Mages Are Too OP
315 Miscalculation
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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315 Miscalculation

Vampires were known to be the second fastest intelligent creatures. The first were, undoubtedly, the dragons.

The Mages, with Wind Soaring, could only fly 35 meters per second, and around 126 kilometers per hour, which was very fast in this world where transportation was inconvenient, although the spell was flawed in that it cost tremendous magic power and required a day of rest for two hours of flight.

The bat form of the vampires was much better. They could fly 50 meters per second, or 180 kilometers an hour. More importantly, the bat form was just one of their many shapes and did not consume anything. They could fly for a whole day as long as they had enough stamina.

While the dragons were faster than them, the dragons were too big and had a low acceleration, and they were not as agile as the bat form of vampires at low altitude.

Therefore, vampires were all very confident about aerial warfare.

But Edmund was completely dumbfounded at this point. All the little bats' eyes and mouths were wide open.

What was this thing which was crashing into him at an unbelievable speed with a bolt of lightning in each hand and a magic shield?

How could a human being fly so fast?

It took him only a short moment to think, but during that short moment, Edmund had sensed a sharp pain in his soul.

The human being that was emitting blue light, in the midst of whistling wind, passed right through his bats.

After a collision, blood and meat burst out like raindrops, leaving a human-shaped hollow with outstretched arms on the cloud of bats.

Then, this blue shadow was swallowed by a spatial bubble after it penetrated through the blood, before it was spurted upward. It then took a curve and swirled back.

Gravity could not be completely upset even though this was a magic world and he had a magic shield.

The bats were stunned for quite a while. Then, they tried to fly down into the woods.

At this point, Edmund couldn't care less about who the blue Mage magnate was anymore. Having been hurt both spiritually and physically, it was impossible for him to defeat that monster above him, who was about to swoop at him again.

Run. He had to run.

Now, half of the bats were already gone. Those little creatures were flapping their wings with their best.

They were closer and closer to the woods, but the magic waves behind came even more rapidly.

Edmund exerted all his strength, and so did all his bats, but the magic waves behind him were still faster.

Looking at the woods before his eyes, Edmund knew that he didn't have enough time.

Gritting his teeth, he abandoned most of the bats, and one of the bats slipped away and flew in another direction.

Pa… Dum!

The flashing blue shadow, with two long bolts of lightning, pierced through all the bats, and blood and meat erupted like a smashed watermelon. Then, Roland crashed on the ground.

The trees were all shaking under the intense earthquake.

At the center of the crash, a crater three meters in radius and half a meter deep had appeared.

Squatting in the crater, Roland felt numb.

Though he was protected by a magic shield, the counterforce caused by the collision had consumed two thirds of his mana. If his body were as weak as it was in reality, he would've had broken bones all over.

After quite a while, he rose from the crater, only to see no enemies nearby. He secretly sighed.

He had hoped to capture this male vampire and see if he could draw back the female one.

He was quite greedy about the female vampire's ability to change a spell model.

But he did not expect the male vampire to be so smart as to escape like a gecko cutting its tail.

It was hard to kill a vampire. As long as one of the bats escaped, he would come back again after a year of rest.

Fine… I'd better find a chance later. Then Roland looked around.

He was concluding the lessons he learned from the battle.

At first, he had intended to electrify the bats with the lightning in his hands.

But then, he found that his collision was even more powerful.

Those bats had been reduced to bits the moment they hit his magic shield.

It was understandable on second thought. Just now, he was flying at about five hundred kilometers per hour, and he weighed around 65 kilograms, so his momentum was surprisingly massive.

If he flew at the highest speed, he could reach about eight hundred kilometers per hour.

Instead of crashing into the enemy, he could shape Hand of Magic into a long miaodao and cut the miaodao through the enemy!

How powerful would that be?

Roland took a deep breath, excited by his idea.

Would he be able to cut a dragon in two?

Also, if he controlled it well and flew at a low attitude, he could use the skill as some sort of Charge.

Under the boost of a spatial bubble, he could raise his saber and fly past a couple of enemies.

It was quite thrilling.

He thought in excitement for a while, before he returned to the rock tent with Teleportation.

He had saved the coordinates of that place earlier.

The moment he returned, Andonara and Vivian jumped out and examined him. They weren't relieved until they confirmed that he was unhurt.

He told the magic apprentices that they were safe now. After they went back to sleep, he stayed on watch.

In the meantime, he opened the spell model of Spatial Bubble in the system and tried to further improve the impetus of the spatial bubbles, reduce the time cost for activation, and increase the range of the items that they could absorb.

Time went by, little by little. The three magic spiders encountered no intruders up until dawn.

In the morning, everybody had breakfast and continued the journey.

The road conditions were much better after the previous day.

They finally reached Liguburg City, their destination.

This was a medium-sized city with a Magic Tower in it.

The city guards were greatly alarmed when Roland's team arrived at the city gate.

Generally speaking, few Mages traveled in groups. Those guards feared that the strangers were enemies.

But they were too afraid of Mages, who were known to be mysterious, powerful and temperamental, to stop them.

While they hesitated, the six carriages entered the city and went straight to the local Magic Tower.

The Magic Tower was usually the tallest building in every city, so it was impossible for them to miss their target.

The six carriages stopped before the Magic Tower, and Roland jumped off. The soldiers that guarded the Magic Tower came to him in fright.

The fastest of them had already left to inform the master of the Magic Tower.

A moment later, a middle-aged Mage in a crimson robe walked out of the Magic Tower.

He was slightly surprised to see Roland, and he exclaimed in shock when he saw Andonara. "Your Majesty, why are you here?"

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    《Mages Are Too OP》