MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
16 It was now the Start of STR Galore.
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MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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16 It was now the Start of STR Galore.


«Bloodpact Skill(10)»

for 5 minutes, you can summoned an 'Elven Archer'. But beware, as the skill will be gone after you used up the charge

Elven Archer: it nock an arrow upto 5 times after it was summoned. It was the caster who decide when it nocks an arrow or what types of arrow. It'll be unsummoned after it nock an arrow 5 times.

Activation Requirements; Doesn't need any mana;

Types of Arrows to nock: [«Heal» Shot], [Dual Shot]

Cooldown: 24 hours


[ Cheh.. trash skill, I can only use it 10 times ]

Lugias said after he looted the 'Best' item of the monster he first killed. It was the best life saving summon skill and later will he realize its true worth, so for now he set aside this skill after he learned it. Other than this one was only an arrow and a quiver is what he looted

He started to walk forward after he regenerate, he later found an exit for this tunnel, though not an exit but a real start of this dungeon, in front of him was atleast 15 to 20 skeleton warrior, it was obvious as they equipped with rusted sword and worn armor. Hee alerted, as he immediately back off but two of the skeleton already saw him, or rather he was inside its aggro. It dashed forward to side by side as it slash him. Then one of the skeleton tripped to one of the stone while the others is still charging and swinging its sword.

he used circle at skeleton back and used «Shield Slam», it immediately shattered. He also charged to another as it also shattered like the list time.


He found out how to get out of this predicament. Though hard, its not possible. As he killed the two soldier. He waited to fully regenerate and enter the remaining skeleton Aggro.




multiple bones are flying everywhere as other sound was overlapping.

Kuh—, of course Luck its not always by his side as some attacks of skeleton hit him. Although he's ready for these possibilities, life of a paper defense class was too much of a hurdle




[ AHHH! he even run through the highest point, climb for two meter where he saw a stone and summon an Elven archer above then start his assault again below, Skeleton aggro was still in him, if it isnt, a skeleton soldier isnt smart enough to use their arm to climb.




+18 (Heal Arrow from Elven archer)



+23 «Heal»

... 1 minutes

... 2 minutes

... 3 minutes


And With this 3 repeated process of summoning, bashing, healing. the 18 skeleton? They all been defeated for 9 minutes and 45 seconds. Lugias used bloodback and sometimes used ita double shot while he himself use his own heal spell. Its good for him that when a force enough to knockback a person, this skeleton instead will shatter to pieces and reconnect. It gave him more time to attack others and healing in a form of defending. His «Bloodpact» also is the MVP of this repeated phenomenon. Of course he himself is the one who controlling it. And now he already used 4 of this skill.

[ Thats worth it, atleast ]

Lugias said as he also level up to 17 now. Like what he promised, he give his unallocated stat to STR, afterall his LUK now was 40.

[ You really did your job good, LUK-san ]

He said, and looted any worthy Item he saw. He have some sock here so he put them all there and useful looking item. He stored them separately.


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