Mages Are Too OP
36 Bowling Charge
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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36 Bowling Charge

"I'm not telling a joke." Roland sighed and said, "This thing is really here to talk about his wallet."

As he talked, the transparent ghost crawled out of the coffin and screamed three meters away from them. With a closer look, they saw no emotion other than the determination to kill them in the ghost's eyes.

The two of them stepped back. Betta waved his longsword and swallowed. "This thing looks rather creepy. Brother Roland, do you have any experience dealing with these things?"

"How could I?" Roland said helplessly. "I've only seen Falken's soul until now. I can't attack Falken, can I?"

"Brother Roland, make a battle plan." Betta stopped retreating and stopped before Roland. "You'd better hurry."

The ghost suddenly had a transparent spear in his hand. It was obvious that the ghost was malicious and was about to take action. Roland knew that they couldn't back off anymore. After all, ghosts were usually powerful in the stories.

"I'll try to control him." Roland took out the staff from his Backpack and said, "Jump now."

Betta did not know why, but he followed Roland's instruction. As a half-Warrior, he jumped almost two meters high.

Right when Betta jumped, Roland pointed his magic staff downward.

Ice Ring!

He chanted in silence.

Ice Ring was the third spell that Roland grasped. He could already cast it in silence.

A white circle of ice spread out on the ground and froze everything that it touched.

The ghost seemed unintelligent. He did not dodge, and his legs were frozen immediately. He struggled and let out an uncanny shriek.

It was rather unpleasant, if not tormenting.

Roland felt the urge to cover his ears.

Betta was delighted to see that the ghost was controlled. "Well done, Brother Roland. It's my turn! Charge!"

With a weird noise, Betta rushed at the ghost in blurred shadows. However, since the ground was now slippery ice, he lost balance and fell the moment he started off.

Then, he rolled on the ground and crashed into the struggling ghost like a high-speed bowling ball.

Roland was stunned. He watched Betta pass through the ghost and roll into the wall ahead while screaming.

This is… really not my fault.

Roland returned to himself after a brief daze. He simply launched an Inferior Fireball at the ghost.

At this moment, Roland only concentrated part of his magic power. The fireball exploded and tore the ghost into shreds.

The fire even melted the ice on the ground into water.

The enemy was gone, but Roland was still highly vigilant. After all, in many stories, ghosts were believed to be undying.

He was scared that the ghost would suddenly appear and attack him when he relaxed.

However, there was no sign of the ghost after a long wait, and the chill in the air was vanishing.

The ghost was not here, but Betta did crawl out of the wall.

He looked rather hilarious. His clothes were stained with dust, and there were several bruises on his face. Roland nearly laughed aloud.

"Brother Roland, where's the ghost?" Betta stood up and looked around warily.

Roland examined the place and said, "It's probably been killed by the fireball. It seems rather weak."

Relieved, Betta put the longsword back in his Backpack and said, "It should be some sort of wild monster. But it seems to be immune to physical attacks. I cut its feet as I passed the ghost, but I hit nothing as if it was a shadow."

Roland nodded and said, "Yes, like in other games, ghosts are vulnerable to magic attacks."

"I'll burn them with dragon flame next time." Betta looked rather angry. "I would have used it had I seen it coming. I nearly passed out when I crashed into the wall."

Roland almost laughed when he remembered how Betta rolled away like a screaming ball.

Seeing Roland's expression, Betta said unhappily, "Laugh if you want, Brother Roland, but did you trick me on purpose?"

"Absolutely not!" Roland denied it without any hesitation.

"Forget it." Betta looked at Roland and said, "Let's split the coins. I don't think the ghost will discuss with us about his wallet anymore."

Roland agreed with him.

Storing his part of the coins inside the Backpack, Roland refilled the tomb with Hand of Magic.

Then, the two of them carefully returned to the main road.

At this moment, it was completely dark. The moon was eclipsed by clouds, making it impossible to see anything in the woods.

Thankfully, Roland was capable of Light Ball. He created four balls and illuminated the environment.

Nights were dominated by nocturnal animals, many of which were ferocious predators.

Most nocturnal animals were scared of light. While Roland and Betta were on their way, creatures with green eyes howled and passed by in the woods near them now and then.

After several times, Betta said, "It's a pack of wolves. They're fast and responsive."

Roland looked at the darkness and asked in surprise, "You can see them?"

"As a Dragon-Bred Warlock, I have +2 Darkness Vision," Betta explained. "It allows me to see everything within fifty meters."

Roland clicked his tongue. "Divine Nobles have too many practical initial talents."

"What talents have you chosen, Brother Roland?" asked Betta curiously.

"Magic Material Exemption and Magic Power Control." Roland explained, "The first talent is self-explanatory. Magic Power Control can increase the number of magic elements that I can control… But oddly, Magic Power Control is a fixed talent that cannot be replaced. So essentially, I can only choose one initial talent."

Betta was briefly stunned. "Aren't all the classes free to choose two initial talents?"

"That's why I'm puzzled. I've been suspecting that my ability to concentrate abundant magic power in one spell has something to do with this talent." Roland shrugged and said, "There's too much about this game that we need to… We're here."

The two of them chit-chatted as they walked. Without them realizing it, they were already out of the woods.

In front of them was a plain.

On the horizon, vague spots of light shivered.

It was an illusion that occurred when torches on the city wall were blown by the wind.

It was Delpon City!

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    《Mages Are Too OP》