Mages Are Too OP
201 An Unexpected Surprise
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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201 An Unexpected Surprise

Tobian was a genius among mages, both in his own eyes and those of the people around him.

When he was a teenager, he grew to a meter and a half at the mere age of fifteen. Because of his strong body, his father considered him to be a good candidate for a warrior and wanted to send him to the Guild of Warriors to be trained strictly.

However, Tobian didn't go, being shrewish and making a scene and saying that he was going to be a Mage.

This was nonsense… What was the image of a Mage?

Not a strong but well-proportioned looking body, a refined manner, and eyes filled with intelligence.

Tobian was herculean, his thighs larger than the head of a child at his age—why be a damn Mage!

However, his father spoiled him, and when he saw how determined Tobian was to become a Mage, his father let him be a magic apprentice for a few years, assuming that he wouldn't make any progress and then come back crying and begging to become a Warrior.

It turned out… Tobian really had the talent for being a Mage.

Where others studied for at least three years to learn a level-zero trick, he could do it in half a year.

And as he grew older, he learned magic faster and faster.

He was the youngest of the six great Archmages in the capital right now.

This was a testament to his abilities and talent.

Because of such solid experience and achievements, Tobian never doubted his talent and gifts, and even if he wasn't the world's most talented Mage, he was at least one of those at the top of the pyramid.

But what was with the young man in front of him…

The young man was obviously only at the Elite level, but that volume of magic power was only one step away from his own.

He himself had two types of magic equipment equipped that boosted his magic capacity, a ring and a necklace.

If he took off these two types of equipment, his own magic power might be a little worse than this young man's.

Thinking of this, Tobian felt a little out of sorts.

He sized up Roland for a moment and asked, "You're the chairman of Delpon. I remember that it was a coward who served there originally. I think his name was something like Arminto."

"Aldo." Roland walked in and said with a smile, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Tobian."

As he said this, Roland took out a basket of fruit from his Backpack and placed it on the table.

"I couldn't prepare properly for such a rash visit, so I could only bring some fruit up here."

It was a custom of the Chinese people to bring some fruit with them when they visited someone's home.

The kingdom of Hollevin actually had a similar custom, and of course, friends didn't need to bring anything of value over, so they either brought some flowers or some fruits just to show courtesy.

Roland had bought this basket of fruit on the street earlier. It was fresh and specially selected, and the fruits were all juicy and bright.

Tobian looked at the fruits in the basket, then gestured to invite Roland to sit down and asked, "Sir, what is your reason for coming here?"

His attitude was nonchalant.

Roland didn't find this strange. He placed the spell model he had already prepared in front of Tobian and said, "Your Excellency, Mr. Tobian, I encountered a few minor problems while learning Teleportation. This point, and this one, why is the magic power not so smooth connecting to these points? I hear you have some knowledge of spatial magic, so I wanted to ask you for advice."

Tobian glanced briefly at the spell model and said, "Why should I teach you? I didn't even know you."

Roland nodded and said with a smile, "Indeed, my visit was a bit impertinent, so I prepared something as a gift."

As he spoke, he took a magic staff out of his Backpack and placed it on the table.

Tobian didn't rush to look at the magic staff on the tabletop, but stared at Roland and said, "It was the same just now, there were no spatial magic fluctuations when you took out something—how did you get the things out of a spatial Backpack?."

"This isn't spatial magic."

Roland was about to continue his explanation, but Tobian slapped the table heavily, preempting the answer.

"Golden Son?"

Roland nodded.

Breathing out softly, Tobian repressed certain thoughts. He looked at the magic staff on the table, froze for a moment, then picked it up.

This magic staff was the reward Roland got for completing the sequel to the main quest, and although the attributes were pretty good, it wasn't quite useful to him.

For example, the magic regeneration effect… it was like an inferior add-on compared to the specialty of Roland's Zeal.

Although holding a staff would regenerate magic faster, there was basically no difference between three hours and two hours and fifty-five minutes.

Besides, it was rather inconvenient to hold a long magic staff when regenerating magic, which only worked if one held it in their hands. One also had to hold it with both hands.

After all, it was a two-handed weapon in the settings of the game.

It was quite inconvenient. Roland preferred to read a book while he was regenerating magic, which required the use of both hands.

He could also browse the forums, which requires calling out the AR virtual keyboard for typing, which also required the use of both hands.

However, the increased strength of the spells that came with the wand was almost useless with Roland's berserk fighting style where he compressed all his MP at every turn and fired it off all at once.

For example, Roland's damage value in a self-destructing giant fireball is 3000, and if he held the magic staff, that would add 20 more damage. The ultimate result is 3020, which had little to no effect.

But if it were any other Warlock player using small spells, a small fireball is 50, plus 20 is 70, which meant a 40 percent increase. For them, it was the finest equipment in the early stages of the game.

This kind of magic equipment with added magic strength was actually best suited for players who used quick and small magic.

It was naturally useful for Tobian as well.

No matter whether it was the magic regeneration effect or the increased magic strength effect.

Tobian picked up the magic staff and gently stroked the light brown trunk of the staff, his eyes growing brighter.

"This gift of yours is too precious for me to take."

Tobian placed the magic staff back on the table and pushed it in front of Roland.

Although he said that, his eyes were filled with reluctance.

"Good things are only meaningful in the hands of those who truly know how to appreciate and use them." Roland endured the feeling of nausea and said ingratiatingly. "And a powerful spell like Teleportation is very important to me. Sir, your advice is far more valuable than this magic staff."

"In that case!" Tobian thought about it and said, "I can teach you Teleportation until you learn how to use it. Also… I have a model of Dimensional Anchor here, would you be interested in making a copy?"

Roland was stunned for a moment, then said in surprise, "Yes!"

Originally he had put the magic staff out there just to get close and fish out some more news about the quest. After all, the only thing he had on him right now that was worth gifting was this magic staff.

However, there was actually an unexpected surprise in return.

Dimensional Anchor… fourth-level magic, not too high, not too low, but it was obvious to him in the general knowledge of magic that Roland had read before in the library of his own Magic Tower…

This spell was the father of all other spatial magic.

Any spatial magic would be broken by Dimensional Anchor, as long as the difference in power between the two sides of the spellcasters wasn't too outrageous, like the difference between an apprentice and a Legendary.

Arguably, it was one of the must-have spells for all Mages, along with Teleportation.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》