Mages Are Too OP
206 Talen
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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206 Talen

The seated black-robed man snorted and said unhappily, "Why do we of the Shadow Guild have to live in the shadows? It's understandable that we hide in the shadows when we go on missions, but when we live in general, why must we be sneaky? Don't you want your own daughter to proudly tell others that her father is a powerful assassin?"

"We're assassins, boss. Not good at open combat—being identified is about as good as having a weakness exposed."

"That's because we're not united, and we're not intimidating enough." The black-robed boss suddenly stood up and shouted in extreme annoyance, "Spellcasters who also aren't good at head-on conflict, why are they so respected? Because they brag. They climb into the noble class and find ways to make a name for themselves, and in time, they become the benchmark for all professionals. Don't you want to be like the Mages who usually stand in the sunlight and live?"

The others all revealed yearning expressions.

The black-robed man who had just been scared away by Roland sighed long and deeply and didn't say anything else.

He wanted to live in the sunlight as well.

The little girl that he had just dragged on the street was the daughter of a debt dodger who owed money to their guild. The other party refused to pay back the money, so he had no choice but to seize the other party's daughter.

This little girl looked smooth-skinned and was also rumored to be literate, so selling her might barely pay the debt.

The reason why he had to act so strongly on the streets was to follow the pattern laid out by the chairman. This way, it would instill a threat in the minds of the civilians around him and directly demonstrate to them the power of the Shadow Guild.

If people with an overabundance of righteousness got in the way, and if they were weak or looked like they had a chance of winning, throw the hostage at them first. Wait for them to relax their nerves, then just immediately stab their heart with a dagger.

In this way, the world would be warned not to mess with the Shadow Guild.

They were just going to rob people in broad daylight and hang out in the open in a dignified manner.

The night was theirs, and they would also have their share of the daylight.

This was a good idea, and the boss was also a very well-organized person.

He thought it was good.

The idea had been implemented well at first, and although it had caused some resentment from some of the professionals' guilds, those guilds hadn't said anything. They were able to come out in the daytime for a breath of fresh air and do something big to intimidate civilians or other professionals and strengthen the deterrent effect of their Shadow Assassins Guild.

They just didn't expect that a few months ago, a group of special humans who called themselves the Golden Sons would suddenly appear.

This group was scattered in different cities in twos and threes.

It wasn't like they hadn't seen any creatures from a different plane before—Succubus, Cerberus, and angels of the divine realm, and so on were all from a different plane.

But the Golden Sons were different; they were very meddlesome. No matter whether one was a guild executive, a noble, or a commoner, as long as they didn't see eye to eye with you, they would pick a bone with you.

And then a problem arose when they had some conflicts with the Shadow Guild's operations.

At first, these Golden Sons were weak, and killing them was easy.

But within two or three hours of killing them, these guys fought back, only to reveal later that they were a special race of undying beings.

If this one case was just an accident, then that was fine.

But then, many of the quests of the Shadow Guild in various locations were spoiled by these guys.

Although the Shadow Guild was able to come out in a big way during the day after all this mess, they were still used to working at night.

The Golden Sons, these eyesores, actually didn't need to sleep. They were just also just as energetic at night and loved to scurry around, taking a second glance at things that were any bit abnormal.

Then things got very unpleasant, and many Shadow Guild operations, such as assassinations, family exterminations, were all intercepted by them.

When they were terrorizing civilians during the day, they clashed with them again.

Over the past two or three months, the two sides had broken out into at least a thousand battles in various places.

At first, they were able to keep the Golden Sons at bay, but after two or three months, the Golden Sons got used to fighting and beat them down one-sidedly.

This black-robed man had also participated in several battles against the Golden Sons, and although he hadn't been killed, his mentality had taken a toll.

He already knew the Golden Sons' character and temperament well.

He thought there would be no Golden Sons in the capital, but he still unexpectedly encountered one.

The temperament of the Golden Sons was very unique—arrogant—but different from the cold arrogance of the nobles, with a kind of "I am more literate and more experienced than you" kind of arrogance.

This was quite irritating.

After holding back his resentment, this black-robed man thought for a moment and said, "Boss, I have an idea. Since the Golden Sons are so powerful, why don't we find a way to recruit a few of them?"

The guild boss's eyes lit up. "Good, you've got a good idea. As long as we have the Golden Sons as a bridge, we'll be able to know what those monsters are thinking. In future missions, we can also find ways to avoid them. It's even possible to drive them to kill each other."

Everyone in the room laughed mischievously.

In the Church of Life, Roland sat down, and only then did he find a quest notification.

Opening it, he found it a bit funny.

Completed secondary quest: Save the Bullied Little Girl. Received 64 EXP.

Completed secondary quest: Find a Way to Save the Little Girl. Received 142 EXP.

Just now he was so focused on saving the little girl that he didn't even notice that he had already received the notification for quest completion.

This could be thought of as good karma.

Roland smiled.

At this time, the little girl on the altar woke up.

As soon as she opened her eyes, after a moment's confusion, she immediately crawled up in shock, rolled over and got off the altar, then leaned her back against the altar, sat down and shrank into a ball, and kept looking left and right, extremely scared.

Roland stood up, walked over, and squatted down in front of her.

When this little girl saw Roland, she was even more terrified, holding her head in her hands, shaking all over, not daring to look at anyone.

"It's okay. You're safe." Roland gently reassured her. "Where's your house? I'll take you home."

Certain children had a strange intuition and knew whether someone was good or bad just by listening to them.

This little girl probably had a similar intuition. When she heard Roland's voice, she timidly raised her head and said, "Mijil's family lives on the east main street… Big brother, can you take me back to my dad?"

"Of course." Roland smiled.

Then the system sent a message.

New secondary quest received: Escort the Little Girl Home.

It really was good karma… For the current Roland, quest experience was a pretty important thing.

The experience points gained from learning magic alone was no longer effective in leveling up.

He just liked this kind of simple and convenient quest.

It would be nice if there were a few more of them.

And half an hour later, Roland found that his wish seemed to be fulfilled.

Just when he sent the little girl back to the east main street, he actually triggered two quests in succession.

New secondary quest received: Mediate.

New secondary quest received: Clues About the Queen.


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    《Mages Are Too OP》