Mages Are Too OP
190 Everything Is Over
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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190 Everything Is Over

The incident between F6 and Moon Shadow was over.

Every decent player supported F6. They believed that F6 was justified to fight back in the game after Schuck was insulted in reality since it was impossible for them to do anything in reality.

However, Cedarnik did not give up. He hired an army of trolls to defend himself, claiming that F6 was bullying him, that F6 was too brutal and aggressive, etc.

His trolls might have succeeded back when the Internet was just invented and still new to most people.

However, people had already been through all kinds of bizarre things on the Internet. Many of them knew that they would be fooled if they only listened to one side of a story without seeing the big picture.

Now, F6 had offered valid evidence on why they attacked Moon Shadow, and many believed that they would do the same if they were in F6's shoes.

So, everybody was cursing Moon Shadow on the forums.

They didn't even bother to read the troll posts anymore.

Half a day later, the posts about F6 and Moon Shadow gradually disappeared, and more players started discussing how to deal with Roland and Schuck.

Those two were too strong. Every guild who had ambitions to dominate the server couldn't ignore them, unless they could draw Roland and Schuck into their own guild.

It was already morning in reality.

Cedarnik found the sunlight that pierced into his room through the gap of the window dazzling. He closed the curtain heavily and yelled at his new phone, "Like I said, try to convince the guild members to stay. Tell them that I'm willing to give them each a gold coin if they stay."

"I already talked to them, but many declined it. Mr. Cedarnik, the players who can afford a game cabin can't be too poor," said someone exhaustedly over the phone.

"How many people in our guild will stay?"

"Around thirty, and the number might drop again. After all, F6 is still hunting the lone members of our guild and won't let go of them unless they withdraw from Moon Shadow."

"Got it!"

Cedarnik hung up the phone. The more he thought, the more pissed he was. He was about to smash his phone again, but he stopped and sighed in frustration.

He knew that he had completely failed.

He didn't know that Schuck had kept the record of their chat. More importantly, he failed to bribe the moderator of the forum to delete the post.

If Schuck's post had been deleted, F6 couldn't have turned things around at all.

Who was this Director Ma? Even ten million was not tempting enough for him?

The methods that he was familiar with in the past all proved useless.

Damn it… It's truly lucky.

Should he really delete his character and start over?

His current ID was probably a joke to other people now.

Cedarnik hesitated. His character had been reduced to level four because of his death, but he had devoted half a year to the character, and he was reluctant to just delete it.

On the other hand, Roland rose from the game cabin in his southern city.

Stretching out his arms, he couldn't feel more comfortable.

He had enjoyed himself in the battle. Years of pressure seemed to have been unleashed.

Even the sky seemed a lot bluer when he looked at it through the window.

When he was in a good mood, everything was more beautiful.

Then, he rode his bike to the cold drink bar.

Schuck was the earliest to arrive. After all, as the host, he had to prepare breakfast for his friends, who would criticize him if the breakfast was bad.

Roland sat down, greeted Schuck, and drank a mouthful of the soybean milk.

Then, he chit-chatted with Schuck.

Soon, Li Lin and the rest of the gang except Betta all arrived.

It was not the weekend, so Betta had classes.

After they were all gathered, they began to brag about how awesome they were in the PK last night.

Brazil said, "Those boys tried to avoid my arrows by jumping. How juvenile. Don't they know that making an arrow take turns is a basic trick for a qualified Hunter?"

Raffel said, "Their fat was dripping under my fire. The scent of barbecue smelled great."

Li Lin said, "I was lucky enough to find two pieces of magic equipment."

Husseret said, "I'll share the money that I got by selling the bodies with you later."

As for Schuck, who had killed the most people, and Roland, who made the greatest contribution, they didn't talk at all.

After the bragging was mostly over, Schuck said, "Since we've met each other in the game, I think we can get together more often. We can carry out quests and fight other players together."

Raffel and the other three friends nodded in agreement.

Roland, however, shook his head. "I have to go back to the Magic Tower. I'm different from you. Level is the only thing that matters for you, but not for the Mages. Knowledge of spells is also important for us. If I'm engaged in quests and PK with you every day, other Mage players will catch up with me soon."

"That's indeed a problem." Schuck frowned.

Frowning with a wrinkled face, Raffel asked, "Then what do we do? It's not fun if we don't play together."

"Actually, there's no need to rush." Roland thought for a moment and said, "You can hang out first for now, and I'll try to learn Long-Distance Teleportation, so that I can reach you immediately if anything happens. What do you think?"

"Is that spell easy to pick up?" asked Schuck.

Roland shook his head. "I have no idea."

That was only natural. The magic apprentices, including Vivian, didn't know where to learn spatial magic, and Aldo, the most knowledgeable person Roland knew, was gone.

Roland felt that he was like a headless fly that was buzzing about randomly, not knowing his destination.

"I can ask for you back in the Temple of Light." Schuck thought for a moment and said, "There's an enormous library in the Holy Realm. I think it must contain books on magic. With my identity, I can take out a few books for you."

Roland shook his head. "I doubt it can help. Yours are divine techniques, and ours is magic spells. They're not the same."

"Then I don't think I can help you." Schuck sighed.

However, Roland thought of something else. "You have reminded me of something. The headquarters of the Association of Mages at the capital of Hollevin might have teleportation spells. I can pay a visit there. I have sort of a friend there. The capital is close to Isnas too. A trip there wouldn't take much time."

"Okay then. We'll hang out together next, and you can play on your own for now." Schuck continued with slight disappointment, "Let's keep in touch in the guild system."

"Got it."

They went to the saber arts club later. In the afternoon, Roland browsed through the forums and chatted with his Mage friends on his social networking apps, accepting their admiration and adulation.

At night, Roland re-entered the game.

He found himself back in Isnas. He intended to have a talk with Husseret, when someone who looked like a butler stopped him.

"Esteemed mage, Princess Evelyn wonders if you can meet her."

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    《Mages Are Too OP》