Mages Are Too OP
282 An Explanation
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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282 An Explanation

The weird power behind him raised goosebumps all over Roland's body. He suddenly turned around, only to see a thin, fair hand reaching for his throat.

The fingers on this hand were pointy, with blood-like nail polish.

Roland suddenly leaned back and unleashed all his mental power to create a Magic Shield.

Magic Shields were generally transparent, but this one was milky, no longer as thick as an eggshell but at least three centimeters thick.

By logic, such a Magic Shield could've resisted all attacks below the level of Legendary.

However, this tiny hand only squeezed it softly, and the Magic Shield was already creaking as if it were falling apart.

The cracks were spreading out from where the Magic Shield was being squeezed.

Roland had foreseen the possibility a month earlier. Though uncomfortable, he was not really nervous.

The Magic Shield gradually turned transparent, and Roland stared at the owner of the tiny hand… Mirna.

At this point, Mirna did not look as obedient as before. Her smiling lips looked like a crescent moon and seemed quite creepy.

Also, her eyes turned from bright brown to deep green. They seemed to be glimmering too.

More importantly… Mirna had a white arm though her skin was dark.

Mirna smiled even more creepily and delightedly when Roland stared at her.

Although cracks were spreading on the Magic Shield, it was still functional at this point.

Staring at her, Roland asked casually, "Who are you?"

In silence, Mirna squeezed the Magic Shield for another while. Though more cracks were appearing, the Magic Shield was still intact.

At this point, a wound appeared on the hand Mirna had on the shield, and blood squirted into the air.

Then, the mist of blood dispersed.

Another two seconds later, another mist of blood spurted out.

Roland slightly raised his eyebrow.

There were no more cracks on the Magic Shield.

Three seconds later, multiple streams of blood squirted simultaneously, and Mirna moved her hand back.

She stared at Roland for a while and suddenly said, "This body is too meager. You're lucky today. But don't be relieved yet. I'll come back again."

Her voice was weird because it seemed to be echoing. It was rather intimidating, but pleasant too.

After that, Mirna put on a thoughtful smile, before she closed her eyes and lay on the ground.

Roland went over and checked Mirna's status. He was relieved to find that she'd only passed out due to exhaustion.

After that, Roland left the cave through Teleportation.

About four hours later, Mirna woke up in a shock. She looked around and then between her legs. Feeling her own body again, she sighed in disappointment.

That man was really a coward to have done nothing to her.

She picked up the meatloaf on the ground, only to find that her right hand had turned white. She was quite confused.

Roland, on the other hand, had teleported back to Delpon. He returned to his manor after several minutes of gagging.

Seated in a chair, he enjoyed Andonara's massage while he considered what had happened just now.

Mirna was obviously possessed by a powerful soul lurking in her body.

There was no telling if it was a ghost or a devil.

That thing did not reveal any ability, but only used some physical strength. After all, Mirna's body was not the best container.

Actually, Roland had his guesses. He felt that it should be a certain someone.

Andonara was quite a good masseuse. Roland enjoyed her service for a while and then left for the Magic Tower.

He gathered his notes on enchantment in his study and was about to upload them to the forum, when he noticed something wrong after he logged in.

There were a lot of short messages and system notifications.

He checked the notifications, only to discover that they were basically the same.

"Big Pineapple has reported you for maliciously using bugs."

"Boiled Chicken has reported you for maliciously using bugs."

"…has reported you…"

Stunned, Roland scratched his head, having no idea what happened.

He had spent the last two months on the prairie. He didn't do anything, nor was he livestreamed. He had always been by himself. Why was he reported?

He immediately checked the feedback section and the public discussions. Then, he finally realized what it was about.

As it turned out, it was because of his spatial bubble skill.

After all, the speed boost that Human Cannonball could provide, as a set of skills, was too unbelievable.

However, the authorities never issued any announcement on the matter, showing no interest in forbidding it.

The players had argued for more than two months but failed to convince one another. But the discussions were getting less heated.

They would probably move on to other topics in ten to fifteen days.

Roland, for one, did not consider it a big deal.

If the authorities considered it a bug to use the spatial bubbles in such a way, they could ban the spell.

However, they hadn't done anything in the past two months, which indicated that they did not consider it a bug.

Roland wrote down the key points on enchantment. Because too much information was involved, he wrote thousands of words and pointed out that it took him a month and a half to learn enchantment.

Since players did not need to sleep, it would've taken three months for a regular person to learn the skill.

It was not hard to imagine how difficult it was to pick up enchantment.

"Because enchantment is too challenging, I can only make a brief introduction here. Whoever wants to learn it, feel free to find me at the Magic Tower in Delpon."

After concluding his article, Roland uploaded the thread.

The players soon found the thread and posted a lot of replies.

"The cheater is finally here. Are you done hiding after two months?"

"My friend, he was not hiding at all, all right? He was learning enchantment."

"That must be an excuse."

"While you criticized him, he was working hard. No wonder he is so much stronger than the rest of you."

"I'm told that enchantment is an awesome life skill. I didn't know that someone already picked it up… He really deserves to be the Best Mage."

"The Best Mage? More like the Best Cheater."

"You can cheat too if you're capable. Isn't it shameless to consider everything you can't achieve as cheating?"

"You've complained and tried to force the authorities to speak up for a month, but the authorities haven't said anything. Doesn't it prove anything?"

"I'm going to lower the experts to the level of the noobs where I will beat them with my abundant experience as a noob."

"Let me repeat. If the authorities don't give an explanation in two days, I'll initiate a petition and report the game to the government bureaus. It's really unfair that they're turning a blind eye to us!"

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    《Mages Are Too OP》