Mages Are Too OP
242 Shattered
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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242 Shattered

Dalton's face was as red as a monkey's butt after he was pressed to the ground by Decree: No Flying.

It was not exactly because he was embarrassed, but because he had exerted too much of his strength just now.

He looked at the Saint Samurai far away, who didn't do anything else after pressing him to the ground.

At the same time, another five men appeared around him. All of them looked quite strong.

Most importantly, he even saw Queen Andonara.

Before, it was he who ordered Andonara's kidnapping.

All of the strangers kept a distance from him.

Dalton felt that he knew their intention. "Do you want to duel me?"

"Duel?" Roland chuckled and said, "That's one way to look at it."

"Will you let me go if I win?"

"How is that possible?" Roland smiled indifferently. "If I can't defeat you, my friends will attack you together. The result will be the same for you."

"But you will die too. If I can't live, I can kill some of you with self-detonation." Dalton persuaded them calmly. "You're all very young. Why do you want to waste your lives on a dying old man?"

He then glanced at Andonara. "However much the Bards or the queen has paid you, I'm willing to pay double."

Hehehe! You're threatening a player?

Roland's laughter was lower and not unpleasant, but it was rather nasty to Dalton.

Gloomily, Dalton was of a mind to burn the arrogant boy into ashes, but the shielded puppet before the guy meant that his low-level effects would be nullified.

Dalton looked around and summoned a magic puppet with a shield too.

Although the two puppets were almost identical, the one before Roland was obviously deeper in color and seemed more condensed.

Dalton had offered his terms, but nobody bothered to talk to him.

Betta even took out a skewer of roasted locusts from the system backpack and observed the show while enjoying the food.

The long silence made Dalton feel awkward.

Dalton took a deep breath. "I don't understand what Kaka Bard gave you to make you so stubborn. I can definitely offer whatever he gave you."

Roland kept smiling. "You can't understand it."

"How can I understand it if you don't tell me anything?" Dalton was even more annoyed.

The guy was very calm and showed nothing but a smiling expression.

The guy's casualness suggested that he was determined to kill him.

Holding his staff tightly, Dalton considered how to combine his spells in order to defeat the enemy and escape from the siege.

Everything would be fine as long as he could escape.

At this point, Roland raised his hands and opened them.

A blue fireball appeared in his hands and grew larger quickly.

A good chance!

Seeing that Roland was chanting, Dalton launched yet another attack.

He pointed both his staff and his left hand.

From his two hands, two torrents of magic bullets went in two directions, before they took a turn and attacked Roland from two sides simultaneously.

Dual Casting… This was a rare magic specialty.

As the chairman of the Association of Mages, Dalton definitely had capabilities of his own.

The magic bullets were quite fast. The queen subconsciously covered her mouth, fearing that Roland might be hurt.

Though the Golden Sons would never die, she would still feel pained if Roland was hurt.

Dalton seemed rather cocky. He had envisioned Roland's death, because it was barely possible to cast another spell while chanting. Besides, when so much magic power was dispersed after being concentrated, it would likely cause a severe mental recoil to the spellcaster.

However, when the two torrents of magic bullets were about to hit Roland, two puppets appeared at Roland's sides and blocked all the magic bullets with their shields.

Two shielded puppets?

Dalton was greatly shocked.

At this point, Roland's blue fireball had expanded to one meter in diameter.

Damn it!

Even though he was a dozen meters away, Dalton could sense the horrifying magic inside the fireball. He even detected heat spreading from that direction.


Dalton immediately jumped. He subconsciously tried to fly away, only to fall again.

He glared at Schuck in this distance. Decree: No Flying was still working.

He cast a fiery barrier to protect himself, before he squatted and laid his hands on the mud.

"Mud Transformation!"

A long and narrow swamp appeared before Dalton.

Caught in the mud, Roland began to sink.

Roland looked around and snapped his finger with his left hand, which was empty. He suddenly flashed to the meadow fifteen meters to his left.

But his fireball was not disrupted at all. The magic power was still accumulating.

"That's impossible!" Dalton shouted in fear. "How can you possibly chant the fireball while teleporting? That's a trick that even the elves are incapable of."

Though Dalton had a Dual Casting specialty, he could only cast the same spell with both hands, and its power would be reduced by twenty percent.

If the power of his regular magic bullets was "1," its power would be "0.8*2" under Dual Casting.

The increase of power was not too great. The real purpose of Dual Casting was to attack continuously and from different angles.

Dual Casting was itself an advanced specialty, but Roland's Teleportation while he was preparing a fireball was completely against the common sense of spellcasters.

It was almost impossible. No wonder Dalton lost his cool.

Dalton had investigated with his mental power and found that Roland was level five at best. Logically, this man should be far weaker than him. But although the additional magic puppet blocking the bullets just now could be explained with Delayed Casting, it was impossible to explain the Teleportation spell.

Something was greatly wrong with this guy. The more Dalton thought about it, the more terrified he was.

He turned around and tried to flee, but the eight people around him blocked all directions.

He immediately made a decision.

He would try to break free from the queen's direction.

After all, she was the only woman here.

Besides, the queen had lived in the royal palace for a long time. Even though she had been a Warrior before that, how strong could she possibly be at this point?

He rushed at the queen and chanted spells in a low voice while he was running.

After a dozen steps, a whirlwind more than two meters tall came into being before him.

Consuming the branches of the trees nearby, the whirlwind swept at the queen.

The whirlwind moved at more than 25 meters per second, and it soon reached the queen.

The queen, however, combed her hair that was messed up by the wind with her left hand and drew her sword with her right hand.

A silver light struck, up to down.

The vertical aura of the sword flew even faster and cut the moving whirlwind in half.

The whirlwind immediately vanished.

The sword aura, on the other hand, pressed on and nearly hit Dalton.

Dalton, frightened, hurried to stop, and the sword aura disappeared when it was fifteen centimeters from his nose's tip.

Andonara winked at Dalton in a flirtatious way and put her sword back into the sheath.

"You can't be the queen. The queen can't be so strong," Dalton roared. "Who are you?"

Andonara rolled her eyes, not interested in talking to him at all.

At this point, Dalton turned around, only to discover in shock that Roland's fireball was three meters in diameter.

Dalton was trembling. He could sense the horrifying magic power within the fireball.

He turned around and fled again, this time toward Betta.

Betta was still chewing on the roasted locusts at this point. He did not seem to be a competent warrior.

But at this point, Roland finally took action.

The big blue fireball was thrown.

The enormous fireball chased after Dalton in a curve as if it were a guided missile.

A powerful Mage could rectify the trajectory of the spells they had already cast with mental power.

Dalton was a traditional Mage who was not athletically impressive. Now that his flight spells were neutralized, his speed was not worth mentioning.

He had only run five meters when the big fireball was two meters behind him.

Dalton already sensed that his back was being scorched by magic.

The terrifying magic crashed into his back like a mountain.

The fear of death twisted Dalton's face.

"Fiery Barrier! Magic Barrier! Frost Barrier! Arcane Shield! Fortification! Continuous Healing!"

Dalton unleashed all his potentials and cast all the defensive spells he was capable of on himself, seeking a chance at survival.

But his efforts were in vain.

The blue fireball hit Dalton's back at a high speed.

The blue magic shield was immediately broken, and the ice shield and the fiery barrier were more vulnerable than glass to the fireball.

The blue fireball then exploded.

After a deafening sound, as if a cannon had been fired right next to their ears, everybody could see nothing but a white flash.

In the end, the hot waves spread out to all directions like a tsunami.

Everybody, including Roland himself, was flung away by the blast, except Andonara who managed to keep herself steady.

A round pit thirty meters in diameter, from which magma was still flowing out, emerged on the ground.

Roland and the rest of them stood up from the ground, their faces all covered in ash.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》