Mages Are Too OP
255 Dragon Versus Dragon
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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255 Dragon Versus Dragon

How does it feel when a furious dragon glares at you?

Were it a question on Zhihu[1], there would be many vividly made-up answers as if dragons did exist in this world.

But at this point, Roland only wanted to say that he did not really feel anything when the dragon gazed at him, because he had no time to consider that.

Summoning three shield-wielding magic puppets, he backed off quickly, not to hide from the dragon but to avoid the remote attacks from other elves.

At least six elves had aimed at him.

While retreating, Roland said, "Let's disperse, or we will be immediately turned to slush if the emerald dragon spits at us again."

As instructed, Suel ran ten meters away and shouted, "The dragon is on us! When is Schuck coming? I think only a dragon can defeat a dragon!"

"I've informed him in the guild channel!" Roland shouted. "He's probably going to be here soon."

As they talked, another few arrows were shot at them.

Suel blocked two of the arrows, and the rest were taken by the three magic puppets.

But of course, the three magic puppets slightly dimmed after that.

Roland continued backing off. He tried to gather more massive fireballs, but whenever he summoned a fireball, multiple zigzagging arrows would be coming at him from his sides.

Thankfully, Roland's three magic puppets had him fully covered.

However, after the multiple attacks, two of the puppets disappeared at the same time.

There was a limit to the total attack damage that a magic puppet could take.

For a magic puppet with a defense of "10" and an HP of "100," any attack greater than 10 would eliminate the magic puppet directly, and if the attack was lower than 10, the magic puppet would still be gone when it lost all 100 HP after multiple attacks. The HP of a magic puppet was essentially the quantity of magic power that formed the puppet.

Although the magic puppets blocked the arrows, two of them disappeared on the spot.

It must be said that the elves were much better at archery than human Hunters on average.

Without the two magic puppets, seven arrows were immediately shot at him.

Roland had to pause the accumulation of magic power and hurl out the fireball, the diameter of which was less than thirty centimeters.

This time, Roland aimed at the archers far away.

He did not throw it at the emerald dragon because even the fireball one meter in diameter failed to kill him, so this one would be useless.

Roland had thought that this fireball might hit one of the elves and heavily wound them even if it couldn't kill them.

But Roland's wish did not come true. Although the constitution of elves was relatively low, their intelligence and agility were high.

The fireball had been hit by four magic arrows at the same time when it was halfway through.

The fireball exploded and raised a mass of sparks, but it did not hurt anything except the flowers and grasses.

Suel roared and rushed forward, but he was forced to step back by nine archers.

They shot four arrows at him every second, and the only thing that Suel could do was wave his left arm to block all the arrows with his round shield.

At the same time, those elves shot at Roland now and then.

Roland summoned another two magic puppets to block the arrows for him.

At this point, the green dragon that had been staring at Roland took action. He raised his head and, half a second later, suddenly lowered it again, spurting out a much larger mass of acid at Roland.

The acid flew at a high speed. Roland was not a melee class and could not run fast. Logically, he couldn't have escaped from the acid.

However, he disappeared after a snap of his fingers and then reappeared under the tree sixty meters away.

It was Teleportation, a life-saving skill for a spellcaster.

However, the emerald dragon reacted even faster. He captured Roland the moment he reappeared and spewed saliva at him again.

After just recovering from the dizziness of teleportation, Roland saw another mass of dragon drool. Having no choice, he could only teleport again.

Seeing that his attacks failed again, the emerald dragon was apparently upset.

At this point, Betta and Rommel, who had been absent since the beginning, each appeared beside an elf.

Both of them had acquired Secondary Stealth randomly, so they had decided what to do since the beginning.

They would kill the enemy as assassins.

It must be said that their plan was successful.

With two screams, two elves collapsed on the ground, holding their backs.

Betta and Rommel, on the other hand, were riddled with holes by other archers after they exposed themselves and collapsed.

"Another two are down." Roland smiled. As long as things went like this, victory would be his soon enough.

At this point, the green dragon spurted out another mouthful of acid.

Roland disappeared and reappeared on a rock nearby.

The dragon was more than infuriated when his attack missed the target again. He roared desperately, and countless transparent chains appeared, as if they were restraining the space.

"Dimensional Anchor…"

Roland sighed helplessly. Now, he had sensed with his mental power that the space around him had changed from a lake into a stone, and it was impossible for him to teleport again.

After the Dimensional Anchor took effect, the emerald dragon craned his head.

"It seems that I have to die once now." Roland sighed, regretful about the EXP that he was going to lose.

It was the most dangerous moment for Suel too, because too many arrows were being shot at him.

Even the hardest shield could not fully cover him.

When the emerald dragon was about to spew acid again, a red dragon broke through the curtain of light and joined the battle.

The red dragon then crashed into the burnt emerald dragon, and both of them fell to the ground.

While rolling on the ground, they bit and mauled each other.

With a pair of golden wings on his back, Schuck slowly descended from the sky.

"Sorry I'm late."

While Schuck was talking, the green dragon suddenly grabbed the red dragon's neck and threw her off.

The emerald dragon was much heavier though it was a flying creature. So, it successfully threw Margret toward Schuck.

After a heavy collision, the red dragon rolled, leaving a pit on the ground.

After throwing the red dragon, the green dragon sat up and was about to take off, when the red dragon quickly regained balance and lunged at him, tackling the green dragon to the ground again.

"We might turn this around…" Roland's eyes glittered. "Schuck, you're not helping her?"

[1] a Chinese version of Quora

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    《Mages Are Too OP》