Mages Are Too OP
321 Another Acciden
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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321 Another Acciden

Roland thought for a moment and put the bone powder in the system Backpack.

Vampires were rare. If their bone powder was helpful with enchantment, he certainly couldn't miss out.

After all, enchantment was what he was studying at this point.

"I owe you one," Roland said to Yelia with a smile.

Although the bone powder of vampires was only worth fifty gold coins, Yelia had mentioned that it was always in demand. Roland might not be able to find anyone who sold it when he really needed it.

Yelia smiled too when he saw that Roland accepted the bone powder.

Few Mages were dumb. As the creator of the derivative models of Hand of Magic, Roland was apparently gifted.

More importantly, Roland was very young and seemed to have just reached adulthood.

So, his future was nothing but promising.

It was definitely a good thing to make friends with such a young man.

"It's a shame that we can't find the treasures that the vampires hid," Yelia said helplessly. "I don't want to ask the people of the Guild of Rogues to help. One-third of the fortunes in places they examine will be gone, and they will split the remaining two-thirds with you. They're downright bandits."

Roland thought for a moment and asked, "How about investigating with mental power?"

"To be honest, I've already used up two-thirds of my magic power." Yelia shrugged and said, "Besides, this cave is rather huge. I'm afraid we can't scrutinize every corner after we use up all our mental power."

"Is it really that huge?"

Roland had read the map outside of the cave earlier. The hill was not very huge to him.

Yelia looked at Roland strangely.

"Let me have a try."

Roland closed his eyes and fully unleashed his mental power, but naturally, the tentacles of his mental power avoided Yelia.

A probing sphere with a radius of around 75 meters was established. Everything within the sphere was reflected in Roland's mind.

Different from eyesight that could be blocked, the vision of the mind had no blind angles.

At this moment, magnificent magic power flowed out of Roland's body, fluttering his robe like wind.

Yelia watched it in silence expressionlessly.

About half a minute later, Roland recalled his mental power, and his fluttering robe stilled.

He opened his eyes and said, "There's indeed a big secret chamber somewhere up ahead. Let's go and take a look."

They walked on for twenty meters, and Roland tapped a wall and said, "The chamber is behind this wall, but the door…"

The detection of mental power could only see the rough shapes of items and could not reveal details.

Examining the wall and searching for a trigger, Yelia asked, "Do you have an elven bloodline?"

"No. Why?"

"As far as I know, only the elves can detect such a wide range with their mind without much magic power. In order for a human being to explore such a wide range, we would have to…" Yelia suddenly shouted, "Here! This must be it!"

He found a weirdly shaped stone. He twisted it and heard a click from inside. Then, both of them pushed the heavy door hard and opened it.

A luminous ball was sent in, illuminating several boxes inside the chamber. Yelia smiled and said, "They've indeed hidden something, but don't open the boxes recklessly. Vampires can be sordid. They often set up traps against enemies who covet their treasures. In moments like this, we need to trigger the traps with Hand of Magic, or crack the traps with the Unlocking spell."

"I only know Hand of Magic."

Yelia stepped away and smiled. "As the creator of the derivative models of Hand of Magic, you must show me this spell."

Fine… Roland snapped his fingers, and two gigantic blue hands appeared in midair, before they reshaped into hammers.

Yelia's face became weird. "This is not Hand of Magic so much as a combination of Weapon Summoning and Weapon Morphing, isn't it?"


Roland did not reply but simply smashed the boxes with the blue hammers.

After a few smashes, one box started to ejaculate green gas, and another was darting out green daggers.

There were indeed traps. Roland realized that he could learn a lot of things from experienced folk.

They quitted the chamber, and Yelia cast Detoxification within.

He seemed rather envious. "You are too gifted."

Roland smiled shyly.

After several minutes, they reentered the chamber and opened all the other boxes with violence.

They found almost a hundred gold coins and a pile of gems.

"Those were two rich vampires." Yelia separated the loot into halves and gave one to Roland. "This is yours. The two halves might not be entirely even. Please don't mind."

Roland put his part into the system Backpack, and Yelia packed the gold coins and the gems in a black bag, before he hung the bag on his shoulder.

Checking the time in the system, Roland asked, "What about the girls? Our carriage is too small to accommodate all of them."

"Don't worry." Yelia said, "I informed the city guards before we came. If I'm not back in five hours, they will send a search party for us. We'll ask them to transfer the girls."

Oh… Roland found that the guy was very considerate.

"The smell here is funny. Let's get out." Yelia was quite happy that the vampires' treasures were looted and the girls were rescued.

Walking out of the cave, they were about to catch their breath, when they saw at least seven groups of bats swooping at them.

Those bats were quite dense and scary.

After two seconds of silence, Yelia jumped to his feet and shouted, "Run!"

It was already evening, and the sun had set.

The astonishing number of bats were charging at them. The glittering redness in their tiny eyes could be seen even though they were still far away.

Roland shouted to Yelia, "You go first! I'll cover you!"


Hearing that, Yelia was about to stay and fight with him, but then he remembered that Roland, as a Golden Son, would not really die. So, he turned around and left without hesitation.

"Brother, we'll meet again at the Temple of Life."

In Yelia's eyes, there was no way that Roland could survive this; he would have to die once.

Seeing that Yelia was running quickly, Roland even had time to cast Acceleration on him.

Then, Roland focused his attention on the swarming bats.

It would take at least five seconds for the bats to reach him.

Enough… Roland took a deep breath, and a blue fireball took shape in his palm.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》