Mages Are Too OP
207 Quest System Anomaly
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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207 Quest System Anomaly

Clues about the queen?

Roland looked to his left and right. There were pedestrians all around him, all seemingly normal, nothing unusual at all.

Why was this secondary quest suddenly updated?

He hadn't done anything himself.

He was confused when suddenly there was a cry from the front: "Mijil!"

A graceful woman rushed over and hugged the little girl, crying.

Roland, on the other hand, continued to check his surroundings, or see if there was anyone special nearby.

But for the time being, there was no one to be seen.

The quest was updated, which meant that there must be a clue to the missing queen nearby.

At this time, an obese middle-aged man came over, he stood in front of Roland with some apprehension and said, "Sir, it was you who sent Mijil back, wasn't it?"

Roland nodded. He had little desire to talk to this man and was inspecting the surroundings, afraid of missing something abnormal.

This middle-aged man had a very average appearance, with a mustache and a very average male face, the extremely ordinary kind.

When he saw that Roland didn't say anything, he gritted his teeth and continued to ask, "Sir, if Mijil is sent back, will those men from the Shadow Guild still come to trouble me?"

"I didn't know what troubles there were between you." Roland's gaze finally turned to the middle-aged man, who looked a little confused. "I just saw on the street that Mijil was about to get killed and went to save her."

When the middle-aged man heard this, his face became unhappy. "Sir… this, you're a bit…."

Hmm? Roland looked at the other party somewhat strangely.

The middle-aged man felt uncomfortable all over after being stared at by Roland like that, but he still said forcefully, "Sir, we owe money to the Shadow Guild, and they wouldn't have bothered us if they'd taken Mijil, but you sent her back again…."

The middle-aged man didn't say the next words, but Roland understood that the former felt him a nuisance for being nosy.

Roland's mood suddenly turned sour.

The woman who was holding Mijil crouched on the ground and cried out as she heard this. "You're crazy, how can you be willing to sell Mijil. Didn't you hear that they were going to beat Mijil to death?"

The middle-aged man, however, was even angrier. He practically jumped up and shouted, "If we didn't let the Shadow Guild take her, were we going to let them take Cruz and Gawain? Or take you to pay our debts as a strumpet for them?"

The middle-aged woman was dumbfounded for a moment, unable to speak, and could only weep silently. Then she hugged her daughter even harder.

Mijil looked to be six years old, and she could already understand a lot of things.

She also understood that her parents didn't seem to want her anymore, and suddenly her little face blanched and tears fell down in heaps.

Roland shook his head helplessly repeatedly when he saw this scene.

He didn't know anything about the cause and effect but simply felt that neither parents were qualified at all.

After some thought, he walked over, took the little girl's hand, and said, "Come on, I'll take you with me first, and I'll find a place for you to settle."

The woman let go of Mijil and turned to wipe her tears.

The middle-aged obese man was relieved.

Roland pulled the little girl away. It was not a good idea to think about the quest in this situation, so he simply gave up for now.

The little girl very obediently let Roland lead her, but she looked back from time to time as she walked away, watching her parents gradually grow distant, her tears flowing more and more profusely.

However, she never cried out.

Roland pretended not to see anything and tensed his face, but in reality, he felt awful.

After walking for a while, he suddenly cried out inwardly in surprise. He stopped and used his mind to open the system notification.

Secondary quest renewed: Find the Kidnapped Queen.

Secondary quest: Mediate failed.


Roland looked behind him, his eyebrows quirked as he retreated a few steps with Mijil.

As he had predicted, the quest was refreshed again.

Secondary quest renewed: Clues About the Queen.

As expected, this was the quest area.

However, the Mediate quest didn't refresh again, so it seemed to be a time-sensitive quest.

He smiled slightly, vaguely understanding some of the basic principles of the quest system.

Then he continued forward.

Secondary quest renewed: Find the Kidnapped Queen.

This time Roland didn't bother with the quest system anymore and just brought Mijil to Kaka's manor.

When Kaka finished his study of derivative magic, he just happened to be walking in the garden and was a little surprised to see Roland return with a little girl. "Who's this?"

Upon seeing Kaka, the little girl instinctively hid behind Roland's back.

Roland patted the little girl's head, signaling for her not to be afraid, and then he explained what happened. Then he continued, "For the time being, I'll leave this little one here. Don't let those servants of yours bully her."

"I'm already a little powerless to defend myself, so it might be hard to take care of her." Kaka shook his head helplessly.

It wasn't that he didn't want to help, but now that most of his servants had been bribed by his eldest and second brothers, the thoughts of the rest were already with someone else.

These servants still didn't dare to disobey the orders that Kaka gave now, but he could tell that they didn't respect him much anymore.

It was just that he was still the third young master after all, and the servants didn't dare to go overboard.

But if it was this little girl, the situation would be different.

The servants wouldn't dare to trip up Kaka, but it was hard for him to guarantee that they wouldn't bully this little girl behind his back.

Roland scratched his head, he now felt more and more the importance of Teleportation.

If he knew Long-Distance Teleportation, he would just take Mijil and teleport back to Delpon's Magic Tower first, settle her down, and then teleport back.

How convenient that would be.

Instead of the current situation, there was no way to find a place to house Mijil.

Just when Roland was in a dilemma, Mijil suddenly pulled the hem of Roland's robe and said, "Mijil has a place to stay."


Roland then let Mijil take him by the hand and lead him out of the manor, all the way to the west of the city.

Turning from the west commercial street into an alleyway that was off the beaten path, Mijil then pulled a key attached to a red cord from under her own neck and unlocked the door to the two-story building in front of her.

No one seemed to have lived here for a very long time. The house smelled of earth and mold, and there were plenty of cobwebs hanging from the corners.

"This is where my grandma and grandpa live. They left the key to Mijil when they went to the kingdom of gods."

Mijil looked a little distressed. It seemed that she already understood the concept of life, old age, sickness, and death.

Are all the children in this world so mature?

They cleaned the small building, then found the closet in the bedroom on the second floor, took out the mattress, and laid it on the bed.

Mijil sat in the corner of the bed with her arms around her legs.

The circles around her eyes began to redden again.

Roland didn't comfort her because he thought it was better for children to cry if they had any grievances; suppressing them could easily lead to neurosis.

Mijil did begin to cry, sobbing stiflingly for a long time.

Then in the evening, she fell asleep.

Roland tucked her in, then left a defensive Spell Puppet and a magic scouting spider behind the window.

Then he left and went to the east main street again.

As night fell, the capital was under curfew again.

Roland found a hotel on the east main street. It was the most luxurious hotel and it was in an excellent location.

He sat on the fifth-floor balcony and drank fruit wine. The view was excellent and he could observe almost the entire stretch of the east main street.

Roland looked at his quest system.

Secondary quest renewed: Clues About the Queen.

Then he casually threw down two scout-type magic spiders.

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