Mages Are Too OP
181 The Sadness and Sorrow of a Rich Player
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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181 The Sadness and Sorrow of a Rich Player

In Moon Shadow's base…

This place included a dozen low, shabby houses. The yellow walls and the brown roofs that were made of grasses were not awe-inspiring at all, but this place was truly the base of Moon Shadow.

Actually, most guilds in the game did not even have a base. It was great enough that Moon Shadow had one.

The nobles were all petty about their estates. Moon Shadow had earned a lot of money, approximately two thousand gold coins, and they paid more than four hundred of them, which was twice the market price, in order to buy this desolate land in the corner of Isnas.

Then, they asked the craftsmen in the city to help build the houses.

Moon Shadow would love to build nice houses too, but none of the members in the guild had any architectural knowledge.

They tried to hire the best craftsmen to help build the houses, but they found that those capable of building nice houses were all working for nobles. They could only hire the apprentices of those craftsmen, or the workers who only knew how to build low-level buildings.

As a result, Moon Shadow's base did not look magnificent at all at this point, but was more like a slum.

So, Cedarnik was pissed. Very pissed.

He was sitting in a crude chair, faced with a crude table.

There was the vague stink of mud in the room. The food was awful too. Most importantly, Moon Shadow still hadn't become famous yet.

He had become more and more upset because of all the things that didn't go well recently.

He had intended to make a name for himself before he led the members of his guild into this game. He had both money and personnel. In his plans, he would easily acquire the best equipment and the best players with his riches. Then, he would be one of the few players at the top of this game.

However, the reality turned out to be chilling. At this point, Moon Shadow hadn't done anything influential yet, and a few bumpkins had somehow established a guild first.

Fine, he could live with the fact that those people were the first to build a guild.

However, the greatest contributor in the team who finished the first dungeon raid was the Mage from F6, who was also known as the best Mage in the game. His own guild, in comparison, didn't have any top player at all.

He held back his anger again.

But before he digested his fury, F6 had done yet more things. One of the handsome guys in that guild contracted a girl dragon without any trouble.

That was a girl dragon!

It was every man's dream to be a dragon knight!

Cedarnik was not an exception. Besides, he found the human form of that girl dragon, who was both innocent and slutty, both perky and proud, highly appealing.

It was impossible for him to find such a charming girl in reality.

However, another man had contracted her and stolen her from him.

As a result, Cedarnik had been haunted by gloom and heartache for many days. For the first time ever, he had experienced the pain of the losers whose "goddess" was stolen by him.

After brooding for days, he asked a friend to go to Roland and tell Roland his wish and his offer.

Cedarnik felt that he was very sincere.

Fifteen million for a secondhand product was definitely generous enough, but outside of his expectation, Roland turned him down.

He finally burst into fury as he was upset in the first place. He cursed Schuck on the forum and even threatened the man.

He did find a hacker, as he promised, but the hacker indicated that they couldn't find the detailed information of a player from the game or the database in Penguin Corporation.

After Penguin Corporation developed this immersive game, their firewall was mysteriously upgraded too.

Now, too many hackers were attacking Penguin Corporation every day, or trying to decipher the data packages of the immersive game, only to no avail. They couldn't even locate the data packages.

It was because only 10K bytes of data were transmitted every second the game cabin was running.

There was no telling whether Penguin had hidden the real data traffic with special technologies, or this immersive game simply didn't need to exchange a lot of data.

After hearing the hacker's explanation, Cedarnik had to reluctantly give up the idea of identifying Schuck.

But he got even more upset. He felt like crying every time he thought that he couldn't have the girl dragon who was so appealing to him.

While he was sulking in the room, a man walked in and said to him, "Chairman, the money has been collected. Most people didn't earn much this month. Only twenty gold coins were gathered."

"Got it." Cedarnik nodded.

In Moon Shadow, the members' coins would be gathered by their leader. Of course, the coins would be reimbursed in reality.

Cedarnik was not short of money… For him, it was harder to make money in the game than it was in reality.

"On the other hand, the princess has declined your card of visitation." The man put a delicate gold-edged card on the table.

Cedarnik sighed and asked, "How many times has it been?"


"Damn it. This princess is really hard to get." Cedarnik was enraged. "I should have played as a Mage or a Saint Samurai instead of a Warrior. In that case, that bitch princess would've been begging for mercy under me."

The man before the table put on a fawning smile.

Looking at his unbelievably strong body, Cedarnik asked, "Right, have you found the procedure for the promotion of Saint Samurai?"

"According to our investigation, no Saint Samurai has been promoted in any of the guilds, except the leader of F6." The man was slightly puzzled. "The main attribute of Saint Samurai is charm, but many have tried to pray in the Temple of Light after setting their charm to max and didn't receive any reply from the Goddess of Light. We've also sent a lot of spies to talk to the reverends. They told us that there were only eleven Saint Samurai in the whole Church of Light, seven females and four males."

Cedarnik asked again, "How many believers does the Church of Light have in total?"

"The Church of Light is the second biggest religion only next to the Church of Life. By conservative estimation, there should be around five hundred million believers of light in the whole world."

"Five hundred million… Eleven!" Cedarnik said in disbelief, "Why was F6's leader promoted to Saint Samurai? Is he a bastard son of one of the game developers?"

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    《Mages Are Too OP》