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MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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15 Mamma mia

[ Wha!?...What!? That traitor! ]

Said so by Nunu as they're surrounding the table as they are eating dinner IRL. what they talking about was Mana. Lugias already told them so during meal time, Nunu was the first to react as she accidentally cut clean her plate using her spoon.

Anton swallowed his own saliva from the other side of the table. Good thing, he didnt chew those big dish of meat in front of him, if he did it during Nunu's tantrum, He'll choke to death for sure.

[ What? You didnt receive some notification? I was at Global Notification thrice you know? ]

Lugias explain, which made the twin felt dejected. Sure thing they logged out at that time. Maybe they're cooking? or cleaning their mansion? Afterall they didnt want to depend from other maid their housework.

[ Alright Im done, See yah! ]

Lugias finished his meal first again. As he stepped out.

[ [ [ ... ] ] ]

Like, its always, as if its new that they unable to understand on how their Boss/Master finished his meal in less than 5 minutes.

Lulu, Nunu and Anton was speechless. Always.

● ● ●

Inside the Game

Actually, hundred meters away after Lugias and Mana parted. Lugias found a dungeon, he looked for Mana but he's long since gone to finished his quest. So Lugias logged out first just to eat. And now... He's here.

«Notification: You are entering an Undead type Dungeon. Would you like to proceed? Y/N»


Of course he clicked yes..

«Warning: You can log-out Inside the dungeon but your body will remains. Exiting the dungeon is like forfeiting. Forfeiting the dungeon and the dungeon entrance will vanish.»

«Warning: You only have 1 life. Death means forfeiting the dungeon»

«Congratulations for Entering: Exp was doubled; (First Kill), the best item of the monster you 'first killed' has 100% chance will drop rate.»

Lugias vision is only flick but after that He's inside the dungeon.

[ Hm? whats this? ]

Lugias said as he saw notifications, You cannot die and You cannot log out—no, you can, but your body still remains, meaning it can be feasted ones you logged out, In laymans term, do not log out.


TIING—! (shield)

An arrow was nocked and went straight to him but Lugias raised his hand and his shield do the job.


Name: Undead Elven Archer

Level: 20

HP: 167/167

Skill: Bowmastery(Passive)


[ A Level 20 from the entrance? Wow.. a very heartwarming welcome. ]

Lugias immediately used shield charged after appraising the monster. though he doesnt have those skill. Isnt that skill too easy to copy? he thought.

Kuh— He moaned


[ What the!? ]

He was surprised. afterall an arrow was placed on his feet. He then look at Elven Archer.

[ That was almost half of my HP damn you! ]

He cried out. Who should he blame? He pick a paper class type afterall.


+13 (Critical)


After healing himself he casts bind and it was success. Afterall, an undead didnt think.



[ Ahh! How the Fu—! ]

Lugias cried again as an arrow was at his shoulder. Who should he blame? this is the first time he used it on a long range enemy. Bind can make the target unable to move, meaning their only feet was glued to the ground.

He grumbled but he didnt stop his charge after he healed.


-27 (Critical)

Elven Archer scattered to many bones pieces. Lugias immediately casts Heal But after that, an Elven Archer's bone shook and seconds later it returned to original boney elven archer again.

[ Mamma mia!! ]

He Shout out by surprised as this unfolding even. Of course, the next moment is a history. Afterall, What he only did was repeatedly bashed it after the boney archer reconstructed itself until it die.


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