Mages Are Too OP
264 I Have Cheats
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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264 I Have Cheats

Heart of Light (divine artifact)

Light Empowerment: Increases the base strength of all light theurgy by 5%.

Simplify: All light theurgy consumption is reduced by 40%.

Amplify: Doubles the number of times light theurgy can be cast.

Providence: Every 24 hours, you automatically gain 50 EXP.

Grace: +1 to all the wearer's character's base stats.

Soulbound: Yu Kunpeng.

Five magic attributes, all of which made one envious. Ordinary magic equipment only had one attribute, and the ones with two were superb.

Not to mention the exaggerated values of each attribute.

But it was the last one that Roland was really surprised by.

There was nothing wrong with soulbound equipment, it was the name that was the problem.

Schuck's real name in reality was Yu Kunpeng.

This was the real reason why Schuck didn't want to show Suel the equipment's attributes. Nowadays, everyone knew that it was best not to reveal their own information on the internet—people's hearts were sordid and who knew what people would seek from the internet after finding out your name.

Although there were probably dozens or hundreds of people in the country with the name Yu Kunpeng, it was still easy to find the right one.

Plus, this thing, presumably the first divine artifact, was genuinely good enough to make some envious people harbor malicious thoughts.

Anyone the least bit smart would not have shown the attributes of the equipment to anyone else in this situation.

Roland couldn't help but leave a message in the guild chat room: "Why did you tell the Goddess of Light your real name?"

Schuck: "I didn't, I never did."

Roland: "How does she know?"

Schuck: "I don't know, I'll ask her about it when I get in touch with her next time."

Are gods omnipotent?

This thought came to Roland's mind, but he thought it a little ridiculous and unlikely.

If they were truly omnipotent, they wouldn't need believers.

It was probably a unique theurgy that could detect one's real name.

After coming to this conclusion, Roland looked to the side of Betta and asked, "What do you plan on doing next?"

"I'd like to stay here a little longer, a month or two."

Roland was somewhat surprised. "Why? Aren't you afraid that the elven patrols will chase you down ceaselessly?"

"I'm not afraid, I know Secondary Stealth." Betta smiled. "There are many spices and wild herbs here, I'll see if I can find a way to cultivate them. In the future, I'll buy an estate in the big city and grow more spices and wild herbs and see if I can transplant them. Eating greasy meat every day has almost got my throat filled with thick phlegm."

Well… this kid has a strange obsession with food.

But it's good to have pursuits.

Roland didn't speak any more than needed. Waving his hand and snapping his fingers, he directly activated Teleportation to teleport away.

Betta said enviously as he watched Roland be surrounded by pale blue magical light and then whoosh out of sight, "One has a flying vehicle and one can teleport. I'm the only pitiful one, taking the 11th route bus[1], ugh…"

He sighed in self-pity, then suddenly saw a figure walking over, swaying.

Betta instinctively used Secondary Stealth and crouched down in the grass to hide.

He had the Darkvision of dragons and when the figure came closer, Betta saw that it was a man… a skinny elf, swaying toward the woods.

This elf was very feeble, and Betta reckoned that he didn't even have a profession.

Although this elf was dressed in a gaudy suit, it was all dirty and he looked awful as if he was very weak.

Then Betta noticed that elf's gaudy suit was in the extravagant style of a human tailor.

It was completely different from the extremely flashy and exquisite style of the elves, and then he noticed that this elf had pointy ears that were a little shorter than the average elf.

A half-elf!

As soon as this thought occurred to Betta, the elf suddenly stopped, stood in place, and began to list from side to side, rocking for a while before falling to the grass.

Betta walked over and found that the elf had fainted.

He didn't know healing spells, so he could only take out a canteen from his Backpack, fill the elf's mouth with some water, and stuff in a piece of jerky.

The elf instinctively drank the water and ate the jerky, and about half an hour later, he woke up.

The elf's golden eyes were numb and nerveless, barely registering any emotion even at the sight of a stranger standing in front of him.

He looked at Betta steadily for a moment, then asked in a weak tone, "Why would you save a loser like me?"

Betta asked with some surprise, "Young man, the world is such a beautiful place, but if you're going to seek death, it's too much of a waste of life. Besides, you're so handsome. Even if you don't do anything and freeload, you'll be able to live well."

The elf scoffed as his gaze swept over Betta's face for a moment. "I'm almost thirty years old, human boy."

In terms of a half-elf's lifespan, thirty years old was only just entering adolescence.

"Oh, but why do I think you're so immature? More immature than I am," Betta said with a nod and a smile.

The elf closed his eyes and ignored him.

Betta walked around the elf twice from left to right, then asked, "Well, how about becoming my knight, elf boy?"

"I can't even take the post of the most basic militia profession, let alone be a knight." The elf's expression was rather sorrowful.

"It doesn't matter." Betta waved his hand. "I've got a cheat here, the Knights of the Round Table system, so even if you're the most useless kobold, it can still allow you to have the profession best suited to you."

The half-elf opened his eyes abruptly. "Are you lying to me?"

Betta laughed quite happily. "No! You're not a beautiful woman, there's no use lying to you. What's your name, youngster?"


On his part, Roland teleported back outside of Delpon, and as soon as his legs jumped onto the ground, he crouched down and retched hard.

Although Roland had teleported many times, he still hadn't gotten used to it.

After retching for nearly ten minutes, Roland finally felt much better.

He walked slowly toward the city on his weakened legs.

However, this time, the vomiting sensation was not as heavy as the last two times, presumably because of the increase to level six; after all, his physical qualities had improved.

He walked back to his manor and ended up seeing a figure screaming and falling in front of him before he even entered the door.

Then Andonara's dominating voice came out of the manor: "How many times have I told you that I have no interest in you lewd-faced idiots? The next time anyone sends me flowers and says something disgusting out loud, I'll just bust their balls."

Roland followed the sound and found Andonara, resplendent in her tight leather armor, standing in the middle of the garden with her hands on her hips.

And then Andonara saw him.


Andonara squealed with glee, appeared in front of Roland with a Z-Charge, then hugged Roland's right arm and looked at him with burning eyes.

"I've missed you so much."

[1] 11th route refers to one's feet

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    《Mages Are Too OP》