Mages Are Too OP
224 Assemble
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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224 Assemble

The Magic Tower had a library full of books on general magical knowledge.

There were also simple, but more important explanations and instructions about Long-Distance Teleportation.

Before Long-Distance Teleportation was activated, it would leave a hidden magic mark in place, which could only be detected by the spellcaster themselves, and even if they were separated from it by a dimension or two, it would not be affected unless it was forcibly uprooted by Dimensional Anchor, an anti-spatial spell.

The first successful Long-Distance Teleportation would perform teleportation in place, as there was only one magic mark.

And for the spellcaster to teleport somewhere else, either someone had to be willing to share their magic mark, or the spellcaster themselves would have to personally make a trip to their destination and use Teleportation once there, leaving their own private mark behind.

So, if it was a successful Teleportation, Roland should have just left a mark in place.

But just now, when the spell hadn't succeeded, Roland found a magic mark forcibly shoved into his consciousness.

If the spell continued to operate, he would be teleported to an unknown place.

He then immediately aborted the magic's operation.

Thanks to the unique specialty of Magic Power Control, Roland's control over the running flow of magic was probably second to none, excluding the gods.

After forcibly interrupting the spell, he didn't suffer any negative effects, but the unidentified magic mark in his consciousness that emitted peculiar fluctuations from time to time made him feel quite uncomfortable.

He immediately mobilized his mental power and tore this mark into pieces.

"No wonder this circulation route consumed almost all of my mana." Roland laughed grimly, softly. "So it's two spells and a trap."

This spell model was actually two spells combined into one.

The first half of the route was meant to create an unidentified mark and then force it into the spellcaster's consciousness, while the second half was the teleportation.

Is this attempting to capture Mages who are masters of spatial magic?

It wasn't surprising that Roland immediately had such a suspicion because the spell model didn't have any special notes and the mark was forced into his head—it was full of malice.

It would be a wonder if it wasn't a trap.

"Who made it?"

It definitely wasn't Kaka.

Although the spell model was brought to Roland by Kaka, Kaka's magic abilities were actually very ordinary. He couldn't learn any kind of teleportation, let alone create a new type of spell that could insert a mark into a person's head.

Most importantly, these two kinds of spells merged into one was an extremely genius piece of work.

Kaka, who wasn't even qualified to learn Teleportation, couldn't have created this compound spell.

Roland recalled that he remembered Kaka had said that the spell model was borrowed from the headquarters.

Now that's interesting.

In the next two days, Roland began to eliminate the excess nodes in the spell model, and after two days of no sleep and non-stop testing, Roland finally recreated this compound spell and reverted it into two different spells.

Long-Distance Teleportation, after eliminating the extra nodes, was only eight hundred and seventy-five nodes in total.

And the number of nodes to go through was only one hundred and seventeen.

The degree of difficulty has decreased substantially.

And Roland saved the model of the other "trap" spell.

He felt that he would use it in the future, and when he was stronger, such as after he was a Legend or a Demigod, he would teleport over to see where the destination of this spell was.

He was really curious.

In addition, this compound spell gave Roland a new idea as well.

How to combine two spells into one.

Although he still hadn't figured it out, it had at least opened a path for him. Once he grasped the principles, then he might be able to use some special signature spells in the future.

For example, fusing an Inferior Fireball and Ice Blade together.


Hmm, it's very cool to think about.

After a successful use of in-situ teleportation in the suburbs, Roland got his first private spatial mark. He then uploaded the simplified Long-Distance Teleportation spell model to the forum and left a message.

Long-Distance Teleportation Spell Model, Casting Materials Required.

That's right, Long-Distance Teleportation required casting materials: a colorless cat's eye gem that weighed at least ten grams. Since Roland had the specialty of Magic Material Exemption, he didn't need them when casting spells.

Then the netizens replied at the end of the post.

"Oh damn, can I go anywhere without needing transportation after I learn this spell? I feel like I'm at a great loss having contracted a traveling horse as a magic pet."

"Also contracted a traveling horse as a magic pet just to make traveling easier, and I felt my heart bleeding when this spell was revealed."

"Hehe, I took a look, there are over a hundred nodes in the circulation route, do you people even have enough intelligence? Without even learning Language Proficiency, don't even think about learning Long-Distance Teleportation for a year or two.''

"Wait, does anyone know how much a colorless cat's eye gem, ten grams in weight, roughly costs?"

"Upstairs, at least forty silver coins and up. I'm a traveling merchant, specializing in gems—they're small in size, high profit, and the Backpack can carry a whole bunch of them… Did you not learn the specialty Magic Material Exemption?''

"I thought it was a poor man's talent, so I didn't learn it."

"Ha, it is indeed a poor man's talent. Rich people don't care about this amount of money."

"For Summon Fire Meteor, top-level magic, the casting material is rumored to be a twenty-gram ruby, which should cost one gold coin. Also, the more top-tier the magic, the more likely it is that casting materials will be needed. For example, Resurrection will require five grams of Fire Phoenix's blood, which is priceless, because it can't be bought.''

"Damn, it's not just about the money… Looks like I'll have to delete the account and restart."

"Same! This is the third time I've deleted my account."

"Upstairs, you're so pitiful."

Roland looked at the forum for a while and didn't find any valuable new information, so he closed the forum and then found the postman who was messing around with the prostitutes in the hotel.

Upon seeing Roland, the postman awkwardly wiped off the red lipstick on his face and asked, "Is it time to go?"

Roland nodded.

They went to the horse market where they rented a carriage and departed.

On the swaying carriage, Roland left a message in the guild system:

"I need help, meet me at the Wild Horse Inn in the capital in seven days."

Shortly after, the rest of the guild members, including Betta, all just uniformly left the words "copy that" in the guild chat room. No reasons asked, and not a word of nonsense.

Seven days later, the carriage stopped at the city gates of the capital.

The person in charge of the defense of the city gates was still Antis, and when he saw Roland jump down from the carriage, he was stunned for a moment. A trace of guilt flashed in his eyes, but it flickered away, then he took the initiative to welcome him.

"You've come again." Antis took off his helmet, revealing his pretty, delicate face. "May I ask what you're here for?"

"Kaka," Roland replied calmly.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》