item and Appraised it. It was a scroll-like piece of paper, Lugias then throw the item to him after Appraising.


Valiant Knight Class Scroll (First Class)

Requirements: only Knight Class can Advance to Valiant Knight

Description: a Special Class for those who specialized for Attacking and Supporting those who he serve together with its vassal.


Upgrading to Valiant Knight can receive a special passive Skils «Knight Trainer (10)», «King's Knight» and «A Knight Will Serve Their King!».

«Knight Trainer (0/10)» your attacks will greatly enhance the more you have a 'Knight Class' Apprentice.

«King's Knight(0/1)» you, and your King's attack, defense and movement speed will greatly enhance if you are together. You can discharge your current king.

Warning: you can only serve one king. discharging your current King and you cannot serve that King forever.

«A Knight Will Serve Their King!» you, your Knight and your king's stats will increase by 1 if all of you are within 500 meter radius.

Increase stat will varied of the Knight you and your King have.

Additional Stat (0/10): 0


[ The Hell!!!!? OP!!! ]

Mana who was bewildered, and was excitedly activated changed job, although it takes time, Knight Class Apprentice isnt that hard to get. someone says that if you cant have one you create one. After Mana saw Lugias was grinning, Mana was sweating, as he already forget about the weapon, he then immediately send his Boss an Invitation. Of course Mana know what his Boss' was thinking.

« Notification: You've been invited by a Valiant Knight 'Great Servant' to become his King. Accept? Yes/No »


without hesitation, Lugias accepted.

« System: Congratulations, you recieved a title 'King of Valiant Knight'. would you like your name to echo all around the World? Yes/No »


He just wanted to boast his mightyness that he didnt know its effect it the future.

« Global Notification: Congratulations to <Healer> 'Lugias', was the first one who become the 'King of Valiant Knight'. Please give him a warm congratulatory word! »




Inside the town, players recieve that same notification thrice, Irritated why the hell it popped up to their face three times.

[ The Fuck!? a Healer to become a King? you mean a Low level!? Fuck me! ]

[ Hoooo? ]

[ Fuck its him! ]

some players are cursed in envy and jealousy, others doesnt give a damn, while others was curious.

'Whaaaat? I who was a Valiant Knight months ago didnt recklessly give my loyalty and theres an insane guy give his to a low level!? He's only a root class! a Healer for fuck sake!' it was the thought of a person who just logged in as he receive global notification just now.


[ Ha ha ha! dude did you see that!? a poopy Healer become a king! ]

in a tavern, group of players wearing expensive looking equipments was drinking, the one who questioned has a double handed axe lying to his side whose now chugging a bottle of beer.

[ Aaaaahhhh~ wheew.. Lugias eh ]

exhaling as he said, he ordered another bottle of beer.


Outside the field, a group of 10 man party killing blazing crocodile while they recieve the system.

[ urgh! the fuck that notif I almost killed!! ]

[ Concentrate! we can kill it! ]

[ support, heal XaXa! ]

[ Myrna, Switch and recover your mana! ]

one of them was commanding, she, who was also curious but closed the notification screen and commanding again. while thinking 'Lugias, huh'


Though, that World Notification distracted some players, majority do their own work while others isnt log in, and later, none remember that event ever happened, of course big guilds and popular players mark the name 'Lugais' to their hearts.


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