Mages Are Too OP
192 Quest Sharing
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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192 Quest Sharing

Seeing the main quest, Roland immediately grew fond of Princess Evelyn.

It was not exactly love but simply the good feeling when two people were getting along. Wasn't it perfectly normal to feel great about a beautiful NPC who could issue quests for him?

His attitude changed a lot when he found Evelyn more amiable. At the least, the smile on his face was more genuine now.

Evelyn, who had been born and raised in the royal family and was good at dealing with people, keenly noticed the change. She wondered in surprise what she had done to make the proud young Mage friendlier than before.

Roland focused his attention back on Evelyn from the system notifications and said with a smile, "Princess, can you tell me more about this elven queen? Or rather, can you lend me this book?"

Evelyn looked at Roland in surprise. "You're interested in ancient history and folklore too?"

Roland didn't even know much about the history of his country in reality, and he was certainly not interested in the history of an alternate world.

However, he had to learn more of this elven queen since she was involved in the main quest.

"I think I'm drawn to this character," said Roland with a smile.

Holding her chin and thinking for a moment, Evelyn said, "You've done me a great favor, sir, so I might as well explain it to you."

"Would it waste too much of your time?" asked Roland.

Evelyn shook her head. "That's fine. I'm bored most of the time anyway, or I wouldn't spend so much time reading."

"Then thank you, Princess." Roland subconsciously sat straight.

After that, the princess shared everything she knew about this Cocoyala with Roland.

Actually, Evelyn didn't know much either. The life of this queen was only mentioned in some primeval legends, and she was only referred to as "she."

Also, as time passed, a lot of the legends mutated greatly.

In many of the legends, this Cocoyala was a Rogue, a divine descendant, a demigod, and occasionally a human being.

Some even said that she was a dragon.

"Of all the books I've read, this one has the most anecdotes about her." Evelyn pointed at the book before her and said, "But the key information is all written in Ancient Elvish. It was very confusing for me until you came. There are other things in this book written in Ancient Elvish. I guess that they're about the queen too."

Roland thought for a moment and asked, "Princess, can I take a look at the book? I'll only borrow it for ten minutes. Is it okay?"

"No problem."

Though slightly puzzled, Evelyn pushed the book to Roland. She found it strange. Was this Mage going to memorize the whole book in ten minutes?

Her speculation was exactly Roland's plan.

However, he was not using his memory, but the snapping function of the system. He took a photo of each page of the book.

Roland skimmed through the book and saved the whole book in the system in no more than ten minutes. He returned the book to the princess solemnly and refreshed Free Communication on her. Then, he said, "This spell will last about nine hours. I believe it will be enough for you to finish this book, Princess. Now, I have to take my leave."

The princess stood up and said, "Thank you very much for your spell, sir. I hope we can meet again."

Roland nodded and left the heavily-guarded castle under the guidance of the butler.

When he was out of the castle, he opened the quest system. He had been informed that his quest had been accomplished after listening to Evelyn's introduction.

Quest: Origin of the Elven Queen (Main Quest)

You've received 366 EXP points.

New quest received: Secrets in Ancient Elvish (Main Quest)

He had received a lot of EXP points as well as a new main quest. This Princess Evelyn was indeed helpful to him.

Feeling great, Roland opened the guild system and left a message. "I've received a new quest from a princess. I'm going to share with you."

After half a minute of silence, everybody spoke almost simultaneously in the guild system.

Schuck: "I don't know what I should say now… Awesome, Roland!"

Li Lin: "You have my admiration!"

Raffel: "I can't believe that you got a quest so easily!"

Brazil: "Me neither!"

Husseret: "Stop teasing each other. Come to the cottage we stayed in a couple of days ago. We'll share the quest and the money."

Betta: "I'm in Sisilia. Do I have a share?"

Husseret: "No."

Betta: "My heart hurts."

Very soon, Roland reached the cottage, and Schuck and his friends were already waiting for him.

They were seated around a table that was full of gold coins. By conservative estimation, there were at least a hundred of them.

The light reflected by the gold coins was dazzling.

There was a beautiful red-haired girl in a corner of the room. She simply sat and held her head high proudly.

The girl dragon… Roland looked at her once and ignored her. He sat down and shared the quest. As he expected, everybody received the main quest.

As Roland had anticipated, some steps of a quest that were not critical could be skipped.

Reading the content of the quest, Schuck asked, "We're going to look for Wilson the Linguist and ask him about the secrets of Ancient Elvish? Well, that's a challenging quest… Who is this Wilson? His age, his hometown, and the places he often goes to are not mentioned at all. All we have is just a name. This game is too hardcore."

Roland frowned too.

Husseret, however, said, "It's not too hard. Wilson the Linguist must be a famous person considering his title. I can ask the nightingales and the owls of the Guild of Rogues to look for him."

Schuck thought for a moment and said, "You can work on it now."

Roland stood up. "I'll go to the capital first. If you find the linguist, inform me through the guild system."

"Hey, we haven't split the money yet. Why the rush?" Husseret shouted. "Come here and let's divide the coins."

Roland shook his head. "It's fine. I already have more than three hundred gold coins. You should know that all Mage players will each give me a gold coin later on."

"I forgot that you're a magnate." Husseret shook his head jealously and helplessly.

Walking out of the cottage, Roland stood in the sunlight.

Nobody would refuse additional money, but it did not seem right to compete with his brothers when he already had a lot.

He hired a carriage in the city and took the carriage all the way north to the capital of Hollevin.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》