Mages Are Too OP
222 Dirty Politics
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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222 Dirty Politics

Roland's father didn't want Roland to play any games; even though it was very lucrative, he didn't want his son to waste too much time on it.

The only time one could really work hard in life was about 20 years after one graduated and got a job, and the first few years were especially important, so if one didn't work hard, it was better to take the functionary exam.

But he couldn't say the words to lecture him now, and with an addition of 7.2 million yuan, Roland's bank account now had a total of nearly 10 million yuan.

He had promised that as long as Roland could make enough money within the specified time, he would no longer care if Roland played games or not.

As a result, it had only been about six months and Roland had made several times his original target, and in a fraction of the time specified. If it had only been a few hundred thousand, or a million, it would have been possible to lecture him.

But now it was nearly ten million.

Can playing games really make that much money?

Am I already behind the times?

Roland's father was now at a loss.

Roland's mother, however, snapped out of her daze more quickly, and she looked at the bank card on the table and asked with some excitement, "Ming, should we go to the suburbs and buy some land? I heard that the future is in the south. We should take a piece of it while it's still not expensive."

Ming was Roland's father.

By this time Roland had left the room; he had left his bank card behind and had told both parents the PIN number.

Nearly ten million yuan was indeed a lot of money, but Roland wasn't too interested in it lately. Besides, he would still receive a steady stream of gold coins in the game, and as long as the gold coins don't drop in price, he would still have lots and lots of money. This game had its own set of economic systems. Gold coins were precious metals that were finite, not paper money that could be printed infinitely. As one of the three most important currencies in the game, even if the exchange ratio fluctuated, the price of gold coins wouldn't drop by much.

Unless the game server was shut down.

This was the most dreaded possibility for all of those who played games to make money.

Roland's father thought about it and said, "Okay, I'll ask my friends at the construction bureau to see if there's any inside information or something like that."

Since his son had handed over his bank card, it was a sign of trust in them as seniors.

They naturally had to think about their son's future.

As long as one had a piece of land, even if one had no money in the future, they could build a home out of the ground.

Small cities were different from big cities. The suburbs here still had a lot of land auctions that could be used as private residential land.

Roland went to the saber arts club the next day—today was a cloudy day. Roland was eating breakfast in the small kitchen, as usual, while Night Tide Sands was cooking on the side, her back turned to Roland.

She was wearing a white short-sleeved top and tight jeans underneath, the kind that wrapped around her hips and showed off her figure completely.

Just looking at her back gave people a rather youthful, energetic, slim, and beautiful impression.

Plus, now that Night Tide Sands was doing housework all the time, it also gave her an air of being a good wife and loving mother.

As expected… She is perfect for a wife.

Roland stared blankly at Night Tide Sands, and Night Tide Sands seemed to sense this, looking back at Roland and saying with some surprise, "Why are you looking at me weirdly?"

"Oh, it just struck me that you seem to be a very virtuous woman."


Night Tide Sands gave Roland a blank stare and then turned around to continue housework, but her lips were slightly pursed and her pupils brightened.

After Roland ate a delicious breakfast, he went to the shed.

Qi Shaoqiu was happily smoking a Jia Tianxia cigarette in his mouth, while Roland sat on the side, looking up and lost in thought.

At this time, Li Lin and the others hadn't come yet, so the place looked very empty.

"Young man, I see that you seem to have something on your mind." Qi Shaoqiu sat down next to Roland.

Roland thought about it, then said, "I suddenly realized Night Tide Sands is perfect for a wife, and I was wondering if you would beat me up if I pursued her."

Qi Shaoqiu looked at him quietly, expressionless.

Roland felt a little guilty. Telling someone about hitting on their sister, this was something that would normally make people mad.

After staring at Roland for a while with ugly dead fish eyes, Qi Shaoqiu stood up and said disdainfully, "You're the most clueless idiot I've ever seen."

Sure enough, Roland sighed as he was scolded.

When he returned home in the evening, after having dinner, Roland practiced the Daoist Nourishment of Life and meditated until about nine-thirty, then took a shower and lay down in the virtual cabin.

Roland continued his original game life, staying in the lab to optimize the Spell Puppet's abilities, and when he got tired, he went to teach the apprentices the basics of spell casting theory.

The days passed with little or no commotion.

Another fourteen days or so went by like this.

Then, a special guest came to the Magic Tower.

The famous "postman" from the forum came to the Magic Tower and brought a letter to Roland.

The postman had a travel-worn appearance. He was a little excited to see Roland, and he shook Roland's hand with both hands and said quite happily, "Almighty Roland, I have always admired you, and now I am finally meeting you in person."

"I admire you even more. Focusing on only one thing, that's something that the average person can't do." Roland laughed. "I can't believe there's a letter for me, is it from Kaka Bard?"

Speaking of letters, the postman's expression immediately became serious as he placed a white letter in front of Roland. "You should read this letter now."

Roland was a little surprised by the postman's change of expression, and he opened the envelope accordingly.

Inside was a piece of white paper—not parchment—filled with words.

A white paper like this was quite expensive; it cost roughly two silver coins to buy one.

The words on the paper were scribbled and even a little messy, and one could tell that the person who wrote this letter must have been in quite a mess of emotions at this point.

"My friend Roland, by the time you read this letter, I will surely be dead."

Roland's brow immediately furrowed.

"I'm sorry that I can't give you the reward anymore. The queen pointed at me the day before yesterday and said that I had taken her captive and violated her. Even though I found an alibi, everyone believed the queen's word and no one spoke up for me, be it family or in-laws, even including the headquarters' chairman who had previously looked upon me favorably. The royal family has decided to hang me in a day's time, along with the punishment of burning at the stake.

"I'm under house arrest in the manor, just waiting for my execution tomorrow, and it just so happened that a postman delivered a letter to the manor, so I asked him to bring you a letter. Please forgive me for unilaterally breaking our previous verbal contract. Now that I think about it, there were already signs before, but I was too naive to think to this level—politics really are dirty.

"Now I don't know what to say, I don't want to…"

There was a passage covered by heavy black stains.

"Anyway, getting to know you and becoming friends with you is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life."

The letter ended here.

Roland crumpled the letter into a ball forcefully with his right hand.

"What the hell is going on?"

"I'm not sure." The postman shook his head. "I was passing by the manor, and it just so happened that this employer stopped me. He made me wait for half an hour and gave me a letter to bring to you."

After a pause, the postman continued, "By the way, I watched this employer being hanged and then burned at the stake. He shouted before his death that someone would avenge him, and that those who targeted him would soon be punished."

Roland squeezed his hands into fists, his knuckles whitening from overexertion.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》