Mages Are Too OP
119 I Don“t Know What Expression to Use
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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119 I Don“t Know What Expression to Use


Roland said calmly, "I'm already exhausted from learning the saber arts. How can I find time to learn some Daoist Nourishment of Life?"

Qi Shaoqiu rolled his eyes. "It's not like you need to pay for it."

"Even more reason I shouldn't learn it. Nothing good comes from cheap stuff." Roland smiled.

"Get lost." Qi Shaoqiu raised his middle finger unhappily.

Roland asked curiously, "Do you know why Jin Wenwen is hindering me?"

"It's easy to guess," said Qi Shaoqiu matter-of-factly. "You suddenly have a hint of killing intent, but it's not something illegal. It's probably murder in some virtual reality game, as spoken in rumors."

Roland was slightly surprised. "You know about this game?"

"It has spread across our martial arts circle, all right?" Qi Shaoqiu sighed and said, "A certain outer sect disciple of Mt. Wudang is being very smug now. In that game, he is crazily culling people, accumulating a large amount of experience, and increasing his strength greatly. Just those few months can cover years of arduous cultivation. Now, we are all thinking of getting a virtual cabin for ourselves so that we can improve further, but…"

So that was the case.

No wonder Jin Wenwen was so eager. Was there a need for actual combat?

It was normal to think about it. Whether it was saber techniques or the traditional martial arts, it was not created for the goal of killing.

In the current law-abiding, peaceful society, there was no need for warriors. Without actual combat, their strength was naturally inferior to their predecessors.

"It doesn't matter if you don't learn the Daoist Nourishment of Life." Qi Shaoqiu looked at Roland with eager eyes. "In the future, you can practice more saber techniques in-game. It's not a bad idea if you can master the miaodao technique well."

"You're not jealous?" Roland sized him up.

Qi Shaoqiu's pupils regained their lifeless look. "What's there to be jealous of? Everyone's luck is different. Our Qi family has already thought it through. Otherwise, we would not be willing to come to Xinjiang. As long as the person who learns the miaodao technique isn't evil and doesn't use it for wanton killing, wouldn't our Qi family share in the fruits of success, regardless of how great it is?"

Roland could not find a reason to refute that.

This time, he stayed in the saber arts club for an entire day and ate takeout for lunch. He spent the whole day practicing his saber technique before returning home.

At night, Roland washed up and entered the game again.

Due to the excessive magical experimentation, his mana was empty. He could only sit in the study room to rest so that he could trigger Roland's Zeal and quickly recover his mana.

Since there was nothing to do, he naturally read the forum.

When he opened the forum, he realized that there were two more pinned posts.

Let's form the Moism Brotherhood.

The idea was that since someone wanted to stir up trouble in the game, they would stop this bunch of people from causing trouble. It was interesting only to have the game world in its original form. If they wanted to experience the system of the modern world, they could just live in reality. Why should they create another similar world in-game? It would be meaningless.

Many players responded to the thread. After the initial period of unfamiliarity with the game, were the gamers finally starting to stir up trouble?

The other post was titled "Exploration Players, Gather Up."

This was a player like Betta who had discovered a hidden Class, Lorewalker. A Lorewalker was a Class that mixed the living of life and combat. Their talent was to quickly learn languages, iron stomach, disease resistance, animal affinity, poison resistance, and hunger resistance. There were a lot of talents, but most of them were for support. A small portion of them were to protect themselves in combat.

As a result, the fighting prowess of this Class was more than enough to protect their lives, but they lacked offensive capabilities.

It was a Class meant for exploration.

To be able to learn languages quickly was quite a good talent, but after Roland's Unhindered Communication appeared, this talent was reduced to trash—even though there was no one other than Roland who could use Unhindered Communication.

The poster first complained that Roland had turned his talent into trash. Then he said that he had already dug out four very interesting tombs. He had a lot of special clues. As an archaeology student who hadn't graduated, he had already accumulated a lot of archaeological experience through the game. His ability would soon surpass his teachers'.

Then a group of players replied, "This isn't a Lorewalker, but a Tomb Raider."

In the end, the original poster even @Roland and posted a picture. It was written in ancient Elven. He could not understand it, so he hoped that Roland could help translate it.

Upon seeing the picture, Roland subconsciously used Unhindered Communication to translate the ancient Elven. This was the story of a certain female elf's happy life. From this text, this woman was the overlord of the tomb!

Could it be that Hollevin used to be the territory of elves?

After sending out the translated text as a message, the original poster replied not long after.

"Indeed, just as I guessed, ancient elves once ruled the entire world!"

Then, another group of players replied:

"F*ck, it feels like a huge secret."

"The development team has put in too much effort. Not only do they have a few hundred dialects, they have even hidden such a back story?"

"Hehehe, do you still think that this is just a game?"

"If it's not a game, what else can it be? An alternate world?"

"'I don't know, I don't dare to ask!"

Roland frowned when he saw the group of silly netizens playing dumb on the forum. He would have laughed out loud in the past, but now he felt that something was amiss.

There seemed to be something very important that his intuition had vaguely noticed, but his subjective consciousness did not react.

What was it?

But the more he thought about it, the more he couldn't figure it out. He scratched his head in frustration.

At this moment, the original poster sent another reply.

"It's really good to know languages. If only I could learn it. Oh right, there are a few books here. I'll have to trouble you to translate them."

Roland was about to make a move when he suddenly slapped his own thigh and made a loud sound, causing Roland to jump up in pain.

"F*ck, translating across worlds!"

He was browsing the forum in-game. The pictures were posted on the forum, which was in the real world.

In other words, he was in-game now. Even like this, he could understand the text that appeared in the real world.

If this idea was extended, would he be able to understand other words in the real world?

Roland's eyes lit up. He immediately opened YouTube. As expected, he could understand all the words… Then, he slapped his own forehead. F**k, I know how to read English to begin with, all right?

He immediately changed the website address.

Korean… I can understand.

Japanese… I can understand.

Qauqaut… I can understand.

German… Also understandable.

He didn't have to test it anymore. The result was clear—Unhindered Communication really worked.

Roland's face was devoid of expression because the truth was too impactful. He did not know what expression to use.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》