MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
14 Deep in though
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MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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14 Deep in though

Some minutes later, After Global Notification..

[ Boss, I think I have to go? I've done my quest so— ]

Mana who was awkward said, Mana who wasnt a Mobster but a Gamer inside this game wanted to run away from Lugias, afterall he wanted his Boss to see him at his peak, at his Strongest in this Game and also become worthy to his Boss' side, of course being a 'Valiant Knight' was suited for him, afterall he's already love to the effect of its Passive Skills, thats why from now on, not just leveling, he will also find suitable candidate Knight Apprentice to fight with him and his Boss side by side without stabbing their back, a Knight whom he can truly trusts.

Not now, not for the time being. He thought as he made an excuse to his Boss with nervous tone.

[ —okay go ahead. But... ]

His Boss said which made Mana conflicted, at the same time swallowed his saliva

[ Return to me when you're done your job. Im not comfortable with my new servant ]

Lugias said, though he wanted Mana to be by his side in-game just like in real life, just like how he's always by his side for almost a decade. But Lugias stopped and made an excuse and said that last word as he walked away and waved his goodbye.

[ Yes Boss!!, not even IRL. Even in this Game, I'll return to you! ]

Though cringey and creepy, it made Lugias happy. Afterall, he can counted his most trusted ally with only one hand for his 20 years of life.

At the same time, Mana who bowed, crying. He saw how Mobsters and other Bosses scared to his Boss Lugias, not because of his ferocity by the use of 'Killing your enemy to instill fear to others', but because of his kindness. He once said, as until now Mana still remember clearly to his head. When Mana himself was going to beheading one of Mobsters Boss—

'People sure is a unique creature, they can do Good things, but majority saw only their Bad deeds, just because they did it once. I too am a person, I believe one can change even how evil one can become, afterall a Person is a Person and constantly made a mistake.'

—as his Boss was smiling at that time, directly looking at Mana. But his Boss is kindhearted but wasnt a pushover as he continue—

'That is my Judgement. Understood!?'

—as his Boss Lugias look at Mobster's Boss with intimidating loom from that time. He always giving a chance, though 'one chance' it was but an ultimate course of action to evil doer not many people can copy. That personality, that dominance, Mana whose hungry for battle that time and believed that killing is an ultimate solution, forgot those. At that time, what he receive was enlightenment—

[ Aaaahhhhhhh!!! ]

Mana who was lost in thought warcried and run. To somewhere he didnt disturb his Boss.

● ● ●

[ What is that fucker's problem? ]

Lugias who isnt far away heard his servant cry.


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