Mages Are Too OP
215 Shifting Troubles
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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215 Shifting Troubles

Roland naturally didn't believe it.

The black-robed people were good at using long-range weapons, and it wasn't long ago that Mijil was captured by the Assassins' Guild. It had only been a few days since, and then again another group of black-robed people came—anyone would have thought they were Assassins sent by the Assassin's Guild.

However, this black-robed man shouted in a pathetic tone, "We really aren't from the Assassins' Guild."

The sadness of his voice and the helplessness of his expression were moving.

Roland froze for a moment, extinguished the large blue fireball in his hand, and asked, "Then who are you?"

Upon seeing Roland, a slaughterer in their eyes, dispersing his terrifying magical fluctuations, the three black-robed men whose feet were frozen were all relieved. The one who spoke just now continued, "We are from the Guild of Rogues."

Heh, that's how it is.

Assassins were a subclass advancement of the profession of Rogues. A Rogue could steal, open locks, detect traps, kill stealthily, and so on. The Assassin was a specialist in stealthy killing.

With higher levels of shadow stealth, more powerful Assassination abilities, and even blind fighting or night vision, the Assassin could be said to be the king of the dark…

Provided, of course, that they didn't encounter high-level Mages or Saint Samurai of the same level or above.

Not to mention that Saint Samurai were naturally strong in melee combat and were skilled in light-type theurgy, they had a very keen sense of shadow-type abilities.

Mages and Assassins were a pair of archenemies: they countered and feared each other.

Mages had several spells that could detect stealth, and also had various force field spells to prevent being approached, but they couldn't always have detection spells and force fields cast upon themselves.

Even if magic power was abundant and could never be used up in a lifetime, people also needed to rest—even gods had times when they napped, let alone humans.

And this was often the time when Assassins made their move. After all, one couldn't guard against a thief for a thousand days.

In addition, Assassins hated Mages, who had all kinds of scouting spells that disgusted them. When they went to kill Mages who'd finally dropped their guard, the Mages would have a magic pet by their side.

Most of the Mages' magic pets had good anti-stealth abilities.

Most of the prerequisites for an Assassin to be able to take out a Mage was whether or not they could get past the magic pet's anti-stealth abilities.

When he heard that they were from the Guild of Rogues, Roland's expression got a little better, but he still asked, "Why are you guys here?"

"We received a commission from Mijil's father to help him get his daughter back."

"How can he commission you if he owes someone else money?"

The three black-robed men froze, and one of them said embarrassedly, "He said that if we found Mijil and brought her back, he'd be able to get a house, sell it, and get the money. He didn't know where the house was, but he believed his daughter, Mijil, did."

"So you guys investigated and then followed the trail here."

The three black-robed men laughed helplessly.

"You'll have to leave this alone, I'm the one protecting Mijil now."

The three black-robed men showed a slight look of disdain, and the one who had just spoken continued: "Sir, although you are a Mage, the one standing behind us is an entire guild."

Roland said indifferently, "I am a Golden Son."

The three of them suddenly felt somewhat speechless.

One of them suddenly cursed. "Shit."

The other two didn't look too pleased either.

The black-robed man who cursed was silent for a moment and said, "Sir, we, the Guild of Rogues, have put this matter behind us, and we will compensate a gold coin to Mijil. How about we both pretend nothing happened after this?"

Most of the people in the Guild of Rogues were either slippery or easily swayed.

This was a result of their professional characteristics.

When they encountered a strong person, they would cooperate if they could, or hide if they couldn't.

Against a Mage, they could still boast the guild's banner to give themselves courage.

But if this Mage was also a Golden Son, it would be a different story.

This group of undying beings… They were inhumane.

Every one of them wouldn't let go once they bit down, and if you offended them, they'd chase you to the ends of the earth to settle the matter.

The Guild of Rogues' intelligence network was quite wide and large. They had already received information about many Golden Sons meddling in their affairs more and more, and eventually, they even heard rumors that the Golden Sons dared to go against the noble families.

In fact, two mayors had already died at their hands.

In comparison, they were just nobodies.

So they simply conceded defeat and even offered compensation.

Dignity was something that didn't mean much to Rogues. If they ran out of gold coins, they could always steal more—there was always a way to earn it back.

If their life was gone, there was no way to get it back.

"Sure." Roland nodded.

He didn't have the mind to cause any more major conflicts with the Guild of Rogues, now that he had the queen's quest to deal with and the main quest hanging around, and a little girl to take care of.

It would be best to keep conflict to a minimum.

One of the black-robed men threw a gold coin at Roland.

Roland, on the other hand, removed the control effect of the Ice Ring.

They quickly retreated, taking their unconscious companions with them.

Roland went upstairs and found no one in the bedroom, only a Spell Puppet standing in front of the bed.

He froze for a moment, then crouched, and sure enough, he saw Mijil lying under the bed, cowering in the corner.

When she saw Roland, she crawled out on her hands and knees and hugged Roland's thighs, clenching onto them tightly and crying.

Roland knew she was terrified, so he stroked the top of her head and comforted her in a soft voice.

It wasn't long before a strange multitude of footsteps came from downstairs and stopped at the door.

Feeling a little confused, Roland went to the window and looked down, then spotted Antis with a dozen city guards in gray leather armor and carrying lances.

Antis had been watching the window and smiled when he saw Roland, as if a beautiful maiden was meeting her lover.

Roland shuddered, feeling strange.

"So it's you," Antis said from below.

Roland looked down. Antis said, "I received a report from the citizens that the scum of the Guild of Rogues were trying to bully people here, so I came over to take a look."

"It's over." Roland thought about it and continued, "I found some clues about the queen, would you like to come up here and hear about it?"

Antis's eyes narrowed. "Seriously?"

"There's no need for me to lie to you."

Half a minute later, Antis appeared in the bedroom, dressed in black tight-fit armor, without a helmet surprisingly.

"What's the clue?" Antis asked urgently.

Roland brought out the silk dress. "Take a look, see if this is the queen's dress."

Antis looked it over, closed his eyes and thought for a while, and said, "I have indeed seen this dress on the queen."

"And is the queen blonde?" Roland took out a strand of hair.


Roland laughed with a somewhat meaningful expression as he explained the process of finding the dress and hair, then continued, "I don't know much about the hidden chamber mechanisms, so I can't find it. Maybe the city guards can?"

Roland didn't like that kind of filthy place, and since Antis was also responsible for it, it wouldn't be much to ask for him to share some of the burden.

"I understand, but you have to come with us."

Roland was reluctant now. "No."

Antis said fiercely, "If I can go to that disgusting place, so can you."

"It's not exactly my responsibility to find the queen. I'm just helping out of the kindness of my heart." Roland shrugged. "It's beyond my capabilities."

"The Mages' obsession with cleanliness is so annoying." Antis walked away very upset.

Roland threw down two magic spiders to follow him.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》