Mages Are Too OP
269 It Never Hurts to be More Pruden
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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269 It Never Hurts to be More Pruden

Roland found it absurd. "This is the capital, and you are a princess. Yet you think your safety is not guaranteed here?"

While walking, Evelyn put on a bitter smile. "The royal family is not as powerful as you think. My father is not a pope that controls everything. Essentially, we're just a bigger noble family. Many other grand nobles are as powerful as us, and too many forces in the capital are malicious."

Evelyn was speaking the truth. It was true that the royal family did not have absolute power.

For example, the Association of Mages even dared to kidnap the queen.

So, it was not too unbelievable that someone poisoned a princess or set up an ambush against another one.

"Fine." Roland turned on the quest menu after receiving the notification of a new quest.

He checked the quest, only to discover that it was a green one.

Quest received: Escort Princess Evelyn Hollevin to the royal palace.

There was indeed danger. Roland did not find more information from the introduction of the quest, which was basically the same as the title, but he somehow felt odd.

He turned off the quest menu and looked around. Everybody was fully in black, and Roland's bright green magic robe was quite unique.

"Do you have more black robes that I can use?" Roland asked Evelyn. "Or it will be hard for me to hide among you."

"Excellency Morahu, are there more?" asked Evelyn in a low voice.

A man in a black robe turned around. "I'm sorry, princess, but we didn't bring additional clothes."

The princess spoke to the man with an honorific?

Was the man not her subordinate but an outside helper?

Then, Roland realized that, as a princess soon to be married off, Evelyn was expected to spend her last days in Isnas in peace and did not really need a private troop.

Then, Roland retrieved a black magic robe from the system backpack.

It was a simple robe, not a piece of magic equipment. Vivian had prepared it for him, as well as magic robes in other colors in his system Backpack, except that some of the colors were too slutty, like white or pink.

While following them, Roland put another black magic robe on himself.

Though it was a different style from the others' clothes, their colors were at least the same. Since it was night, they looked similar at a distance.

None of the other guys stopped Roland from putting on the black robe. Actually, they probably hoped that he could do that.

After a while, the leader suddenly took a right turn.

Evelyn briefly stopped. It was not long, but Roland was right next to her, and he had much better senses than regular people as a Mage. So, he keenly perceived her pause.

Looking at the royal palace far away, then the road ahead of them, Roland asked casually, "This is not the way to the royal palace, is it?"

"We're taking a turn. The enemy might ambush us in front of the royal palace."

That was a justifiable reason.

Evelyn seemed to be relaxed.

But Roland was not. There was nothing suspicious, but he simply thought that it would take much longer for them to reach the destination if they took a turn, and these guys seemed to be pressing forward without thinking.

They seemed reckless, even if they were in a rush. What if there was an ambush in this direction too?

Roland tossed two magic spiders down.

Magic waves would be caused whenever magic was used.

Although the waves when the magic powers were created were insignificant, they were still perceived since everybody was right next to each other.

The moment the magic spiders landed, Morahu, the leader of the team, turned around. His face was hidden behind a black mask, and his brown eyes glimmered in the darkness.

"What's the meaning of this, Mr. Mage?"

Everybody stopped and looked at Roland.

"I'm just checking if there are enemies up ahead," Roland replied casually. "We're going too fast. It's better to be careful."

"Don't do anything redundant. Just stay back." Morahu sounded angry. "What if your magic waves alarm the enemy?"

Roland frowned. "The magic waves when spiders are created can only be perceived within a two-meter radius. If the enemy is alarmed, the enemy will be right under our nose… Hehe… is it you?"

It was only Roland's sarcasm because he was angry about their attitude.

But the moment he said that, everybody's vibe completely changed.

Roland was now at level six, and since he added his stat points to intelligence and spirit as a traditional Mage, his senses were quite keen, and he immediately noticed something wrong.

There was a shocking determination of killing in Morahu's eyes as he stared at him.


Roland cursed in his head.

Their target was not Veronica but Evelyn!

Poisoning Veronica was just a way to lure Evelyn out of Isnas.

No wonder Evelyn, a princess to be married, had access to the antidote. All the puzzles that Roland had were answered.

But he still wondered why they were trying to kill a princess who was about to be married.

He summoned and transformed puppets.

Roland unleashed his mental power with his best, trying to summon the shield-wielding puppets as fast as he could.

On the other hand, those guys had extended their right hands to the bottoms of their robes. Then, Roland saw the dazzling gleam of weapons.

He had to be faster… as he had seen the tips of their daggers.

Roland simply watched the daggers stabbing at his head. At this point, the speed of his mind was higher than the instinctive reaction of his body.

After reaching level six, he had finally made a breakthrough in mental power.

Although he was not as good as a Warrior, or even the agility classes, in terms of physical qualities, his mind was much faster than theirs.

Everything around him moved in slow motion.

As if he were watching a movie, he saw that the enemies straightened their arms, and that the bright moonlight was reflected on the tips of the daggers. The reflection was slowly moving back as the daggers were pushed forward.

When the daggers were thirty centimeters from Roland's head, a blue shadow grew out of the ground and appeared before Roland.

Cling… Roland's instant spellcasting turned out to be faster.

A shield-wielding puppet protected Roland.

Though Morahu's attack was blocked, the other men in black initiated their attacks too.

Another two magic puppets were summoned. In a triangle formation, they protected Roland and Evelyn at the center.

The enemy's attacks were temporarily blocked, but clinks were echoing continuously and the three blue puppets were dimming fast.

"Forgive me!"

While Evelyn was still stunned, Roland suddenly took her in his arms.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》