Mages Are Too OP
138 Night Tide Sands, Before and After
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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138 Night Tide Sands, Before and After

Roland hadn't really expected that Qi Shaoqiu actually had such a history.

From an onlooker's point of view, if what Night Tide Sands said was true, then Jin Wenwen really had gone overboard.

From an affinity point of view, in terms of getting along with each other on a regular basis, Roland was more willing to believe Night Tide Sands' words.

Therefore, he already didn't have much of a favorable opinion of Jin Wenwen, but now it directly dropped to the negatives.

He withdrew his gaze from the two outside and began to focus on eating breakfast. He was actually not interested in such things as gossip about acquaintances.

After finishing his breakfast, he said to Night TIde Sands, who was still taking small bites of her noodles, "The breakfast you make is getting better and better."

Night Tide Sands' lips were slightly pursed, but there was no smile on her face. She just said faintly, "Just eat, what's with all the superfluous talk!"

The words sounded very impatient, but Roland somehow heard a coquettish tone in them.

And after spending the last two or three months together, Roland also knew that Night Tide Sands was the kind of person who was cold in appearance but was actually very passionate.

The icy personality seemed to be just a protective shell around her.

Helping to clean up the dishes, Roland suddenly said, "Last time Brother Qiu said that he wanted you to teach me some kind of healthcare technique? Is it a kind of qigong?"

"Yes, Daoist's Nourishment of Life, a commonplace qigong mental cultivation technique." Night Tide Sands turned her head to look at him. "Although anyone can practice this kind of qigong, in our Qi family, it's usually only practiced by women."

Hmm… Upon hearing this, Roland lost interest.

All this time, he had been looking for a method that could exercise his mental power in reality, and he had looked up a lot of information and visited some relevant forums and asked the netizens who were interested in this. Things like Zen cultivation, yoga, and the like were on the list of recommendations from the netizens. But he always felt these were a little unreliable.

Come to think of it, the only people around him who could be linked to this area was the Qi family. After all, a family that passed on martial arts should always have some knowledge in this area.

It was just that last time he had directly rejected Qi Shaoqiu's good intentions, and if he went back to him to tell him this, he would most likely be ridiculed… The more closely they acquainted, the more they would love to mock people at times like this.

This was why he came to ask Night Tide Sands about it. When he heard that it was commonplace Qigong, he subconsciously thought that it was something left over twenty years ago after the Qigong craze, the so-called intelligent Qigong or something like that.

"It's commonplace, but it's actually useful." Upon seeing Roland's sudden lack of interest, Night Tide sands instead started to explain seriously. "I didn't use to look like this."


You didn't use to look like this? Does this Qigong have the power of plastic surgery or the ability to change one's appearance?

That's too creepy!

As Roland's expression was getting more and more bewildered, Night Tide Sands furrowed her nice thin brows slightly. She dried her hands with a cloth and said, "Help me wash the dishes. I'll get something to show you."

Then Night Tide Sands turned to leave.

Roland was stunned for a moment, and then he cleared the table and started washing the dishes.

Night Tide Sands had been making him extremely hearty breakfasts for almost three months now, so what if he helped this girl wash the dishes once!

Just after he cleaned the dishes, Night Tide Sands came back in again, this time with something in her hand: a photo album.

"Come here!" Night Tide Sands beckoned to Roland, placed the photo album on the table, opened a random page, and said, "This is the old me."

There were many photos in the album, but most of them were pictures of a young girl's life.

With just a glance, Roland recognized the young girl as Night Tide Sands. But unlike the current Night Tide Sands, the young girl in the photo was dry and thin, with yellowish skin and hair with little luster. She looked quite ordinary, even below the standard line as a girl.

But the current Night Tide Sands… her skin was snow white, her lips red and her teeth white, and she also had that very attractive body shape.

It was the so-called "one point less is thin, one point more is fat'' body shape, which was extremely suited to the aesthetics of the East.

Although her looks had barely changed, this comparison revealed that the current Night Tide Sands was really extremely charming.

Her temperament was also excellent, quite like the aloofness of a cold beauty.

Roland flipped through the photo album and exclaimed, "That's quite a difference."

Night Tide Sands' ears were a little red and she didn't say anything.

Flipping through the album, Roland saw some photos of Night Tide Sands on a school campus, and he felt that the scenery was quite familiar. "Huh… it seems like I've seen this somewhere before. Wait, isn't this the Eleventh High School building. Were you also a student of Eleventh High School?"

Night Tide Sands nodded, not speaking.

"So you're my junior sister." Roland was quite pleased. "I'm from the class of '01, how about you?"

"Class of '02!"

Night Tide Sands looked at Roland for a little while, slightly disappointed. Roland didn't remember her from before—in vain, she deliberately brought the photo album over.

Roland didn't think much about it. He continued to look through the photo album until it was finished and found that Night Tide Sands was an extremely unremarkable type throughout her high school years.

"You mean, you practiced the Daoist Nourishment of Life before you became the beautiful person you are now?"

Night Tide Sands nodded. "Whether I'm pretty or not is another story. Both my internal change and my external change came after I practiced Daoist Nourishment of Life. I was just starting college at that time."

Roland, however, had a question. "Then how can you be sure that it must have been the work of the Daoist Nourishment of Life? Couldn't it be that you're starting to develop normally? A girl changes eighteen times before reaching adulthood, you should have heard this before."

"When I was a senior in college, I was busy with internships and writing papers in the second half of the semester, so I didn't practice it for a while." Night Tide Sands' had a lingering fear in her expression. "Within three months, I almost turned back to my original yellow and skinny appearance, and then when I restarted training, this slowly got better."

So that's what happened.

After hearing this, Roland was somewhat interested.

A technique that could regulate the development of the body, or condition the body, might really be something special.

"I'll bring you the notes on my experience later."

As Night Tide Sands was saying this, there was a soft knocking sound at the window.

The two of them turned their heads to see that it was Jin Wenwen.

Her eyes were slightly red and she looked at Roland through the window. "Finished your breakfast, I assume. Can we talk now?"

Night Tide Sands' eyebrows were knitted and she was about to speak.

But this time Roland was quicker. "Okay, let's talk."

He said this as he walked out of the kitchen.

On the other side, rather unhappily, Night Tide Sands watched him and Jin Wenwen leave, then also walked out. But instead of following the two, she went to the entrance of the saber arts club and found her big brother. "Why did you let Jin Wenwen in and let her harass Roland?"

Qi Shaoqiu laughed lightly. "It's not like you don't know Jin Wenwen's personality—her pestering is troublesome. Let her talk to Roland, and after talking things out, the matter will be resolved. Or else, she'll be stuck here every day—not to mention Roland, we wouldn't be able to stand it."

"But in case Roland gets bullied by her…"

"Don't worry, that Roland kid has an even heavier murderous aura than before and an even calmer temperament." Qi Shaoqiu said disdainfully, "Besides, Roland is a tough-minded person at first glance, while Jin Wenwen is just a bit more aggressive and naggy in temperament. It would be good enough if her attempt doesn't backfire when she tries to bully Roland."

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    《Mages Are Too OP》