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MMORPG: The Battle Junkie Healer
Author :LaharZero45
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17 Yuushaman

[ Eh? I thought I was the first who discover this Dungeon? ]

said by a man with light clothes. He also entered where Lugias discover the cave. Truth is, this man is the first to discover this cave but because he's equipment isn't in good condition and potion aren't enough, he prepared well. He also don't want to let others know about this dungeon.

First come, first serve, is what knowledge he gained for decades after playing many MMORPG's. Once more, He don't have a friend since he enter this game.

Seing some scattered bones everywhere, he conclude it was an Undead type dungeon. Good thing, he was a Healer-class root so he was lucky. But when he walk for another kilometer and found the end of a tunnel, a first stage of battle in every game. What he saw was only Bone pieces. Nothing but bone. No skeleton soldier, no skeleton archer or any kind of undead type monster. Thats why he rush forward and fast his phase, to see who was the party responsible for this. Though, he was the first who discovered this, its not for him to preach the other party who came before him. Afterall, if the party is a consistent of different job, He'll no match. But if they're low level. Then...


..Not far away, he heard two swords clashing, with narrow eye, he stealthily came forward, not that he's an assassin though. There, he saw someone running towards him was.

A Healer.

[ Eh!? Party wiped! ]

He said, afterall, healer is the last bastion of a Party, If a Healer run towards the exit, then his other party from the front line was annihilated.

Readying his stance, he's ready to help this healer. But his body shivered of what he saw. The healer returned back and slid at the center of 2 skeleton soldier and unleash his sword and shield combo to each one and kill them separately after they shattered and reconstruct again.

[ W..Wow!? ]

dropped jaw of what he witnessed, he accidentally howled his inner feelings. The healer, no. The Ogre like healer look at him with cold eyes.

[ Ahahaha, Sorry, This is the first time I saw another Healer class and using other weapon like me. ]

Scratching the back of his head, he said and introduce himself

[ Im Yuushaman, I saw you fighting just now. Truth is, I was the first to discover this dungeon but— ]

Introducing himself and stepping forward, Lugias asks.

[ Do you have another member? ]

[ I was a solo leveling Warrior so— ]

«Player Lugias Invite you to his Party. will you Accept? Yes/No?»

Before he finished his sentence

[ Good, Lets go! ]

Lugias said while inviting Yuushaman.

'He didn't asks my Class, my level and more but invite me instead? An Oddball.' Yuushaman though and smiled at the back of strong looking Healer in front of him.

[ There are two way tunnel in front, so I suggest we separated there and raid the BOSS together at the end of the tunnel]

[ Eh? aren't you here because you want to level up? Isn't much better if we raid it together? ]

Yuushaman said with worried tone.

[ I don't have enough potion and it was troublesome to return back again and raid another tunnel ]

'Then, why the hell you entered solo if you don't have enough potion and don't want to clean the monster inside!? Isn't this why dungeon is here was the essence of it all?!' Is what Yuushaman thought.

[ I'll go right, that is where those two skeleton came from ]

[ O...okay? ]

Lugias commanded and Yuushaman nodded with—

[ The hell? I wanted to see him fight closed distance! ]

Yuushaman said and sigh, thus they separated their way.


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