Mages Are Too OP
129 No Rationality
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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129 No Rationality

In the small castle of Mory, the mayor Bettel was celebrating.

The Gray Eyes organization was destroyed, and the immortal female monster hadn't been seen for over ten days, most likely because she was scared of being killed and walked away.

His two serious problems were all taken care of at once, and now Bettel felt that life had never been so easy and pleasant.

A group of his subordinates came obsequiously over to toast him, and some of the city's minor nobles came over in due time to show their affection.

Wade, who had the best relationship with him, took a glass of wine and said rather regretfully on the side, "It's a shame you let that woman named Allie go. She's undying and beautiful. There can be many ways to play with her. If you didn't want her, you should have sent her to me."

"You couldn't handle her." Bettel recalled the special feeling that Allie had given him all this time, and then smiled contemptuously. "That woman, though idiotic and stupid, and not very good at fighting head-on, had a sense of pride. Completely different from any woman you've ever met before. I wouldn't mind making her the true lady of the city if she were a little willing to be weaker."

Wade was stunned, then laughed aloud. "How many women have you said that to—I'm tired of hearing it."

"Really, that woman is different. She doesn't seem too interested in things like wealth, but more so, just the style of life." Bettel said rather regretfully, "And she's different from the average woman when she's making love, bewitching but not vulgar, aggressive but not giving a rustic feel. It's the first time I've ever met a woman like this, but she's just too proud and hard to handle."

After hearing this, Wade said, "I'm even more interested hearing you say that."

"There should be more than one female Golden Son, and when we look for them in other cities later, we'll trick one or two more over here. Hopefully, all the women Golden Sons are as stupid as Allie."

Thinking of certain indescribable scenarios, they both laughed aloud at the same time.

Just as they finished laughing and were about to go and talk to the others, there was a strange muffled sound coming from the east; even the bustling banquet hall couldn't completely hide the sound.

All of a sudden, the banquet was much quieter, with only the sound of musical instruments being played.

Then there was another muffled sound, and now many people could hear it clearly. It was the sound of a heavy object being thrown from a great height and hitting something.

Most of the guests' expressions were confused, not knowing what was going on, but a few of their expressions became strange as they had heard this, or sounds similar to it.

A bad feeling circled their minds.

And that included Bettel.

He raised his hand, and all those musicians stopped.

Then a third muffled sound came from the distance. This time, it could be heard extremely clearly.

"Giant throwing stones!"

Bettel's expression was uncontrollably gloomy—who was it that dared to attack his city with siege engines at this time?

As he was about to go out, a soldier ran in in a panic and said in a frightened manner, "Mayor, it's terrible, the people of Gray Eyes are back! This time they've brought several catapults and are attacking our gates."

"That's impossible!" Bettel roared. "Gray Eyes has been annihilated."

The soldier chattered, "But that's what they were shouting outside the city."

"How many of them are there?" Bettel asked angrily.

"At least fifty," the soldier replied in a small voice.

As soon as Bettel heard this, he kicked the soldier to the ground and roared, "Fifty men? There are at least five hundred city guards, not counting the reserves, but you still don't dare to charge?"

"We've tried. We sent two hundred men out earlier and…" The soldier lowered his head. "Like an adult cleaning up after a child, the battle was over in less than ten minutes. More than a hundred men on our side died, and the rest ended up as prisoners. And those fifty people, nothing happened to them at all—they are all professionals."

"That's impossible!" Bettel heavily smashed his cup on the floor, the clanging sound unusually harsh in the quiet banquet hall. "Even over at the capital, it's hard to assemble fifty powerful professionals. We're in a remote area, not to mention fifty professionals, being able to gather fifty average people would already be pretty impressive. The Gray Eyes resistance was already so greatly sapped of strength that they couldn't gather fifty people, let alone fifty professionals."

The soldier lowered his head, not daring to speak.

Wade, who was next to Bettel, walked up to him and said, "Now is not the time to seethe at a small soldier, let's take the soldiers over to see what's going on."

Bettel took a deep breath and showed an embarrassed smile to the guests around him. "Sorry to spoil the party. That concludes it, your excellencies, please return to your homes."

The guests were soon all gone. It almost seemed like they were fleeing in defeat.

Bettel, on the other hand, set off with the remaining four hundred elite guards in the castle and headed for the walls.

Just as he left the castle with the soldiers, six extremely unremarkable-looking players appeared near the castle, and although they were scattered around the castle in different directions, they almost simultaneously revealed wicked smiles on their faces.

When Bettel brought his army to the bottom of the castle wall, he was just in time to see a huge stone smash down from midair and hit the wall directly.

Amidst the screams, two soldiers were smashed into pulp on the spot, while five or six other soldiers were injured by shattered rock fragments, their injuries varying in severity.

"Archers, come up the wall with me, the others stay near the gate to defend."

Bettel shouted orders, trotting straight up the walkway up to the wall.

The city wall had already been hit by four boulders, and although it looked miserable, with broken rocks and bricks everywhere, and even a section of the battlements collapsed, it was not substantially affected.

Bettel ran to the battlements and saw about thirty masked, black-robed people standing in a small square formation in the distance ahead. Beside the small square formation, there were many corpses of city guards.

At the back of the square formation, there were more than twenty black-robed people fiddling with three catapults, and several sturdy black-robed people were working together to place huge round stones onto the catapults.

Although all of these black-robed people had their faces covered, their eyes revealed expressions of ridicule, mixed with reserved haughtiness.

Such arrogance he was familiar with—Allie's eyes also contained it.

He took a deep breath and a discouraging thought came to mind. Then, he saw a familiar person come out from behind the catapults.

It was Allie.

The people fiddling with the catapults stopped.

Allie was holding a piece of parchment in her hand, looking at Bettel from a distance with a derisive expression.

The player who was in charge of the livestream jumped and scurried around, constantly giving close-up shots of the two.

A player cast Sound Amplification onto Allie's body, while Roland cast Unhindered Communication.

Allie quietly looked at Bettel with a slight nostalgia in her eyes, then revealed a look of determination and read aloud, "The Mayor of Mory, Bettel, whose nature is cool and indifferent, is of a base background. He once served Gauri with his chrysanthemum…"

Gauri was the big shot who wanted to make a move on Allie.

Allie's rather pleasant female voice resounded throughout the city under the effect of Sound Amplification.

Due to Unhindered Communication, everyone could understand the words, and as they listened, everyone's eyes drifted a bit, not daring to look at Bettel.

Because the insults were too fierce—without a single profanity—under the effect of Unhindered Communication, what the whole city heard was Allie with an especially authentic ancient aristocratic accent, telling the story of Bettel killing, burning, raping, and plundering, and using his own body to flatter the big shot Gauri. The filthiness of which was completely beyond the imagination of the citizens, and more importantly, Allie also said that he colluded with Gauri—there was a suspicion that they were conducting demonic sacrifices, trying to turn the neighborhood into a demonic paradise. Anyway, all the charges that could be pressed were pressed. In the end, she even roared…

"One might well ask who rules this domain today!"

Yet, what the NPCs heard was, "Oh God, is this city of Mory still the land of the humans? Is it still the paradise you once gazed at?"

Both the soldiers and the citizens were all touched when they heard this beautiful and sorrowful declaration against the enemy.

Especially the soldiers, their morale had obviously dropped a whole lot.

Bettel had never heard anyone dare hurl abuses at him so viciously, or even falsely accuse him. He had only ever been the one to falsely accuse someone else, but today, he was framed by someone, a stupid woman in his eyes. This stimulation was extraordinarily large.

He was so angry that his whole body shook and his face turned white. He finally roared, "Shoot arrows, give me arrows, shoot them to death."

A wave of arrows was fired high from the walls, then landed sporadically a little in front of the black-robed formation.

The players had already estimated the range of the enemy's bows and arrows, so they wouldn't be foolish enough to enter their range of attack.

After reading the declaration against Bettel with furious energy, Allie felt a sense of relief course through her body, and then the players who were fiddling with the improvised catapults started to move about again.

Bettel gritted his teeth and roared, "Move our catapults to the city walls as well."

"That will take time, Mayor."

Catapults were usually quite huge, and splitting and assembling them took time.

"Damn it… those in black robes must all be Golden Sons." Bettel was also a professional, an agility swordsman, and his eyesight was much better than the average person's.

"Their catapults are terrible, and they'll all be scrapped after a few more uses." Bettel punched the battlement and roared, "Just wait until all of their catapults are damaged, that's when we'll fight back."

Bettel calmed down with a long sigh of relief, thinking that he still had a good chance of winning.

The declaration against him just now had affected him quite a bit. For nobles, this kind of verbal lethality was sometimes far more frightening than swords.

Because it would directly harm a family's honor.

He took a series of deep breaths and was about to calm down completely, but then someone beside him suddenly shouted, "My god, the castle, Mayor, the castle is on fire. It's on fire!"

Bettel twisted around to see the castle in the distance shrouded in a cloud of black smoke, where "fire dragons" could be faintly seen from time to time.

Half a second later, a string in Bethel's head, called sanity, snapped.

It broke!

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