Mages Are Too OP
120 Trouble is Brewing
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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120 Trouble is Brewing

After a while, Roland returned to his senses.

He opened the webpages of other countries and realized that no matter what language it was, he could read it.

However, when he saw the characters of an ancient civilization, he realized that it was a mess that he could not understand at all.

Roland returned to his senses and leaned back against his chair. He decided not to reveal the fact that he could translate words in real life. He could imagine that once this was discovered by others, he would be in trouble.

Right now, he was the only one who could do so. He wanted to make sure this was the case for as long as possible.

However, he suddenly frowned because there was a reply almost immediately.

"Is Roland able to translate the words on the forum in-the game? Doesn't that mean that Roland can translate all the languages on the forum?"

"Wow, blind student, you've discovered something new again."

"This reasoning is very logical. @Roland, come out and say something or try out the websites of other countries."

Holy sh*t… Roland felt his head hurt. These silly netizens played dumb when they should be smart, but could be abnormally intelligent when they were supposed to be idiots.

He sighed softly and closed the webpage, his attention returning to the game world.

Vivian brought the two children up. Seeing his reaction, Vivian asked, "Deputy Chairman, what's wrong?"

"Nothing. It's just some personal matters."

Oh! Vivian didn't ask further. She nudged the two children forward and said, "These two kids are called Kendis and Nancy. They are both illiterate."

Roland was stunned for a moment. He looked at the two skinny children. He originally imagined that they were two little boys, but he did not expect one of them to be a girl.

"Then teach them how to read and write. As a spellcaster, being illiterate won't do." Roland thought for a while and continued, "According to the rules, you need to charge a fee to teach others language. You can collect two gold coins as additional payment later."

"All right." Vivian narrowed her eyes with a smile. To her, two gold coins was already quite a large sum.

"Then I'll take them down first." Vivian asked, "Is there anything else that you want to eat, Deputy Chairman? Or is there anything you want to eat now?"

"Not yet."

Vivian chuckled before leaving with the two children.

He looked at the sky outside before heading to John's place.

Hawk, Link, and Jett were already waiting at the door.

"Sorry, I seem to be late," Roland said as he walked over.

The other three shook their heads. Hawk said, "It's nothing. We just arrived a few minutes ago."

The three people opposite them were all wearing the common clothes of ordinary people in this world, but because their auras were different from the locals, they looked a little out of place. It was just that their extremely high temperament made up for this problem.

After studying for more than ten years, and with them having a gamer mindset, even if they didn't have money or power, they constantly had a faint arrogance.

Moreover, these four were still elites among the players.

The four of them were brought into the castle by the guards.

In a place like a castle, military defense was more important. Thus, there were rocks, rocks, and more rocks everywhere. There was nothing worth looking at.

The butler appeared and greeted the four before leading them into the main hall on the first floor.

The long table was covered in delicacies and wine bottles.

John sat at the head of the table. When he saw the four, he stood up. "It's not easy to invite the four of you here."

Previously, John had invited everyone, but none of them came.

Later on, he suddenly realized that the Golden Sons had their own thoughts and seemed to have seen through his plans. Thus, he decided to invite all four of them over.

In the end, all four of them came.

How united.

If us nobles could be this united… John shook his head slightly. It was impossible.

The four found their own seats and sat down. Roland said, "Previously, everyone had some matters to attend to, so we couldn't accept your invitation."

The other three nodded. Before they came, they had already come to an agreement. Roland was to deal with the noble scion.

John was, after all, a person who had received an elite aristocratic education. With one look, he knew that he had to abandon one of his plans. He suppressed the unhappiness in his heart and smiled. "Everyone, have some food and drink. Since it's a banquet, you have to eat and drink merrily."

The four of them did not move.

Roland said, "Sir, most of us Golden Sons are very straightforward people. Since you invited us here, why not be frank about it? If we can accept it, we'll discuss it carefully. If we can't accept it, we'll just leave. Otherwise, we don't have the mood to eat anything."

John felt a headache coming on. He ordered this sumptuous spread to win them over. Furthermore, many people became relatively "loose" with their words when drunk. When that happened, things became relatively easy, be it in terms of raising conditions or gleaning information. This was also a common strategy for nobles.

However, he did not expect that these Golden Sons wouldn't fall for it at all.

John felt a little pressured when he saw the four gazes zero in on him. He kept silent for a while and then said, "In that case, I'll be honest about it. I have two goals for inviting the four of you here."

The four of them quietly looked at him.

"I wonder if my family can be involved with the new pier of Mr. Hawk and Mr. Link?"

As expected… Hawk and Link exchanged glances.

Roland said, "I don't think it's required.. In this territory, all organizations and factions that are involved in commercial activities have to pay taxes to your family. Can't you just collect more taxes?"

Hawk and Link wanted to build a new pier and build a fishing company themselves. Then, the extra dock space would be rented out to be used by others.

Delpon was a big city and there were many people who traveled by sea. As long as the matter was successful, they would receive a lot of money every month.

Moreover, such a transport dock was a very good place for intelligence gathering. For such an important location, Hawk naturally wanted his Silver Wings Guild to have complete control over it.

If the mayor wanted to be involved, they would definitely have to be apprehensive in carrying out their plans. It would be extremely inconvenient and meaningless.

Therefore, Roland felt that there was no problem with paying more taxes.

John glanced at Roland before looking at Hawk. "I never expected Mr. Roland to also be one of the leaders of the pier?"

Such words seemed crafted to sow discord.

It was obvious that Hawk wouldn't fall for it. He smiled and said, "I'm quite stupid. I don't know much about negotiation, so I usually leave such matters to the professionals to handle."

The other three laughed softly.

John's mood became more depressed. These Golden Sons were excessively cunning. They just didn't fall for any traps.

Furthermore, it seemed like there was no way to force them.

Two Golden Sons were enough to wipe out a family. Now that there were two more spellcasters, John didn't dare to rage in front of the four of them.

How exasperating. John had never felt so aggrieved before.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》