Mages Are Too OP
49 Mental Power
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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49 Mental Power

Ten gold coins every month was not as much as what Schuck earned in the Church of Light, which was twenty gold coins per month.

However, it should be noted that Saint Samurai was among the leadership in the Church of Light and had authority. Although they had to follow the pope, they had permission to command any member of the church.

Saint Samurai was equal to Holy Ladies of Light.

So, twenty gold coins was not too much for such an influential position.

Roland, in comparison, was only an acting chairman of a branch. As far as he knew, the Association of Mages had branches in a lot of cities. A minor acting chairman was already able to earn ten gold coins every month and utilize other resources.

This was definitely a wealthy organization.

Roland calmed himself down and asked, "Then, what should I do next?"

"Get familiarized with the affairs in the Magic Tower?" suggested Claus carefully. "Most of the affairs are handled by the chairman now. He's too busy."

"All right." Roland nodded and said, "But I can't read your language yet. So, can anyone teach me to read first and help me get to know the affairs?"

Vivian, the pretty girl mentioned earlier, stepped out and volunteered with a smile. "Acting chairman, I can teach you."

Well… Roland looked at the others, but they all moved their eyes away.

"All right, it's you then." Roland was not a pretentious man. Besides, he was new here and should probably not be too willful.

Vivian put on a sweet smile.

Then, the other apprentices dispersed, and Vivian showed Roland around the Magic Tower.

She introduced the important areas, such as the warehouse of magic materials on the third floor, the labs on the fifth floor, the control core on the six floor, the library on the seventh floor, and the eighth, the ninth, and the tenth floors that were the residences of the leadership of the Association of Mages.

Roland stayed in the library for a long time. He could not understand a single word of the books, but he knew that he would learn the books by heart soon.

Then, he chose the eighth floor as his residence. After all, it was the closest to the library.

After the visit, Vivian introduced the current businesses of the Magic Tower in the study on the eighth floor.

Roland finally knew why the Magic Tower was so wealthy.

Firstly, the headquarters of the Association of Mages would allocate a hundred gold coins to the Magic Tower twice every year. The local mayor would also offer the Magic Tower ten gold coins every month, because the Magic Tower signed a contract with the city to help with city defense.

Besides, there were donations from chambers of commerce and nobles. On average, the Magic Tower could earn more than twenty gold coins each month.

Lastly, there were special tasks, such as identifying magic items for mercenaries or assassins, or even sending magic apprentices to help clear monsters. This business yielded an monthly income of more than ten gold coins, too.

All things considered, the monthly revenue of the Magic Tower was more than sixty gold coins. It was absolutely no problem that Roland got ten of them.

The magic apprentices, on the other hand, were rather poor. They got only a couple of silver coins each month.

Roland asked in surprise, "Don't you feel that the money is too little?"

"It's not," said Vivian matter-of-factly. "The Magic Tower pays for our food, accommodation, and training resources, and we barely need to work. It's already a benefit that we earn three silver coins every month."

Roland tapped on the desk. "But my salary is hundreds of times higher than yours. Do you not have any objection?"

Vivian shook her head. She said, "There might not be one official Mage from hundreds of magic apprentices. Why should we object?"

So that was the case!

No wonder they were so excited about his arrival and admired him so much. Official Mages were truly rare.

"Then, what's the difference between magic apprentices and official Mages?" asked Roland.

Vivian, in a loose magic robe, explained, "There are two requirements. Firstly, to become a level-one Mage; secondly, to cast a level-one spell freely."

Level-one Mage? Roland looked at Vivian and asked, "What's your level?"

"Zero." Vivian sighed and said, "Besides, I can't freely cast Inferior Fireball to this day."

Zero! LV0?

Roland was curious. "How do you measure your level?"

"You don't know the release of mental power?" Vivian covered her mouth in surprise.

Roland opened his hands.

"It's like this." Vivian closed her eyes and demonstrated.

A gentle and even sweet scent emerged from Vivian's forehead and touched the back of Roland's hand naughtily, before it flowed back.

Roland did sense the mental power.

Then, Vivian opened her eyes and said in admiration, "You're level four. Level five is the elite level. Our chairman is there. Both of you are super geniuses."

This is the release of mental power?

Briefly stunned, Roland closed his eyes.

Focusing his attention, he sensed similar things in his consciousness. He felt that his mental power was much greater than Vivian's.

If Vivian's mental power could be compared to a veil, his mental power would be a giant water ball.

So, this was mental power.

He actually sensed it a long time ago. When he cast a spell, part of this "water ball" would always be extracted, and the missing part would be gradually refilled.

He had always thought that it was his MP, but it was also his mental power.

Speaking of which, MP and mental power were not contradictory.

Can I really release it?

Roland tried to tear part of the "water ball" off. He reshaped it into several tentacles and tied Vivian up.

By logic, he shouldn't be able to see anything with his eyes closed, but when the tentacles extended from his consciousness, he "saw" what was before him.

It was not exactly a vision but a feeling. He was not sure of the shape or appearance of what was before him, but he knew exactly what it was.

For example… Vivian's elegant curves below her loose magic robe.


He immediately retreated his mental power.

Opposite him, Vivian seemed to be blushing.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》