Mages Are Too OP
168 Again
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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168 Again

Roland's ID on the forum had turned gold, a symbol that he had been authenticated.

So far, there were only authenticated players on the forum, and Roland was the ninth. Also, he was the only one who was authenticated as a player.

So, he was quite surprised to see that his nickname's color had changed.

Then… his reply was soon upvoted to the top.

"Shoot! Roland, the strongest Mage, is here!"

"Does Roland know that handsome guy?"

"It seems that Mages are truly aware of a lot of critical information."

Seeing that the players were throwing random guesses, Roland simply replied, "It's Schuck, the founder of F6."

Half a minute later, his reply received another bunch of comments of amazement.

"So, the leader of F6 is a Saint Samurai. No wonder he set up a guild so easily. I'm told that Saint Samurai enjoy a high position."

"Not high, but very high. They're like the adopted children of the Goddess of Light."

"They're like the children of a CEO that are sent to the bottom level to gain social experience. Those clerics and mortals certainly have to show them respect."

Reading the pages of replies, Roland put on a vague smile.

Schuck was a lone wife. Even though he was playing a game with many friends, he preferred exploring the game on his own unless his friends asked him to join a mission. Roland didn't think that it was inappropriate in other MMORPGs, but since this game was very real, Roland hoped that Schuck could shoulder the responsibility as the chairman of a guild.

To be famous!

The chairman of a guild generally had two responsibilities: to manage the guild and to be famous.

F6 was a guild of family and friends, and there were few people in it. So, it required little management, which meant Schuck's sole mission was to be famous.

When the chairman of a guild was famous, the guild would also be famous.

F6 was famous enough as the only guild in the game at present, but Roland didn't think that it was enough.

The first established guild and the best guild were not the same.

Therefore… Schuck had to be famous.

Besides, Schuck was an influential Saint Samurai and a handsome dragon knight: it would be too wasteful if Schuck were to dawdle along every day.

After it was done, Roland pinged Schuck in the guild channel.

"Dragon knight. That is indeed a fancy title, isn't it?"

"Get lost! I'm very upset now. Though I've found the young princess of the Fire Dragons, I'm in great trouble. The Fire Dragons said that they would teach me a lesson."

"You captivated their princess. Hey, do you need our help?"

Then, Li Lin, Husseret, and his other friends all said that they would help him.

Schuck, however, fell silent, and didn't rejoin the guild channel until about two hours later.

Schuck said, "That's unnecessary. The pope said that he would support me. Also, the goddess just passed along a message, claiming that she would approve a crusade against the Fire Dragons if they ask for trouble."

Roland gasped hard. "Shoot. Your Goddess of Light really adores you, doesn't she?"

Waging a war seemed a casual thing for this goddess.

Schuck said, "She adores all the Saint Samurai. It does feel great knowing that someone always has your back. It was the right choice to be a Saint Samurai."

Roland said, "If there's nothing else, I'll do other things. Right, I've helped you increase your popularity. You're welcome."

Schuck: "???"

Roland chuckled and turned off the guild channel.

The next day, eight Mage players from Silver Wings joined the Magic Tower.

After they participated in and discussed activities with the magic apprentices, the magic apprentices made much faster progress than previously.

The Magic Tower also became livelier.

Most magic apprentices had a strong sense of hierarchy. Few of them dared to talk to Roland except Vivian. So, Roland spent most of the time studying magic by himself.

Although he liked being alone, he found it boring when he was alone for too long.

The players, on the other hand, couldn't care less about hierarchy, and they would talk to anyone when they were tired of practicing magic.

Roland was naturally among those they talked to.

Roland enjoyed chit-chatting with them during his breaks, too. After all, they were the same kind of people.

They knew each other very well, and certain memes were only intelligible for the players.

For example, Vivian was called "secretary" by the players. She didn't quite understand what it meant, but she accepted it, thinking that it was just a nickname.

She had no idea about the implications of the word.

Five days passed, and unexpected guests came to Delpon.

They were not entirely unexpected, as they were Roland's old acquaintances who promised to return.

Bard had come to the magic tower again with the reward from the headquarters.

Bard was not nearly as condescending as he was last time.

When he approached the Magic Tower, he said to his followers, "You'll wait here while I deliver the declaration of visitation."

Two descendants from noble families had come with Bard. Both of them found it odd to hear that.

However, before they entered Delpon, Bard had stressed that they must not do anything unnecessary in the Magic Tower, and that they should just watch and listen.

Their familial backgrounds were not as great as Bard's, so they could only listen to him.

But they were still puzzled even though they obeyed instructions.

Bard was somewhat scared to see the Magic Tower, which wasn't imposing at all.

The four Magic Towers in the capital of Hollevin were all taller and more magnificent than this one, but he just felt that this Magic Tower gave him much more pressure than those Magic Towers did.

He gave his card to a guard, and the guard took it away in fear and ran upstairs.

Before the guard informed Roland, two Mage players had arrived to enjoy the show.

Although the players were no more gifted than the magic apprentices were, they couldn't die and therefore could make all kinds of attempts, so they were making progress much faster than the NPCs.

The two Mage players who went downstairs were level two and level three respectively. In the eyes of the NPCs, they were both powerful Mages already.

Bard didn't know that those two were players, but he sensed that they were as good at magic as he was. He was greatly shocked.

Was Roland really so good at teaching? He had raised two official mages so quickly?

Then, he grew even more solemn.

Since he returned to the capital, Bard had been receiving updates on Delpon City.

After he learned that Roland's team killed the mayor of Delpon with a few hundred weaklings, his jaw almost hit the floor.

That's too outrageous. Bard had never felt more lost.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》