Mages Are Too OP
326 A Competition of Numbers? 1
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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326 A Competition of Numbers? 1

Back in the Magic Tower, Yelia found that the magic apprentices were getting along.

He nodded in satisfaction.

It was a delightful thing for him to see that the students were working hard.

Roland, on the other hand, was "haunted" by Andonara. She greeted him and wiped his face with a towel as if she had forgotten that she was the queen.

Yelia watched for a while before he moved his eyes to the dark sky outside of the window with additional gentleness.

Seeing that their chairman was back, the six magic apprentices of Delpon returned to Roland.

The other magic apprentices, who had been taught a lesson, asked Yelia if he knew the derivative models of Hand of Magic.

Yelia peeped at Roland and replied, "I've acquired the derivatives of Hand of Magic from Mr. Roland, but I haven't understood them yet. I'll teach them after I grasp them."

The magic apprentices of Liguburg City all cheered.

It was already late. Accompanied by Andonara and Vivian, Roland had a nice dinner.

Then, the magic apprentices of the two sides communicated again until midnight.

Roland taught Yelia the basics on data-recording and deduction, and Yelia described the details of Spiritual Endowment.

At about two in the morning, Yelia couldn't hold back his drowsiness anymore and went to bed.

Roland did not need any rest. He was carefully considering what Yelia just said.

Essentially speaking, Spiritual Endowment served to label the magic nodes.

The NPCs weren't aware of databases or mathematical models, but they had a basic approach, which was to mark certain nodes as important.

That way, they would be able to distinguish the important nodes from the unimportant ones.

After they were used to it, they could habitually direct their magic power to the important nodes, which would reduce the time spent spellcasting.

Also, the labels in Spiritual Endowment were of different tiers according to their importance.

It was a rather simple method.

Though it seemed shabby, Spiritual Endowment was not easy to learn.

Firstly, it had a high demand on mental power; secondly, one had to be very familiar with the nodes.

Spiritual Endowment did not sound very impressive, but it occurred to Roland that, after he was used to it, it would enable him to cast spells faster.

For example, it would take him less time to charge the fireball, which could be very strategically important.

Even if the time cost was only reduced by one-third, down to six seconds, this skill would still be much handier.

However, Spiritual Endowment also had shortcomings, which was that it could make the learner inflexible.

After all, when the conditional reflexes on the mental level were formed, they might cast the spells in battles without properly adapting the spells to the actual circumstances first.

But it didn't matter.

All the players knew that no abilities were useless in the hands of a man who knew how to use them.

That being said, they also knew that, even though all the abilities could be useful, there was a fine line between abilities that were useful and those which were very useful.

For the spells that required few variations, such as Self-Exploding Fireball, Thunder Palm, and the buff spells, Roland could fixate them with Spiritual Endowment in order to cast them faster.

But as to the spells that must be applied pertinently, he would not use Spiritual Endowment on them.

After the decision was made, Roland began to practice Spiritual Endowment.

After a night, he found that he made little progress.

He didn't make no progress, but this ability was much more difficult to grasp than he anticipated.

When the sun was up, Yelia asked a butler to invite Roland and his crew to breakfast.

It was a hearty breakfast. Obviously, the people of Liguburg had put a lot of thought into it.

Everybody was satisfied. Roland and Yelia discussed magic problems while they ate, and the magic apprentices listened quietly.

They did not have the opportunity to listen to the talk of two chairmen every day.

They subconsciously ate more slowly for fear that they might miss a word or two that the chairmen said and misunderstand them.

When breakfast was about to be over, an officer suddenly walked in. He nodded at Yelia and then looked at the strange faces in confusion.

"Excuse me."

Yelia smiled at Roland apologetically and walked over to talk to the officer in private.

The officer soon left, and Yelia returned to Roland with a heavy heart. "The mayor's house was attacked last night, likely by vampires. Would you like to check it out with me?"

"Okay." Roland wiped his mouth with a napkin and stood up.

"I'm going too." Andonara stood up as well.

"All right."

Roland nodded as Andonara could be a powerful ally. The vampires might run away from her if she was by herself, but now that two Mages were with her, they would be committing suicide if they atomized themselves.

Yelia looked at Andonara in surprise. "You shouldn't risk yourself, Your Majesty."

"We might be no match for her even if we attack her together." Roland shrugged. "She's a Master Great Swordsman, and probably the strongest fighter in Hollevin."

Andonara smiled in delight.

Yelia, on the other hand, widened his eyes in shock.

Few people in the capital knew that Andonara was very strong, not to mention the residents of other cities.

Vivian stood up. She wanted to go with them too.

But Roland waved his hand at her. He then summoned White Amber and threw it to Vivian. "You stay in the Magic Tower. Inform me if anything happens."

Vivian bit her lip and nodded.

Roland took Andonara's longsword out of the system pack and gave it to her. Then, he left for the mayor's house with Andonara and Yelia.

At this point, the mayor's office was heavily guarded, but they cleared the way and let Yelia in the moment they saw him.

It was obvious that Yelia was rather prestigious in the mayor's house.

Passing through the moat, they entered the castle and found a group of people talking in the hall.

Soon, they noticed Yelia. A young man with golden hair shouted in excitement, "Brother-in-law, you're here!"

Yelia nodded and joined them. He pointed at the slim young man and introduced, "This is Sarog, the mayor's youngest son."

Then, he introduced the strangers to them. "This is Roland, the chairman of the Magic Tower in Delpon, and this is… Queen Andonara!"

Hearing "queen," everybody turned around and looked at Andonara in surprise.

Andonara, on the other hand, was holding Roland's arm very naturally.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》