Mages Are Too OP
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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291 New Version

Upon returning to Delpon, Roland was about to study Mystra's Mansion when Vincent visited him.

"Mr. Chairman, can I ask you a question?" Vincent pointed at a spot on a spell model. "According to your teachings, this magic node should have three functions, but we can only get one function out of it no matter how we try."

"Disperse your magic power when it runs to this node, and it will automatically become three functions."

Vincent's face was rather dark. "Boss, I don't know what I should say. We've already tried our best by pushing our magic power to this node, now we have to split it into three parts?"

"It's really not that hard," said Roland unconvincingly as he looked at the guy's gloomy face.

"Damn it. I will never speak to a cheater like you again."

Vincent was quite angry. He left with a bitter heart.

Roland finally had the chance to study Mystra's Mansion.

Back in the Holy Realm, he was too busy taking photos to read it.

Now, after he read the book in silence, he closed the book heavily.

It was too hard… Thousands of nodes formed an enormous network. Additionally, those nodes were all connected to each other.

It was too complicated for someone of Roland's level to pick up.

Roland estimated that he wouldn't be qualified to learn it until he was level ten.

His journey proved to be useless.

Roland returned to his manor from the Magic Tower. Seeing that he was rather unhappy, Vivian and Andonara both tried to cheer him up.

Then, Roland drank fruit wine with them all night and chit-chatted until the next morning.

Five minutes before the server paused, a system announcement popped up.

"An important update is underway. Light and Shadow, the new version, will be open to the public after the update. This update will take seven days, or 168 hours. Please forward the information to each other. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused…"

The announcement was repeated a dozen times.

Roland was stunned for quite a while, until the game time was up and the server was closed. He was ejected out of the game.

Opening the game cabin, Roland rose and sat down before the computer. He turned it on and opened the forums.

The update was announced on the forums too. But the introduction was simple and only contained four sentences.

"The sense of reality will be further increased in the game."

"The Realm of Gods and the Realm of Devils will be opened to the public."

"The Void will be opened."

"Multiple hidden classes have been added. Please explore them on your own."

The players were all replying to the thread. The number of replies was increasing at an exponential speed.

"I didn't know we had no access to the Realm of Gods or the Realm of Devils yet!"

"Those hidden classes sound like fun!"

"The shorter an announcement is, the more important it will be. Does the rule apply here?"

"Why are they not replying to the matter of Roland? Are they really going to let a cunning bug dwarf the real flying spells?"

"Well, well, well. Someone is still jealous."

Roland refreshed the thread and found nothing worth a read. He left his home for the saber arts club on bike for breakfast.

Since F6 had been practicing here, many people who passed the saber arts club would stop and watch them for a while. After a few months, the saber arts club was growing famous in this small city.

Though the tuition fees were high, a few more students had paid to learn saber arts.

After having the delicious breakfast that Night Tide Sands made, Roland sat down on the cement floor to take a rest.

Soon, the rest of F6 came, along with three new students.

However, the three new students were still practicing the basics. They hadn't learned any moves yet.

When F6 were gathered, they all seemed quite upset.

No game to play for seven days… That's going to be rough.

All of them sighed.

Qi Shaoqiu, who was teaching the three new students, drew near and asked curiously, "What happened to you?"

Seeing that the three new students were still practicing, and knowing that Qi Shaoqiu had guessed that they had game cabins, Schuck said, "The server will be shut off for seven days for an update."

"Oh." There was sympathy on Qi Shaoqiu face when he said, "I've played multiplayer games too. It's really a bummer when the sever shuts down for half a day because of bugs. Seven days is going to be a long wait."

Roland proposed, "Why don't we take a trip somewhere? Speaking of which, it's been a long time since we hung out in other places together."

"Well…" Schuck thought for a moment and said, "Okay, but I need to talk to my wife first."

"Where exactly?"

Though Schuck's wife didn't want him to leave, she was always reassured when Schuck was out with his friends, so she usually wouldn't refuse him. Therefore, they simply discussed where they should be going.

At this point, Qi Shaoqiu suddenly said, "Why don't you come to the full-armor combat match with me?"

Huh? What's that?

F6 had never paid attention to combat matches. They had never heard about it before.

Of course, it was also because full-armor combat was not really popular.

"You can look for the information on your own."

Thanks to smartphones, everybody could look for knowledge anytime and anyplace.

About half an hour later, F6 all had a basic understanding about what the match was.

Watching the videos on his phone, Li Lin frowned and commented, "They're only attacking randomly. Their gait is unsteady and unskilled. I can defeat three of them on my own."

Qi Shaoqiu shook his head and said, "Don't underestimate them. Most of them are well-trained. They may seem unimpressive, but ordinary people are no match for them at all."

Roland turned back and looked at Qi Shaoqiu. "Did you participate in the match?"

"I took part in the team match in Berlin last year, but I lost."

Roland was rather surprised. "But you're so good. How did you lose?"

"My enemies weren't weak either. Also, due to a lack of experience, I was wearing full heavy armor and carrying a war hammer instead of my miaodao. I couldn't carry out my capabilities at all, and I was hit in the head after I defeated two opponents. I almost passed out and had to quit the match."

Qi Shaoqiu blushed as he talked.

"Then I don't think we can win," said Schuck casually.

"You're different. I can see that you have great teamwork." Qi Shaoqiu's eyes glittered. "We've participated in full-armor combat a few times, but our performance is never good, partly because our bodies are weaker and partly because we don't have professionals. You must have a lot of field experience, having played in the game for such a long time. So, I think you have a great chance at winning."

Roland thought for a moment and said, "But we only have seven days."

"That's enough. There will be a team match in Jingnan the day after tomorrow. It's held in our country to expand the market here," Qi Shaoqiu said excitedly. "The team match will only last three days. We can take the express back after it's over. The trip will only take five hours. You won't be delayed from rejoining your game."

F6 were all tempted.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》