Mages Are Too OP
296 The Second Team is Very Strong
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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296 The Second Team is Very Strong

In the rules of full-armor combat, falling to the ground was considered defeat.

Roland didn't pursue any further, but just looked at his miaodao a little strangely. He really felt as if he had just cut through something.

But looking around, he didn't accidentally hurt a teammate.

The astonished expression in Qi Shaoqiu's eyes also gradually returned to normal. He whispered, "Must've seen wrong. In this era, it's impossible to see this kind of person who wields the weapon with the mind. Besides, he's only been practicing saber arts for a short amount of time."

He sat back down on the small red plastic square stool he'd temporarily acquired.

Roland looked left and right again and saw that his close friends had all but put their opponents down.

The last person to take out the enemy player was the shield Warrior Raffel.

Qi Shaoqiu looked down again and started watching the livestream.

At this time the female streamer's voice finally came out from the livestream. "This… this… this is too fast, is that South Asian country so weak? This took less than half a minute, and we won?"

As the female streamer spoke, the chat room that had been silent for nearly half a minute finally came alive as well.

"Oh sh**, what did I see? These guys are so fierce."

"Although the full-body armor will be more flexible than one would think, these people are so fast when they wear it, I don't even move as fast as they do without it."

"Three tachi struck down three people with a few hits, then two shield warriors directly used left shield strike with right sword slap, smacking the opponent's head for ten seconds in a row. Their actions were fast and steady. Even if they had helmets to protect them, they would've been disoriented."

"Hell it's not a tachi, it's a miaodao."

"Damn, the national team is so underhanded, so the second team is the trump card?"

"Sadly I'm uneducated, I'll say oh sh** to everything."

Not only the livestream but also the surrounding crowd was impassioned.

This was the fastest winning team they had ever seen, so fast it was like they had played a fake match.

Surprised, they also began to discuss it spiritedly.

The referee, a foreigner, came over looking oddly at the fallen players from the South Asian country, then at Roland and the others, and declared Roland and the others the winner, though his expression still looked confused.

But just at this moment, there was a scream from the crowd.

It turned out that the man who had been knocked down by Roland stood up, he took off his helmet, and there was blood flowing down from his right temple.

There had been an accident….

A group of people immediately rushed over, but this player waved his hand and showed his right forehead, then wiped it down, a very shallow wound showing, then slowly oozing blood.

Roland had also been shocked before, but he finally put his mind at ease when he saw the situation.

Injuries in full-armor combat were very common—scrapes, bruises, and such were perfectly normal.

The man looked seriously injured, but it was just a flesh wound, which could be treated with some iodine.

The referee picked up the man's helmet and found a pretty neat gash on the side, the kind that looked like it had been cut by a sharp object.

The referee then walked up to Roland and told him to surrender his weapon.

Roland handed over the miaodao, and the judge carefully examined it, then ran his hand over the edge of the blade and found that it was unsharpened, before returning the weapon to Roland.

The referee checked the helmet again and found that the injured player had been cut by the sharp metal stubble on the broken edge of the helmet—it seemed that the helmet's quality was too poor.

After the matter was investigated, the second team's score was naturally valid.

Next, Roland and the others would watch the other countries' matches.

Since each country could field a maximum of four teams, the first round of elimination matches were barely finished in one day.

Tomorrow, the small team battles included only twenty-one countries and thirty-seven teams.

An odd number… There would definitely be one team that would not be matched.

Roland and the others left the arena and returned to the clubhouse to take off their armor.

A player from the main team came up to them and asked, "Brother, where do you train?"

He could clearly tell that they were trained.

Previously, the first team was all doing their special training. They were proud and didn't think too highly of the new trainees in the clubhouse, and they had heard of Roland's temporary team, but since they were seriously preparing for the battles, they didn't inquire much about the new team.

They didn't expect that the second team was much stronger than them.

"We're all learning miaodao." Roland smiled, pointing at Qi Shaoqiu next to him. "If you want to train, you can ask him."

The people in the first team naturally recognized Qi Shaoqiu. Qi Shaoqiu used to be in the first team as well, but at that time Qi Shaoqiu was also a temporary member of the team and left the team after losing to go back to his hometown and open the saber arts club, so they weren't really familiar with each other.

The person who spoke was the captain of the first team. He walked up to Qi Shaoqiu and said with a strange look, "Were these people really taught by you?"

Qi Shaoqiu said indifferently, "Of course."

"Was everything you said before true?"

Qi Shaoqiu chuckled, not speaking.

"Train us, too."

"Thirty thousand per person," Qi Shaoqiu said indifferently.

The captain of the first team swept his eyes over Roland and the others. "They all paid?"

"They all paid."

"Then we'll pay too." The captain nodded. "So where's the study site?"

"How about right here. I'll take two days out of my week to come over and teach you guys. It's convenient now there are high-speed trains anyway, and it's not expensive."

This captain nodded to show that he understood. "Well, I will collect the money and give it to you tomorrow."

After he finished speaking, he left. Those who could do full-armor fighting were at least people with a bit of spare cash.

Qi Shaoqiu, on the other hand, had a look on his face as if he'd made a lot of money.

Li Lin walked to Qi Shaoqiu's side and said with a smile, "Looks like we've gotten you some business, won't you buy us a meal?"

"Not now, you're still in the competition. It's not good to mess up your tummies with food. When the competition is over, I'll buy you guys a big meal."

The crowd then laughed and joked for a while, and then stayed in the dormitory provided by the clubhouse, which had a nice living environment.

When Roland and the others appeared at the arena the next day in full armor, the female streamer who had been waiting there since early in the morning took the initiative to come up and asked, "Hello, I'm the official promoter of full-armor combat, and now I have some questions I'd like to ask you, if it's okay…"

"Wait until the match is over." Qi Shaoqiu blocked in front of the female streamer…

The female streamer was quite disappointed and moved aside.

The members of F6 waited for half an hour before it was their turn to compete.

Since they were the only remaining national team, many people gathered around their side of the field.

This time they were up against some oil country in the Middle East. They also seemed to be competing for the first time, using dual-wielding machetes.

In the end, Roland and the others easily knocked them down.

Dual-wielding was not a combat technique that could be used by the average person. It was not as simple and straightforward as a sword and shield, nor did it have the distance advantage of a long two-handed weapon.

This time Roland was the last one to put the enemy down, because he was slightly worried about using too much power and killing someone.

The guy who got hurt yesterday was a forewarning.

But even then, it didn't last more than forty seconds for the win.

The buzzing bullet-screen comments went across the female streamer's livestream.

"I can see that the second team is really fierce."

"Damn, maybe they'll win the title."

"Winning the championship is unlikely, the Russians are too powerful. Over half of the gold medals have been won by them over the years. The second team isn't very big physically, but although they are fast, in cold weapon combat, weight and size is the biggest advantage."

"It would also be satisfying to get third."

"That's right, I think it would be awesome to get third."

"I watched the Russians' games too, am I the only one who thinks that the Russians don't seem to be better than the second team?"

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    《Mages Are Too OP》