Mages Are Too OP
275 Combination of Spells
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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275 Combination of Spells

Hawk walked out of the Magic Tower, somewhat at a loss.

Link, who had been waiting for him, took out a flask of water from the system Backpack and gave it to him.

After sprinkling water over his head for a couple of minutes, Hawk wiped his face. Finally feeling refreshed, he said, "Link, I'm feeling that I'm less and less suitable as Deputy Chairman."

"Why? Is it getting too hard for you?"

Hawk nodded. "I'm an architect. It's very easy for me to plan or supervise a project on a construction site, but now that I'm running a guild and have to take charge of public relations, it has occurred to me that I'm not gifted at management at all."

Link sighed. "You've never been gifted at management. You managed the guilds well before only because you were diligent and friendly. Also, in other games, the interests involved are few, and the conflicts between guilds are mostly emotional and easy to deal with. But things are different in this game. The interests in the game are too huge, and everything will be different when too much is at risk."

Hawk walked along the street slowly, followed by Link.

After a while, Hawk said, "Why don't I resign and let Perfero be the deputy chairman? He's always been greedy for the position anyway."

Link smiled. "You have my full support if you're willing to give up, but can you really bear to do that after having paid so much?"


Hawk was really reluctant to let go of everything.

He was quite pissed. Besides, Perfero had always been at odds with him, and he did not intend to simply give his place away.

They left downtown hurriedly and returned to the docks.

After kicking Hawk away, Roland put that issue aside and refocused on magic.

For Mages, the number of spells they were capable of was their foundation, which Roland did not know until the raid in the Elf Forest.

After he learned all thirty spells, Roland realized that they included all the abilities he wanted.

So, was it entirely a waste of time to have parsed and modified spells until now?

Not exactly. At least, Roland's understanding and creativity in magic had been increased through the exercises.

It was one of the reasons why he could learn thirty level-one and level-two spells within a month.

After he grasped all the spells he acquired from the Association of Mages, he uploaded them to the Mage section of the forum with the functional routes of the spells.

Again, he was praised by the other players and received tips of around twenty thousand yuan total.

Because the appearance of the Warriors had been nerfed, many players had chosen to be Warlocks and Bards instead of Warriors. The population of Mages had increased too, but they still couldn't compare to Warlocks and Bards, two classes that focused on Charm.

Though the tip was insignificant compared to what Roland already had, he certainly wouldn't refuse it. It was money anyway.

Then, he distributed the models of a few level-one spell models in his Magic Tower.

He didn't distribute more spell models for the sake of the magic apprentices.

After all, spell models were very valuable. If anyone learned that there were so many spell models in such a defenseless Magic Tower in this remote area, they might consider robbing it.

Although Roland could protect the Magic Tower, he did not intend to spend the rest of his life in the Tower in case anyone came looking for trouble.

That kind of life was too boring.

After learning the spells, Roland was briefly vacant and did not know what to do next.

Then, he recalled his objectives and plans and finally remembered that he missed something very important: fast travel.

Through teleportation, he could only go to places that he had been to with spiritual coordinates.

Among the level-one and level-two spells, there was only one that could increase one's speed by thirty percent. The effect was not obvious.

It might be useful in a battle, but for long-distance traveling, it was not even as good as a horse.

Among the level-three spells, some could make people fly.

However, he couldn't learn the level-three spells yet; their basic requirement was level seven, and if he specialized in Transmutation, he could learn it at level six.

Alas, Roland specialized in space.

Then… how could he find a way to fast travel?

Roland thought hard for several hours, to no avail. He massaged his bulging temples and looked out of the window to relax.

At this moment, he saw a few kids kicking a ball at the edge of the Magic Tower's square.

It was a kids' game that was similar to soccer.

One of the kids kicked a brown ball, which was ugly and full of patches, to the kid opposite him.

The ball flew quite fast. The second kid was about to be hit by the ball, when he suddenly flipped and kicked the ball to the next kid, making the ball go even faster.

The third kid kicked the ball like a whirlwind, altering its direction without affecting its speed.

Roland was dazed as he observed their game.

Inspired, he returned to his desk and found a piece of paper, on which he wrote "consecutive ejection of spatial bubbles."

He then left the Magic Tower for the meadow outside of the city, where nobody was around.

Instead of casting spells right away, he tried experiments first.

He absorbed a rock weighing more than fifty kilograms into a spatial bubble, before he spurted it out again.

The rock roared and spiraled upward for thirty meters before it was finally about to drop.

At this point, another spatial bubble absorbed the rock and spurted it out half a second later, giving another boost to the rock.

But no spatial bubbles could absorb the rock anymore, because it was already out of Roland's range of spellcasting.

Well… The speed was good enough. However, the problem was that the rock would spin when it flew out of the spatial bubble. If the rock were a human being, their sense of direction and altitude would definitely be affected…

Writing the discoveries on the notebook in his system, Roland was deep in thought, wondering how to stop the item from spinning when it was ejected from the spatial bubble.

He tried multiple methods, such as changing the magic power he invested in the spatial bubble, or the way he gathered his magic power, but nothing worked.

Then, he shifted attention to the item being ejected. He changed the size of the item and found that the heavier an item was, the slower it would be and the less likely it would spin when it was ejected.

Should he increase the mass of the item?

It did not seem reliable, as it would significantly affect the speed of the item being ejected.

What should he do?

Looking at rocks of different sizes, Roland suddenly had a eureka moment. He could try casting a buff spell on those items.

Though it did seem feasible, common sense in this magic world was different from that in reality.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》