Mages Are Too OP
128 The So-Called Being Open
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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128 The So-Called Being Open

Seeing that Roland was leaving them hanging, the surrounding players all put on expressions as if they were saying, "You're the boss, you talk."

Instead of giving a direct answer, Roland looked over to the female player, who was lost in thought, sitting a short distance away, and asked, "Girl, got a question for you: what's the name of that resistance?"

"Ah—oh!" Because her mind wasn't present, the female player was startled for a moment before reacting. "You can call me Allie. The resistance's name is Gray Eyes."

"We'll pass ourselves as Gray Eyes." Roland smiled and looked at the other male players. "Of course, we'll have to cover our faces."

Startled for a moment, the players in the surroundings started to laugh and joke.

"Oh s**t, why didn't I think of that? Now we've got a good reason."

"As expected from one who plays with spells, a cunning bast**d."

"F***ing hell, I have a bad feeling that when the other mage players level up, we barbarians that know only how to chop will be led by the nose!"

Of course, this was only the players' banter resulting from their excess admiration.

The male players all understood what was implied, but Allie, the female player, was a little confused. "But the Gray Eyes resistance members are all dead. If we want to impersonate them, we should at least find one of them."

"Hmm…" The players around were somewhat surprised and then relieved.

They reckoned that it was because she was so adorably stupid that she was duped so terribly by the young nobleman.

Now, most of the male players had even more hate in their hearts. To terribly deceive such a simple and cute girl, the noble, as well as the mayor, had even more reason to die.

Roland coughed and said, "There are still four more days. It's not productive to stay here and do nothing. Why don't we do some preliminary work?"

"Sure, we'll listen to you," a group of male players shouted.

They were all wise people. The advice Roland provided just now proved that he indeed had the brains for this. It would be fine to listen to him.

Besides, Roland was still the strongest mage at this stage, and probably no one on the scene could rival him.

Generally speaking, players believed in the unspoken rule of "the one with the bigger fist talks" in the game, and Roland not only had big fists but also seemed to have a good IQ.

Roland took out two gold coins. "I need an average-looking friend who is good at bargaining to go to the city and buy forty to fifty black clothes and black scarves. In addition… is there anyone here good at drawing? Let's get a map of Mory drawn out, so we can make our combat plans."

"I'll go and buy some clothes. I'm pretty good at bargaining." A handsome archer stood up.

Roland looked at him and said helplessly, "Are you sure you look average?"

"Don't worry, my anti-tracking skills are very strong, and I have an unobtrusive light concealing spell—I won't attract any attention," the handsome archer said with a smile.

"Then I'll draw out a map." Another bandit-like player stepped forward.

Roland counted the number of players on the scene and said with a smile, "As for the others, let's go and cut trees together."

"What are you cutting down trees for?" someone asked.

"To make a simplified catapult." Roland explained, "Even if it falls apart after being used three times, it should be useful to smash the gates of the castle."

"All right!" The rest of the group stood up.

Honestly speaking, they were tired of waiting here for days, and having something to do was always a good thing.

Allie walked over, her expression still very depressed. "So what can I do?"

Roland thought for a moment and then said, "How about you write an official declaration for Gray Eyes denouncing their enemy from the point of view of the victim? I saw your post on the forums, your writing should be pretty good.

"I graduated with a major in literature," Allie said simply, and then asked, "A passionate, or indignant tone?"


Allie tilted her head aside in thought and said, "Okay, I'll alter Luo Binwang's declaration against Empress Dowager Wu."

Roland, a sciences student, was speechless. She sounded so impressive and sophisticated.

At this moment, a grinning male player approached him and said, "Roland, you're having an official declaration to denounce the enemy written and building a simple catapult. Do you want to attack head-on?"

"Certainly, to vent anger for one of our own, we definitely have to be both open and insolent," Roland said matter-of-factly.

The grinning male player was instantly struck by the originality of Roland's idea. "But we have to cover our faces, does that count as open?"

"It's not a contradiction to tell them we're openly hiding our identities."

"You're awesome!" This player gave him a thumbs-up. "The netizens in the livestream chat all say that you're not only a cunning bas***d but also b**chy!"

Roland was shocked. "You're actually streaming this."

"How fresh." This player's expression seemed to say, "You just realized?" "I was the first to come, and at the request of the vast number of netizens, I've been streaming for four days."

At this time, Roland also received a system message. He opened it and saw that the rest of the F6 members were @ him.

Li Lin: "Do your best, show the stylishness of our F6 military strategist."

Betta: "Brother Roland's so awesome."

Schuck: "I'm watching the livestream. It feels a little strange. This is the Roland that we don't usually see."

Raffel: "Unfortunately, I'm too far from Mory, or else I would've taken part."

This was actually being livestreamed… If he'd known earlier, he wouldn't have stood out so much.

He felt a sense of embarrassment as if he had a break-out of eighth-grader syndrome and was seen by his family.

Having something to do, time would feel as though it passed more quickly. Four days passed in the blink of an eye, the players that could come all arrived, and those who couldn't come, probably returned to their city for free halfway here.

Over the days, they built eight simple catapults from trees and vines.

The clothes and maps were already prepared. Roland looked at the map for a while and drew two lines. Then, he said to the forty-plus people whose faces were covered and who were dressed in black gowns, "Wait for the second team to infiltrate into the city first, and then we'll appear in front of the gate. Seeing our sinister appearance, the gate will definitely be closed. We'll read what Allie wrote up for denouncing the enemy, and afterward, we'll smash the gates with the catapult.

"At this point, the enemy's attention will surely be drawn. If the mayor leaves his castle with his troops and comes to the wall to provide assistance, then the second team will infiltrate into the castle and stir things up, For example, setting fire to the house, which will make him anxious and confused. If he stays obstinately inside the castle, the second team will storm the walls from behind and help us open the gates. But I don't think the second plan is likely. That young nobleman will probably come to the wall to see what is the matter with us."

A player asked, "Didn't you say we were doing things openly? Sending spies inside is too underhanded."

Confused, Roland threw his hands up in the air and said, "We are openly sieging the city."

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    《Mages Are Too OP》