Mages Are Too OP
124 The Mayor Returns
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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124 The Mayor Returns

In the game, Roland could feel the presence of a lot of magical elements in the air, but in the real world, he couldn't feel them at all.

Were there no magical elements in the real world, or anything like them?

This was most likely the case.

However, there was another possibility!

Roland thought that maybe his attributes in the real world were so poor that he couldn't feel the presence of magical elements to begin with.

After all, in the game, his attributes were much higher than in reality.

After pondering over this, Roland felt that if it was the first possibility, then there wasn't much else to think about.

However, if it were the second possibility, then he had to start to consider how he would raise his "attributes" in reality.

After pondering over this, he still had no idea how to go about it.

It was probably useless to do bodybuilding. Many bodybuilders had made their muscles look like that of orcs, but they were still ordinary people.

Not to mention breaking the void with their fists, they couldn't even break a strength-testing machine with a single punch. They were too weak.

Requesting help from the so-called Qigong, or internal cultivation, also felt unreliable.

If it could be done, people would be practicing Qigong all over China. After all, Qigong flourished back in the day, when hundreds of millions of people practiced Qigong at the same time. Even a great scientist had fallen into the craze and wrote a lot about Qigong.

If it really worked, then there should have been successful cases. After all, there were hundreds of millions of people, it was impossible that there was no talent suitable for cultivation amongst them.

So… it was almost impossible to increase attributes through normal methods in the real world.

How about searching for ways inside the game?

This was a game, and wasn't a game.

Some abilities also worked in reality, such as Language Proficiency.

What about other spells or magic items that worked in reality?

Could he really find what he wanted?

Roland heaved a sigh as he subconsciously went to the window of the Magic Tower and looked at the turquoise skyline in the distance.

This was a wonderful world, and they knew so little about it.

Therefore, Roland felt that he shouldn't be in a rush. He should take things slowly and improve his own strength first.

When he had enough strength, he would explore elsewhere. For example, Aldo had mentioned a lot of strange things to him when they chatted.

The world tree's flowers, dragon flesh, dragon blood, and other things of that sort.

When the time comes, he would bring these things back…

With a goal in mind, Roland immediately returned to the magic lab to work on the derivation of spell models.

The Spell Puppet's potential had almost been fully tapped, and even if he wanted to strengthen it further, he had to expand the Spell Puppet's model.

However, he didn't have any experience in this area.

After deriving for a while, he watched the white magic puppet hold a blue miaodao, cutting all the wooden dummies within ten meters of it into pieces like a harvester.

The blue miaodao was simply the compression and enhancement Hand of Magic.

Yes. The offensive magic puppet is complete.

Its speed and ability to recognize friend and foe, as well as its basic cognition, had already reached the limit of what Roland could accomplish at his current level.

With attack comes defense.

It was necessary to create a magic puppet with a shield that could protect a spellcaster.

However, Roland wasn't in a rush to continue spell derivation, and instead, he went to visit Aldo's house.

After identifying himself, Roland entered the manor and was taken to a study.

Aldo looked a little bit more haggard than he did before. He sat behind the desk, his eyes sunken like two dark holes in his face.

"Chairman, how did you become like this?"

Roland was surprised.

Aldo waved his hand weakly. "Don't mention it. I've been trying to make a baby for two months, almost day and night, but still no maidservants have gotten pregnant. My mind is so weary."

Roland was speechless. He thought that because Aldo had lost his only son, Aldo was so sad that he couldn't eat, drink, or sleep, resulting in his current appearance. He never expected that it was because of exhaustion.

He worried about him for nothing.

Aldo smiled apologetically at Roland who wore a disdainful look, and said, "I haven't been able to go back to the Magic Tower for a while, so I'll have to keep troubling you."

"Is that all right?" Roland sighed deeply. "If you go on like this, I'll take all your authority."

"Take it, then." Aldo snorted, "I'm not interested in that position at all. Now that someone has finally come to take on my responsibilities, I couldn't be happier."

Rolands expression was awful as if he had eaten crap.

He also didn't want to deal with worldly troubles. He was devoted to the study of magic.

However, one who receives gifts sells his liberty… Aldo didn't attend to matters, so he had to as the Deputy Chairman.

After a long sigh, Roland said, "I have a few more questions to ask you this time."

"You've grown tremendously and are now on the same level as me." Aldo sized Roland up for a moment, then said, "In my experience, although we are of the same level, I am probably not as capable as you—I don't think I have anything to teach you in magic."

It was just as Aldo had said: Roland's comprehensive attributes far surpassed his.

Aldo's "attribute growth interface" rating was Elite at best, not even Genius.

Even Golden Sons' attribute growth interfaces and number of skills were ranked as Commander level.

The difference was huge.

It was safe to say that three Aldos wouldn't necessarily rival the current Roland in a fight.

Roland shook his head. "Strength is strength, knowledge is knowledge. Chairman, I'd like to ask, do you know how to expand spell models?"

When Aldo heard this, he coughed repeatedly, such that he almost coughed his lungs out.

His complexion had a morbid flush. This was the result of too much excitement. "What are you thinking? An expansion of the spell model is something that can only be done by professionals, at the Legendary level at least. If you do anything recklessly now, your head will immediately go boom."

Roland frowned. "It has to be at the Legendary level?"

"Only Mages above the Legendary level can touch the threshold of the laws," Aldo explained. "Expansions and changes to the spell model are all linked to the laws, even for level-zero tricks."

So that's how it is!

"I know you Golden Sons are all exceptionally talented, but don't even think about the expansion of spell models for now. The correct path is to just diligently learn more magic and level up."

After Roland left the manor, Aldo's words still rang in his ears.

Aldo was incompetent as Chairman, but he was also a pretty good man. Those words were his sincere advice.

Roland went back to the Magic Tower and contemplated Aldo's words for a while.

He had to admit that Aldo had a point.

One's level was really important. Once one was at a higher level, learning magic would be quite easy.

Thinking of this, he opened the game forums and came to the Mage section.

He wanted to see what other interesting spell models the other players had uploaded.

In the end, he saw a new pinned thread.

A Little Problematic but a Super Stable Spell Model of Inferior Fireball.

The poster was the data expert, O'Neal, who helped Roland last time.

The content of the post was about as follows: "Roland's Inferior Fireball circulation channel's speed is very fast, very powerful, instant cast, and doesn't consume much… But that's not right. According to the NPC mages that I came into contact with within the game, after I got on good terms with them, I found out that when they cast Inferior Fireball, they had a long cast time of roughly two seconds. Even though they are at the Elite level. And once you learn Roland's, it's instant cast. Don't you guys get it?

"This is the difference between… a function monster and an ordinary person.

"If we cast according to Roland's spell model, even if we learn it, the casting success rate is not high, and we might hurt ourselves. So after learning that other spellcasters took up to two seconds to cast, I redesigned a new circulation route based on Roland's Inferior Fireball spell model. There will be more connected nodes, but they will all be simple and convenient node paths. The casting difficulty will be reduced by at least one level, which is similar to casting difficulty of level-zero spells. The spell will be extremely stable, but the cost will be longer casting time and lower power.

"We can't compete with a function monster, so let's first successfully cast the spell, at least possess fighting strength, then talk about the rest.

"In addition, I strongly recommend the balanced point allocation method that Roland mentioned before. I have already deleted my account and started over. Now, with my new spell model of Inferior Fireball, the success of casting is infinitely near 100%.

"Finally, I'd like to state that I hope you all remember Roland's spell model. That simple casting path will be ready to use when we are at a higher level."

There were a lot of tearfully grateful replies at the end of this thread.

"After nearly half a year of persistence, Mages have finally ushered in a new dawn."

"Both of them are big shots. Roland's point allocation method and brute force circulation route are strong, while Mighty O'Neal has off-the-charts data analysis abilities. Now we Mages have two leading figures—rejoice, rejoice."

"I just tried it. O'Neal's circulation route was really dang comfortable."

"Even though I'm using O'Neal's circulation route, I prefer Roland's way of casting—it's pure force."

Roland also memorized this spell model and tipped O'Neal 100 forum coins.

Roland then closed his browser after collecting a few spell models on the forums.

At this moment, neither Roland nor O'Neal knew…

It was from this point in time that the Mage players were split into two factions.

The academic faction headed by O'Neal, later called Arcanist.

The beast faction headed by Roland, later called Battle Mage.

The two factions competed and cooperated with each other.

Focusing his attention back onto the game, Roland was about to conduct a magic experiment, but he saw Vivian trotting in. With a surprised expression, she said, "Deputy Chairman, the mayor, John Senior, has come back."

Once Roland heard this, he immediately walked over to the window.

The Magic Tower was tall enough to see beyond the city.

A cavalry regiment of several hundred men was slowly coming through the city gates.

The cavalry split into two columns and moved slowly. At the forefront was a general in cyan armor.

Roland couldn't see his face because he was a little too far away, but even at such a distance, he could sense an austere energy from that man.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》