Mages Are Too OP
163 This Treasure Is Rather Tricky
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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163 This Treasure Is Rather Tricky

Establishing a field of mental power could be exhausting, and the larger the field was, the more exhausting it would be.

Roland's mental power almost enveloped the whole manor. Although it felt slightly thin after it was stretched out, what he did was still impressive.

The thinner, the more vulnerable. After Roland expanded his mental power, his mental power had turned into a veil, but he still managed to maintain the field of his mental power without letting it break, which suggested his control over his mental power was remarkable.

After he found the target, Roland retracted his mental power.

Then, he caught his breath on the chair.

Holding White Amber in her arms, Vivian asked, "What have you found?"

"A treasure left by Aldo." While restoring his mental power, Roland explained, "He thought that it would take me a long time to solve his mysterious puzzle, but he didn't know that I could cheat with my mental power."

Vivian was quite envious, because mental power represented a Mage's potential.

Roland was only an Elite for now, but he could already unfold such an unbelievable field of mental power. It suggested that Roland had huge potential.

"Do you want to come with me?" Roland stood up after a brief rest.

Naturally, Vivian was curious about what the chairman had left for Roland too.

The butler saw them when they left the room. He hurried over to them and asked, "Master, is there anything I can do for you?"

Roland gave the bronze key to Vivian and said, "She'll help me manage this manor while I spend most of my time in the Magic Tower."

The butler blinked his eyes and immediately realized that he had met the future lady of the manor.

Vivian was the daughter of a noble and a magic apprentice. She was a minor celebrity in Delpon and the butler knew her, so he simply nodded and said, "Yes, Master."

Then, Roland and Vivian walked to the back of the manor, which was an orchard.

This was still part of the manor. They walked in the orchard and reached a fake hill.

Roland searched the grasses and found a ring. He pulled it hard, and a wood cover was lifted along with the grasses that covered it, revealing a dark tunnel.

Mages were weak only in comparison. Without the enhancement of magic, it was true that Mages were not as strong as Warriors.

However, Roland, as a Mage and a Golden Son, was still very strong compared to the ordinary person. He could beat five regular men easily.

Thanks to his previous investigation with mental power, Roland knew that there were no dangers in the tunnel.

A ball of light floated ahead and illuminated the way while Roland and Vivian descended with the pet.

After about twenty meters, they found themselves before a thick black door. Roland knocked on it, and the noise echoed in the darkness.

He dropped a hint at Vivian. "The key in your hand is for this door."

Slightly stunned, Vivian walked forward and inserted the key into a square hole at the center of the door. She then twisted the key, and the door clicked.

Roland went forth and pushed the door open.

The door opened with a dull noise, and the things behind it were slowly revealed.

It was a secret chamber that was almost empty.

There was nothing but a simple bed, as well as someone who seemed to be sleeping on it.

Roland cast the light ball toward the bed, and the person on the bed became clear.

The beautiful curve of her back and her blond hair suggested that she was a girl.

Woken by the light, she suddenly turned around and sat up, squinting at Roland and Vivian warily through the dazzling light.

The girl was tall and slim, but the most surprising was her pair of long ears.

Was she an elf… or a half-elf?

She was wearing thin white clothes that seemed to be a prisoner's uniform, but the clothes did not conceal her sexiness at all.

"Is this the treasure that the chairman left for you?" Vivian looked at Roland unhappily.

Roland also didn't suspect that an elven girl was inside this chamber.

Earlier, he had only sensed a special, powerful source of magic from the chamber, and he thought that Aldo left him a piece of excellent magic equipment.

But as it turned out, it was an enslaved elf.

Stunned, Roland pinged Li Lin in the guild system.

"I've got an eleven slave too. What do I do?"

Very soon, all his friends sent rows of exclamation marks in the chat.

In the end, Li Lin suggested, "Do her before you talk to her."

Roland shook his head as he found no constructive advice. He then turned off the system menu.

Seeing the two human beings, the elf stood up and said something indifferently.

Her voice was brisk and pleasant, but neither of them could follow her.

Roland imposed Language Proficiency on both himself and Vivian, before he coughed and said, "Okay, you can repeat yourself now."

"Language Proficiency?" The elf stopped not far away from Roland, with more disgust than surprise on her face. "You're my new buyer?"

Roland sighed. "Technically speaking, I didn't buy you; someone gave you to me."

The elf sneered.

At this moment, Vivian secretly compared herself to the elf.

Face! She lost.

Height! She lost.

Waistline! She lost.

Chest circumference! She finally won!

The elf's breasts were surprisingly flat, which gave Vivian an advantage. Thinking about that, Vivian tried to stand straighter.

Roland was observing the elf too. He had sensed that the elf was powerful and was aware of magic too.

He soon understood Aldo's intention. "Do you want freedom?"

The elf looked at Roland warily and stepped back without talking.

Roland smiled. "You must know the special natural spells of the elves, yes?"

The elf was still quiet.

"Write three spell models of the natural magic of the elves for me, and I'll set you free."

The elf frowned and obviously didn't trust Roland. "Human beings are treacherous."

"You don't have a choice." Roland chuckled. "After all, you're just a slave right now."

The elf was very calm, probably because she had been enslaved for a long time. Instead of screaming and shouting, she considered for a moment and said, "Human beings can't learn the magic of elves."

"It doesn't matter." Roland waved his hand. "That's my problem."

Pondering for a moment, she looked Roland in the eyes and said slowly, "This is the last time I trust human beings. You'd better not let me down."

Roland shrugged and did not argue with her. At this moment, actions spoke louder than words.

"All right, do you want to come out with us?"


Vivian suddenly interrupted Roland and said solemnly, "No elven slaves can be shown in public, unless you think you can defeat the Guardian Druids."

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