Mages Are Too OP
48 Super Benefits
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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48 Super Benefits

Roland felt that his blood was freezing when he noticed their looks. He wondered if he was some sort of lab rat.

Thankfully, Roland saw admiration in their eyes, which relaxed him.

"In any case, Mr. Roland, please register first." Claus directed Roland to the counter. Then, he sat down and said, "Please tell me your information."

"Roland, human." Roland thought for a moment and continued, "Seventeen, male. No bad habits. Favorite activity: reading books."

At this moment, everybody looked at him strangely.

Seventeen… Claus rubbed his face and heaved a sigh, as if he were disappointed.

"What's wrong?" asked Roland, finding it odd. "Is there anything wrong with my age?"

"You look young, but you're quite mature in the way you talk and walk," said an old man slowly. "We thought you were at least twenty-five and didn't know that you're only seventeen."

Roland was briefly stunned. His actual age was twenty-four, but all the Golden Sons were set to be seventeen in the game. He simply said his age accordingly.

He did not expect them to figure out his real age with their instincts.

"Your guess is not wrong." Roland thought for a moment and said, "My physical age is seventeen, but my mental age is twenty-four."

Everybody looked at each other but still shook their heads.

Roland found them weird, but there was not much he could say at this point.

"Roland, let's forget your age." Claus handed over a piece of delicate paper that had unique gray patterns on it. He said, "According to our chairman's instructions, you will become our acting chairman when you join us, effective immediately."

"Acting chairman?" Roland had always considered himself a calm man, but he was still slightly surprised. "You've giving me so much power? Is it appropriate? I don't deserve your trust yet, do I?"

"That's why you're only the acting deputy chairman." Claus stood up and said with admiration, "But I have no doubt that you will become the real chairman soon. You have all the power of the chairman except the right of recall. Most of the resources in the Magic Tower are at your disposal. The library is open to you, too. The magic apprentices are not allowed to enter the library."

The library was what Roland was most interested in.

Books were less important in the information age. After all, the Internet was too unbelievable.

But even so, books were still important for the dissemination of knowledge. In this game world that had no Internet or newspapers, books were the only means to store knowledge. Roland joined the Association of Mages partly to communicate with local Mages and partly to borrow the books in the Magic Tower.

He did not know that the Magic Tower was much wealthier than he imagined. It even had a library.

He did not intend to work as the acting chairman, but he changed his mind.

"All right, I can be the acting chairman." Roland knew that the opportunity would be gone if he did not seize it.

All the magic apprentices were excited now that Roland accepted the offer.

Grinning widely, Claus handed over the paper to Roland again. "Acting chairman, I'll have to call you that now. Here's your name list. Please keep it well."

Roland took it over, only to be stunned by the curly pictograms on it. In embarrassment, he said, "Well… I can't read your language."

Huh… The magic apprentices' jaws almost hit the ground.

Claus shouted in surprise, "Then why can you speak it… Wait, Language Proficiency!"

Almost all the magic apprentices realized this. They were shocked and thrilled. Different from Aldo, as magic apprentices, they did not notice the buff on Roland.

Language Proficiency was not useful in a fight, but it was significant for Mages. As a level-two spell, it was as intricate as the level-three spells.

Most official Mages would not try to learn Language Proficiency until they reached the elite level, and only the Mages capable of Language Proficiency were qualified to travel the world.

Otherwise, the Mages wouldn't be able to understand the hundreds of languages and dialects spoken in other countries even if they were the best linguists.

At this moment, only Language Proficiency could help them.

Therefore, even if a Mage was not capable of fighting, he would be an esteemed guest to all groups and organizations as long as he knew Language Proficiency.

There were few Mages in the first place, and still fewer of them were above the elite level and had grasped Language Proficiency.

Language Proficiency was a prophetic spell, or rather, a consequential one.

After one cast Language Proficiency, they would reach a "consequence," which meant that they could perceive other people's utterances in their mother language.

Prophetic spells were the most difficult spells of the nine classes of spells, followed by spatial spells.

Different spells required different talents. Some of them simply did not have what it took to pick up prophetic spells.

Now, Roland proved that he was capable of Language Proficiency, which indicated that he was a genius.

With such a mentor, they would make progress much faster.

Thinking about that, the magic apprentices were even more passionate.

"Mr. Roland, I'll have to introduce to you the benefits of being acting chairman." Claus felt that he had to tie Roland to this Magic Tower. He said, "You can appoint a magic apprentice as your assistant, who will listen to your instructions and cater to your needs. Personally, I recommend Vivian. She's a pretty girl in every aspect."

One of the girls among the magic apprentices smiled shyly. But she was apparently happy and showed no intention of refusal.

Thumbs down!

A woman is sent at the very beginning… Readers would definitely abandon the book if this were the plot of a web novel. Roland waved his hand and coughed. "I'm more used to catering to my own needs. Anything else?"

"You can choose one of the top three floors of the Magic Tower as your personal residence," said Claus. "One of the floors belongs to the chairman, but he doesn't like heights and has moved out."

Not bad! Roland nodded. He had a place to live now. He couldn't stay in the inn all the time, could he?

Claus thought for a moment and said, "Besides that, for your hard work, you can claim ten gold coins every month."

Roland did not know how to react after he heard that!

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    《Mages Are Too OP》