Mages Are Too OP
80 Start of Dungeon Raid, Come Heal
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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80 Start of Dungeon Raid, Come Heal

Leaving Betta's temporary home, Roland felt a little dizzy.

Although the alcohol content of fruit wine wasn't high, his eyes were a little blurry after five consecutive cups.

Roland rushed out of the city before the city gates closed.

The setting sun at dusk assumed a golden color. People were coming and going at the city gates. There were merchants as well as travelers in a hurry: some entered the city, and naturally some caravans exited the city.

Wherever Roland passed through, people would give him a berth of two to three meters in advance—his magic robe was the best certificate of passage.

After exiting the city, Roland walked westward along the city wall. After walking for half an hour, he finally saw Delpon's pier outside the city.

A large river stretched before his eyes, and along the river, there were dozens of adobe houses erected. There was also a group of people shouting out work chants—divided into several smaller groups, several people used ropes to pull up giant stone slabs, tossing them into the air and letting them fall heavily back onto the ground.

At the same time, in the air, there were several blue Hands of Magic moving the earth.

Roland walked over and saw Hawk and Link on construction site, one to the left and the other to the right, commanding at least a hundred workers.

Hawk's eyes were quite sharp. Although he was very focused on his job, he still saw Roland's approach in his peripheral vision.

He first gestured to the workers to continue working, and then jogged up to Roland and said with a smile, "What's this, the magic nerd is finally willing to come out of the Magic Tower?"

Roland looked at the buzzing construction site and exclaimed, "How many days has it been—you guys already built so many houses? Have you done similar work before?"

Hawk shrugged. "I graduated with a civil engineering degree and interned on a construction site for a while. Though I only have a small business now, I still have a lot of experience."

No wonder.

Hawk looked at the many Hands of Magic flying in the sky and said, "However, I really have to thank you. Although these magic apprentices only came for a single day, they've really helped a great deal. They can lift things that are several hundred kilograms, up to nearly two tons."

"Don't thank me, just pay them in wages."

"Sure thing." With that said, Hawk frowned and said, "But we've exhausted almost all our gold coins—do you still have any gold coins that you can sell us?"

Roland nodded. "I haven't received this month's salary from the Magic Tower. At least, I haven't received the money from learning my specialty for the time being. The other mage players probably haven't found the learning location."

"Throwing money at your statue sounds quite fun." Hawk laughed, his expression clearly more relaxed. "No matter what, if we have some gold coins, we'll be able to support this venture a while longer. Oh, that's right, you probably came to call back the magic apprentices. Send them over to help tomorrow, I won't treat them shabbily."

Roland shook his head. "No."

Hawk looked somewhat puzzled. "Then what?"

"Betta triggered a purple quest, a small-scale dungeon!" After Roland said this, he kept watching for changes in Hawk's expression.

It was just as he had expected.

Hawk was first stunned for a moment and then blurted out an obscenity. "Oh sh*t!"

"Impressive, right? Actually, I'm also quite impressed by his luck." Roland said helplessly, "It's been almost two months since I've started playing the game. Out of the few quests I did, all of them were acquired by him."

"Damned lucky player," Hawk said hatefully, and then his eyes lit up. "You've especially come to tell me this, it's not to make me eat lemons, right? Could it be…?"

Seeing Hawk's slightly expectant expression, Roland nodded and said, "It's just as you guessed. I want to invite you and Link to join our party. This way we'll have four players."

"Thanks." Hawk patted Roland on the shoulder gratefully. "However, Hawk and I are still just level two—I hope you don't mind."

"Of course not," Roland said indifferently. "Players won't truly die, this is a huge advantage. Besides, we can't be certain whether the NPCs of this world can enter dungeons."

"Give it a test and you'll know?" Hawk gestured to Link who was in the distance, and then continued, "There's only four of us anyway, how about you recruit a professional NPC?"

Hawk's suggestion was pretty good, but after Roland did some deliberation, he still rejected it. "Forget it, it won't be fun if the NPC dies in the dungeon."

"Good point."

"Does Silver Wings have any healing professionals nearby?"

Hawk threw up his hands. "Although I also want people from my guild to freeload some experience from the dungeon, I'm certain that there's no one from my guild nearby."

"Then I can only recruit people on the forums. If I really can't get a healer, then we'll go as four—we can't die anyway and failing a few times, we'll eventually find a way to pass it. If we still can't pass it, at worst, we'll just come back at a higher level."

Hawk laughed aloud. "This is the greatest advantage we players have."

"When I've recruited someone, I'll come back to notify you."

Roland patted Hawk on the shoulder and left.

He walked to Vivian's side and said, "In the coming days, it'd be best for you guys to stay outside the city. Don't return to the Magic Tower."

Vivian saw Roland arrive a while ago, but upon seeing that he was speaking with Hawk, she held back her inclinations, continued working, and didn't approach Roland.

In reality, she already wanted to return to the Magic Tower. It wasn't that she felt the work was tiring, but she simply wanted to stay by Roland's side a little longer.

This was why when she heard these words, she was somewhat shocked and worried. "Did something happen?"

"Some conflicts." Roland looked at the setting sun and said with a smile, "You guys best not get caught up in it, or else it'll be very problematic."

Recently, Roland also read through the personal information of these magic apprentices.

Apart from Vivian who was from a small noble family, the rest were all of a common background.

If they were official mages, they would have some ability to resist, but just some.

Even Aldo, who was an official mage, was still being controlled, unable to act freely.

The best way to not be blown away by a hurricane is to stay away from it.

"Deputy Chairman, you'll be fine, right?" Vivian's eyes were filled with worry.

"Don't worry," Roland assured her. "You also know my identity, death isn't even a punishment for me. After things have passed, I'll call you guys back to the Magic Tower."

Somewhat hesitant, Vivian bit her lip. "Okay."

After staying a while at the construction site, Roland returned to the city before the sun set.

Upon his entering the city, the soldiers closed the city gates.

Today, the city gate's closed a little later than usual. It was actually a captain, who saw Roland returning from the city wall who gave the order to close the gates ten minutes later than usual.

After returning to the Magic Tower, Roland continued to work on the derivation of Language Proficiency, and then after the gaming time was over, he climbed out of the immersive cabin and posted a recruitment thread on the forums.

Recruiting a Member for Dungeon Raid, Come Heal.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》