Mages Are Too OP
50 Experiment Addiction
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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50 Experiment Addiction

Roland felt that he had crossed a line.

Just now, he could feel Vivian's mental power touching his hand even though it was as soft as a veil. Then, when he spread his mental power to tie her up, wasn't he essentially hugging her?

Besides, she was almost naked according to the perception of his mental power.

The atmosphere was more and more awkward, and Vivian's face was redder and redder.

Roland could only pretend that nothing happened. He said slowly, "There are some personal things that I need to deal with. You can go back to your chamber."

Vivian nodded and fled like a little rabbit.

Roland was relieved. He was not a rookie. He had a girlfriend when he was in college.

Later, they had a peaceful breakup because they worked in different places after graduation. Different from his ex, Vivian was obviously still an innocent girl. Roland was rather embarrassed.

He did not peep at her on purpose.

After a while, Roland opened the window.

Wind hurled in. He was on the eighth floor, which was about forty meters above the ground.

The Magic Tower was the tallest building in the city. Standing before the window against the breeze, he had a view of the whole city.

Staring at the ant-like pedestrians, Roland grew interested in mental power again.

He then divided the water ball in his consciousness into several smaller and longer tentacles before he extended them in all directions.

Those mental tentacles could penetrate regular matter easily and spread quickly.

Very soon, centered around him, a mental sphere about 130 meters in diameter was established.

The whole mental tower was enveloped by it.

Roland could see everything within the range of the mental tentacles.

He could perceive both the surprise of the magic apprentices and the structure of the Magic Tower. Of course, his mental tentacles did not tie anyone up again.

However, the amazing feeling did not last long when everything fell dark before Roland's eyes.

Roland was ejected from the state. Then, his head hurt so much as if it was exploding. He trembled and almost fell, but thankfully, he clutched the wall in time.

"This doesn't make sense," Roland moaned in pain and panted. Because of the agony, sweat was pouring from his forehead and down his cheeks. "Hasn't the pain been reduced to one-tenth? Why does it still hurt so much?"

A finger seemed to be churning his brains. Roland bashed his head under the pain.

A moment later, he finally felt that his head was less painful. Holding the wall, he slowly sat down on a chair.

After resting for a while, Roland was much better. He was not as uncomfortable anymore, and his shortness of breath was gone.

Vivian knocked on the door and asked worriedly, "Acting chairman, are you all right? We sensed that your mental power had a meltdown."

Mental power meltdown? Roland finally noticed that the water ball in his consciousness was gone.

It was replaced by a tiny dew.

So that was the case!

It seemed that mental power was connected to his consciousness in reality. His body in the game was fake, but his consciousness was real.

It was the only explanation why the pain was full instead of one-tenth.

"I'm fine. I was just testing the application of mental power," Roland replied with a casual voice. "Go back to your business."

"Okay!" Vivian acknowledged him and left.

Roland rested on the chair with his eyes closed.

Half an hour later, his head was not painful anymore, and the mental power in his consciousness was restored to the big water ball again, even bigger than before.

Roland continued testing his mental power.

But this time, instead of unleashing all his mental power, he extracted several threads each time.

He tested bit by bit and recorded.

Very soon, he got the data.

When the ball was reduced by half, his head would start hurting.

Also, his spells would be highly unsteady if he cast them under such circumstances.

Even Hand of Magic, which was as simple as breathing for Roland, would take seconds before it took shape.

If his mental power further declined, he might not even be able to gather magic elements.

Time flew fast as he did the experiments.

The features, effects, and negative effects of mental power were tested and recorded by Roland. He then made them into simple math models and inferred with data, trying to confirm more possibilities.

Seeing useful data and theories proven, Roland was fascinated.

He did not stop his experiments until the time in the game world stopped.

Exiting the game and crawling out of his virtual cabin, Roland warmed up his body. It was still early in the morning. He turned on his computer and checked the forum.

It was the time when players were most active.

Having just left the game, they naturally had a lot of remarks to make.

Roland searched the forum and found no threads on mental power, so he posted what he found out last night: "On the Mental Power of Mages."

"The mental power of Mages exists in the consciousness… It can replace vision, but don't attach your mental power to anyone else, which can be rude because they can feel it… Don't use too much mental power, or you may die… It can allow you to see through walls!"

After posting the thread, Roland checked other sections on the forum.

Many adventurous players had done plenty of testing and exploration.

Some of them had met elves and dwarves, and some of the linguist players were already able to speak the local tongue. They were trying to learn how to write it.

Other organized players were gathering in cities and planning to set up their guilds in the game.

Many hands make light work!

Of course, many rich players were also asking to buy gold coins on the forum.

One gold coin was now worth fifteen thousand bucks.

Roland thought for a moment and posted a thread: "Is anyone in Delpon? I'm selling six gold coins."

When he joined the association, Claus had given him ten gold coins.

Worrying that the gold coin would depreciate later, Roland intended to sell some of them first.

After all, he was unemployed. Without enough savings, he would be anxious if he stayed at home and played the game every day.

Ten minutes after he posted the thread, a player named Hawk reached out to him.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》