Mages Are Too OP
320 A Simple Matter
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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320 A Simple Matter

Roland couldn't help but back off when he caught whiff of the stink.

But he managed to hold it back. He cast Magic Shield, Body Fortification, Agility, Hearing Increase and other buffs to himself, before he stepped into the cave.

Thanks to the protection of the magic shield, the stink of urine that Roland smelled was not as insufferable as before.

The moment he stepped into the cave, Roland established a field of mental power.

It was not very large. He intentionally kept it within a range of ten meters.

The cave was extremely dark and he could barely see five meters in front of him. Also, the terrain was complicated in the cave. There might be a couple of crossroads on every path.

However, it had been three minutes since Roland met the last crossroad.

As he pressed deeper, the cave grew darker and darker still.

He walked as softly as possible. Up until now, he hadn't found any enemies.

But then he heard some queer noises from up ahead.

Sounds were more or less deformed because of the echo in the cave, and when they were transmitted far away, they became so creepy that they were like the whispers of ghosts.

Those obscure noises were blood-freezing in the darkness.

Roland walked forward, but he suddenly detected a secret chamber nearby with his mental field. Inside the chamber were a dozen human-shaped creatures.

The chamber was not locked. Roland pushed the door and opened it easily.

He was vigilant at first, but then it occurred to him that those human-shaped creatures were very feeble and their spiritual waves were unsteady.

Roland waved his hand, and a tiny, dim ball of light appeared before him.

Then, he saw a bunch of naked girls crouching or lying inside the secret chamber. They were clean and did not reek, but they were all asleep.

Roland examined them, only to see red flecks on their neck and arms. Upon closer look, he found that the flecks were bite marks.

Were they left by the vampires after they enjoyed the food?

Those girls must be the so-called "blood slaves."

Roland was going to treat the girls, but then he realized that he should probably annihilate the two vampires as well as the dark creatures under their control first in case they were alarmed.

He exited the secret chamber and walked several meters. Then he stopped.

He saw a crossroad ahead of him; he only needed to set up an ambush here.

He closed his eyes and waited a few minutes. Then he heard hasty footsteps from ahead.

A woman rushed closer in panic.

She stopped when she was ten meters from Roland, and she stared at him with her crimson eyes.

Naturally, Roland saw her too.

Her red, vicious eyes were too obvious in the darkness.

Though Yelia had asked him to attack the vampires the moment he saw them, Roland still asked, "You stole the girls inside that secret chamber, didn't you?"

"You nosy Mages, do you know who you are dealing with?" The woman's fingernails were growing, and hatred and humiliation were on her pretty, pale face. "Those blood slaves are in the service of the great Lord Bruce…"

It was indeed the case!

Roland felt that he had done something redundant. There were too few good vampires in this world for him to run into one.

Two bolts of lightning appeared in Roland's hands and joined into a glittering, jumping net of electricity.

Lightning spells took the least time to the cast among all spells.

This vampire was quite weak. She had been hit by the blue and white net before she could react.

The lightning bolts licked the vampire's body and tied her up.

Roland was very strong. The lightning was very powerful too, not to mention that he used Dual Casting.

The female vampire couldn't move at all. Her eyes were white, and her body was darkening and dehydrating fast.

Vampires were most susceptible to theurgy of light. Lightning spells were next. Fire spells worked well on them too.

The beautiful vampire was about to be electrocuted to death, when a swarm of bats squeaked and flew close. It took the shape of a man and roared, "Humble human being, let go of her!"

The man was covered in blood, and his clothes were ragged as if he had been cut by countless blades.

In fear and panic, he watched his partner be controlled by the lightning. He was about to lunge at her and rescue her. Vampires were sturdy and could still be saved despite such heavy wounds.

But before he jumped to Roland, three blue ropes darted to him from behind and tied the male vampire up. He fell on the ground.

"Stop! I ask you to stop!"

On the ground, the male vampire struggled and wriggled like a worm.

He was so desperate and frightened that his tears and snot were flowing. It was quite an ugly scene.

Unmoved, Roland increased the output of his magic power, and the female vampire stopped cramping. Her body had been blackened and shrunk in size.

Roland stopped casting when the female vampire was reduced to a pile of ashes.


The male vampire struggled to raise his head and looked at the ashes not far away in grief.

"Vampires can cry too?" Yelia came close and stepped on the back of the male vampire's head, before he roared in fury, "When you kidnapped the girls in my territory, did you consider how sad their families would be? You can survive on animal blood, but you insist on drinking human blood. You are evil, corrupt creatures."

The male vampire did not hear a thing that Yelia said. He simply stared at the ashes and bashed the ground, wailing.

"Speak. Where are you hiding the girls you kidnapped?" Yelia stared at the vampire below him coldly and stamped the vampire's head with his foot. "If you tell me the truth, I'll give you a quick death."

The vampire simply stared at the ashes and wept.

"I found a secret chamber in the rear. There were thirteen unconscious girls inside," said Roland suddenly.

"They're all alive? The number is right too."

Delighted, Yelia sneered at the male vampire and stepped back to chant. Three seconds later, eight colorful rainbows smashed into the bound male vampire at the same time, turning him into bone powder.

When Prismatic Spray killed an enemy, there was a small chance that Obliteration would be triggered, and the enemy would be turned into ashes.

Looking at the gray bone powder, Yelia was quite satisfied with his luck. He smiled and said, "The bone powder here is worth at least fifty gold coins, and it's always in demand. It's yours now, Mr. Roland."

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    《Mages Are Too OP》