Mages Are Too OP
178 You“re Getting the Hang of I
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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178 You“re Getting the Hang of I

Hearing that Roland was leaving, Vivian was of a mind to propose to follow him.

But on second thought, both the Magic Tower and the manor had to be supervised, and since Roland gave such an important mission to her, it meant that she was someone he could trust.

Thinking that, Vivian was a lot happier.

Roland continued, "In case anybody is mean to you, White Amber will stay with you to protect and help you. Also, you can talk to me over a long distance with the mental communication ability of the pet. If anything happens, just tell me, and I'll try to return as soon as possible."

Vivian nodded, indicating that she got it.

It was true that people would hardly follow her instructions if she were by herself, but things would be different if she had a White Amber.

The level of a pet was affiliated to the level of its master, which meant that White Amber was also level five. It might not seem very impressive, but it was only slightly weaker than Roland, and it could crush general magic apprentices and low-level soldiers easily. Probably only the three players in Delpon City were stronger than Vivian plus White Amber.

Vivian thought for a moment and asked, "When will you go?"

"The day after tomorrow."

"Then I'll make some delicious food for you in the manor tomorrow."

Roland smiled. "Thank you."

The food that Vivian made in the game was not bad. Of course, her food was not exactly delicious, but it still tasted much better than what was sold in the restaurants.

Vivian smiled delightedly and went downstairs with White Amber.

The girl was so happy because she felt like a wife making food for her husband before a long journey.

The thought of that made her heart race.

After she left, the room fell quiet again.

Roland began to consider the incident in reality.

Because of oxygen intoxication, his head had felt dizzy, and it would hurt whenever he thought too hard.

He was sleepy too, which was why he fell asleep almost immediately after he entered the virtual cabin.

So, he could only consider the problem he met during the day in the game.

What was that energy?

Familial bond?

Spiritual energy?

Or… magic elements in reality?

Whatever it was, it definitely had an influence on his body. Roland felt lucky that he didn't grab it until the energy ball became smaller.

If he had grabbed it when it was the size of a basketball, he would've probably passed out on the beam and fallen from above, ending up either dead or crippled.

Roland tapped the table with his finger.

The result of the medical tests was oxygen intoxication.

It meant that the weird thing caused similar biophysical changes to this disease, and the doctor was misled.

Actually… the doctor might not be misled.

That weird thing ran amok in his body and had reactions with his blood or other matter in his body, resulting in excessive oxygen… Or, there might be another possibility.

That weird thing replaced and banished all the oxygen in his body, which made him seem like he was suffering from oxygen intoxication.

Roland felt amused at the thought of that.

The human body was used to energy transportation and exchange through oxygen. It couldn't be replaced so easily.

All in all, Roland felt that the first possibility was more plausible.

That weird thing reacted with something in his body and resulted in abundant oxygen.

However, what was that thing exactly?

It was the same question he had at the beginning.

Because of the lack of intelligence, Roland found that all the three options were possible.

However, no matter whether it was spiritual power, familial bond, or magic power, it was some sort of energy anyway.

What Roland needed to do was to see if he could find such energy elsewhere after his body was better in reality.

But he was slightly frustrated a moment later. He would have to wait a year for the next ritual, and if he were to attend other families' rituals, he would also have to wait about half a year until the Tomb-Sweeping Day.

Roland heaved a long sigh.

He was so upset that he decided to improve his mood by running magic experiments.

He enjoyed magic experiments for a whole day until the game froze.

Roland sat up in the cabin and stretched out his arms. Then, he leaped out of the cabin agilely.

He was stunned after he walked a few steps.

He had found on the Internet that it would take days of rest before one could fully recover from the sequelae of oxygen intoxication.

However, he felt extremely excited and energetic at this moment, and his drowsiness after he just woke up was completely gone.

He looked at himself in the mirror in the bathroom.

The face of the young man in the mirror was whiter, not pale-white but jade-white.

His previously red lips had become pinker, making him look like a girl.


I've changed so much after one night?

What exactly is that energy?

Roland felt a strong headache coming on. He washed his face, only to find it even fairer after washing.

Well, it was almost disgusting.

Roland was reluctant to accept his new image yet.

He sulked in the bathroom for a long time, before he finally rode his bike to the saber arts club.

Qi Shaoqiu was making a pose at the entrance of the club with his back against the wall and his cigarette that seemed never to be lit.

Roland stopped his bike before the man and observed him for a moment, before he smiled. "You do seem to be in a good mood."

Qi Shaoqiu glared at Roland and sat straight. "Don't be so nasty. Can't I just enjoy a moment by myself?"

"What made you so happy?"

"I have four more students."

"Four? Not five?" Roland was slightly surprised.

"The guy named Betta didn't sign up," Qi Shaoqiu said regretfully. "He says that his college isn't nearby, so he'll pass."

Roland locked his bike and said, "Congratulates."

"I know that they're your friends. Thank you."

"Don't thank me." Roland waved his hand. "It's Li Lin who paid for them."

Qi Shaoqiu nodded. "I know, but I believe in fate… If you hadn't learned saber arts here, Li Lin wouldn't have come, and if he hadn't come, your friends wouldn't have joined. So, you are the cause of everything."

"It's only a few people. You may have earned some tuition fees, but I can't guarantee that more people will come." Roland shook his head. "I can't claim the credit."

Qi Shaoqiu chuckled. "That's where you're wrong. The more people a club has, the more people will be attracted to it. If you practice here every day, you will bring more students here. It's like how my relatives attracted you when I taught them."

Those kids had stopped coming here since their school started.

Qi Shaoqiu was feeling confident after he finally recruited several real students when he had opened the saber arts club a year ago. Naturally, Roland decided not to bum him out too much.

"Then, let's hope that you can have more and more students." Roland crossed his hands and congratulated him.

Qi Shaoqiu crossed his hands back to Roland and laughed. "Thank you… wait."

He suddenly shrieked and observed Roland for a while, before he asked in shock, "You're getting the hang of it?"

"What do you mean?" Roland was stunned. "The saber arts? I've already picked it up. I can take you down in a few months."

"No, I'm talking about the Daoists' Nourishment of Life." Qi Shaoqiu circled around Roland and clicked his tongue. "You give me the same feeling as my sister does. Innocent and clean."

Did that mean that he had gotten the hang of it?

Roland remembered that Night Tide Sands was unusually white too.

Was it possible that Night Tide Sands had absorbed that strange energy ball too?

"What would happen after I got the hang of it?" asked Roland.

Qi Shaoqiu shook his head quickly. "I'm not sure. I've never practiced it before. You should ask my sister."

Roland nodded and went to the kitchen next to the shed. He opened the door and saw that Night Tide Sands, as tall and slender as ever, was busy cooking.

There was a vague fragrance of osmanthus in the kitchen, although it was not the season for osmanthus.

Hearing the sound, Night Tide Sands turned around and put on a casual smile when she saw Roland. "You're here! Take a seat. The breakfast will be ready soon… Huh? You've gotten the hang of it?"

Night Tide Sands' smile was just like before, but she was unusually delighted toward the end of her sentence.

It was the first time that Roland had seen such an expression on her. He somehow felt that Night Tide Sands was adorable.

"I don't know. Probably." Roland thought for a moment and said, "I sensed some energy from the ancestral hall yesterday and absorbed some of it… Hmm? What's wrong?"

Night Tide Sands' face changed. She jumped to him and held Roland's left hand to examine his pulse in a panic.

A moment later, she gradually calmed down. Seeing Roland's surprise, she tossed Roland's hand aside as if Roland's hand were burning hot.

"Were you intentionally scaring me?"

Her face was slightly red. Though she was trying to pretend to be cold, she still looked and sounded cute from every perspective.

Roland shook his head. "I wasn't scaring you. I did sense energy when I paid tribute to my ancestors yesterday…"

Night Tide Sands patted his hand softly and said, "Didn't I say in my notes that you must not go to places that are too dark or practice the arts in a thunderstorm? Or something will likely go wrong."

Well… Roland thought for a moment and decided to not talk about the energy ball anymore.

He rose and looked out of the window, only to see none of his friends. He asked, "Didn't you tell Li Lin that you offer breakfast?"

"You are the first student here, so you'll be the only one who can have breakfast here." Night Tide Sands became as tranquil as before. Delivering the delicious-looking porridge to Roland, she said slowly, "More and more students will come here, but I can't make breakfast for all of them. So, this will be your privilege."

Roland gloated. "That's indeed a great privilege. Hehe. Schuck and Li Lin will definitely be jealous of me."

Night Tide Sands smiled but sighed without drawing any attention.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》