Mages Are Too OP
121 Decision
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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121 Decision

The mayor of Delpon, John Senior, though only an earl, was a powerful lord with estates and military powers, and his actual status was so high that it made John Junior, his successor, also have a very high status.

The son relies on the father's prosperity. This was quite normal!

Even when John went to the capital, he was the kind of man who was more conspicuous and talkative. Even members of the so-called royal family, who had no real power, had to speak politely to him.

However, there were four Golden Sons opposite him, and none of them cared to give him any respect.

He felt aggrieved, but he dared not get angry.

His father had taken most of the soldiers, and now there were too few armed forces in Delpon to trap the four Golden Sons.

The problem was… even if there were a large number of soldiers, was it really suitable to hold a grudge against a group of undying people?

He sighed helplessly again. "Can the John family really not be brought in on the business on the docks?"

Hawk shook his head. He had spent months and a lot of money and effort to build and lay the foundations of a company with a modern concept. How could he let anyone come in and pick the fruits of his labor?

"I see." Looking into Hawk's determined eyes, John dropped his pestering. He said, "Let's talk about the second matter, then."

The four looked at him.

John reclined in his chair and said, "If the four of you would be interested in serving under us John's, I'll provide you guys at least one knighthood, quasi-noble status."

The four of them looked at each other with surprise in their eyes.

They'd been in this game for nearly half a year, and they already knew a lot of the common customs here.

For example, there were also differences in the status of the quasi-nobles.

The quasi-noble status acquired by merchants through donations was almost impossible to progress any further. Their children and grandchildren would all be merchants with quasi-noble status.

However, the quasi-noble under the title of a knight was different. This was a noble rank belonging to the military, one that could progress upwards as long as enough credit was obtained.

Moreover, quasi-noble knights could also gain a very small estate as their own territory and train hundreds of private soldiers as their own defensive force.

In other words, the quasi-noble knight essentially had one foot in the noble class.

Only the nobles with the title of earl or above were qualified to confer knighthood, and this conferment was limited.

After all, each knight would share some of their master's territory, so it was impossible to confer too many titles.

Now when John opened his mouth, he gave four quotas, which was generous indeed.

The surprise of Roland and others was not because of how good they thought the offer was, but that John's offer was indeed a bit grand. John proved himself worthy of being the heir of a city. The offer was very tempting.

An ordinary professional would definitely have been thrilled to drop down on one knee and claim him as their master. It was a pity that the Golden Sons were all lofty. They remained completely unmoved.

Roland took the initiative to speak. "Sorry, we have no intention of finding a master for ourselves at the moment."

The other three also smiled in response.

John noticed Roland's expression was quite determined. Although he was a little upset, he still smiled radiantly and said, "Forget it. Let's enjoy the food first."

Then he clapped his hands, and a band of musicians came out and began to play a slow, sweet tune nearby.

The atmosphere was good, but only John knew how unhappy he was.

About two hours later, Roland and his companions came out of the castle.

"We refused John," Hawk said as he walked, "so he'll definitely join up with the other nobles to suppress us. Be careful."

"He would certainly not dare to use military force, but cheap shots are inevitable. Everyone, just be careful but don't worry too much. We can start all over again. It doesn't matter how many times we fail. It's different for him—it's over if he fails once."

The other three chuckled with pride and pleasure.

The four of them parted at an intersection. Roland was about to return to the Magic Tower when he suddenly saw a system notification flashing incessantly. Someone in the guild used @ on him.

He opened the guild chat interface and saw that It was Schuck who was messaging him madly.

"Things are serious, go see for yourself on the forums."

This message was sent a dozen times.

Roland replied, "Got it," and then opened the forums. In the general discussion area, he found a lot of threads related to him. In the system notification on the forum, there were countless people using @ on him.

He clicked on a popular thread and found that it was his previous "cross-world translation" that had been made into an illustration and posted to various online forums and Weibo.

Then, the entire domestic Internet world exploded, and even in the middle of the night, there were a large number of non-cultivating netizens scanning forums and Weibo.

Originally, the World of Falan had already been under national attention.

In the virtual but realistic world, the time ratio of 1:3 was equivalent to having one more life.

After opening up the function of watching web pages in the game, there was indeed a mastermind who began to hype the special function of "browsing test questions" in the immersive cabin and successfully promoted the immersive cabin, which had been hyped from one million yuan to the current four million yuan.

Now, if Roland's Language Proficiency could be used to translate the entire world's languages, then the ambitious parents who wished for their sons' success would definitely go crazy, and the price of the immersive cabin would surely rise again.

Now many non-gaming netizens had come to the forums to watch the show, some even desperately forcing Roland to come out and explain.

With more and more people joining in, the capacity of the forum server had reached its peak.

Seeing countless netizens and posts on the forum, Roland felt a little overwhelmed.

This was the first time he had ever encountered such a situation.

Just when he found things difficult, a blue, circular magic door appeared on his left.

Roland instinctively took two steps back, while the people around him were also startled, retreating as far as they could.

A young man emerged from the blue magic door. He was dressed in a white gown, giving the impression that he was either a doctor or a scientific experimenter.

"A player? Roland was startled for a moment, staring at the blue magic door behind the young man. "Long-distance teleportation portal. That impressive?"

He thought he was the highest level amongst the mages, but he had no idea that there was someone more impressive than him who could even cast a teleportation spell.

"I'm Ma Huajun." The young man laughed and said, "Let's go to a quiet place nearby and we can have a chat."

What? It's the GM! It's not surprising then that he knew teleportation magic.

They walked to the roadside under a large tree. Leaning against the tree, Ma Huajun said with a smile, "You really know how to stir things up. It's incredible the commotion you've created."

Roland shrugged helplessly. It wasn't like he wanted to.

Looking at Roland's slightly embarrassed expression, Ma Huajun continued, "Don't be so nervous, I'm just joking. We expected this to happen when the game came out. I came here just to say that whatever choice you make, we will support you. If you want to hide it, we can help. If you want to reveal it, we can help then, too."

Ma Huajun was quite handsome, not as handsome as Schuck, but not too far off.

Moreover, Roland felt a powerful mental power from Ma Huajun.

Was it because he was the GM that he could adjust the attributes on his own?

Roland looked at him, contemplated quietly for a moment, and then asked, "Does the country's influence play a part in this game?"

"That's only natural; otherwise Penguin Corporation would've been swallowed up even with all its money," Ma Hua Jun said simply. "We just released the game in the name of Penguin Corporation."

Roland looked at him and continued, "But your name is very similar to Penguin Corporation's chairman. Are you his cousin or something?"

"It's just a coincidence." Ma Huajun looked at Roland and said, "Now make a decision. Do you want to hide it and play the game with ease, or do you want to expose it and let the country gain something too?"

"Let the country gain something?" Roland asked curiously. "How could the country profit from this?"

"Of course it can." Ma Huajun explained, "The emergence of virtual worlds already created a wave of prestige for our country. If word gets out that you can translate the languages of the entire world, it will also help our country rise in soft power. What a great promotional starting point for great technology it would be."

Roland closed his eyes and began to think about gains and losses.

Ma Huajun was not in a hurry to rush him. He just waited quietly.

After a few minutes or so, Roland said, "I choose to expose it, but I have one more question. Why can't I read the Egyptian hieroglyphics of the Pharaoh civilization?"

"I don't know." With a playful smile, Ma Huajun said, "Maybe you should read some street stall books about the Pharaoh civilization? All right, I have to leave now. Since you've made a decision, we will try our best to cooperate with you. You just act according to your own ideas. And you can rest assured, we've already set the highest security measures to protect your privacy. There is no need to worry about meddlesome netizens and spies finding you through the Internet."

With that, Ma Huajun waved to Roland, walked into the blue magic door, and disappeared instantly.

Roland stood in place for a moment before returning to the Magic Tower.

Upon entering his study, Roland instructed Vivian, "Don't let anyone disturb me."

Then, he shut himself in his study.

Sitting in a soft chair, Roland took a deep breath, applied for a studio on a live streaming website, then opened the game forums, and published a thread.

Regarding Language Proficiency.

In the thread, Roland acknowledged that Language Proficiency indeed could work on all the characters in the various countries in reality. At the same time, he would also carry out a livestream, interact with netizens, and answer some questions, and at the end of the post, he posted the room number of the studio.

Closing the forums, Roland rubbed his brow, turned on the livestream, and connected the stream port to his game ID.

Before the livestream officially started, a group of netizens rushed in.

"First blood, I'm the first to come in."

"I'm waiting here now, to see the work of the great mage. Translating the characters of the entire world in a game, it is a little miraculous."

"This is impossible. This is only the Celestial Empire's propaganda, magic to deceive people around the world."

A netizen with an English name sent out this message.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》