Mages Are Too OP
329 Another Fire
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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329 Another Fire

Yelia vomited two mouthfuls of blood. He cast Lesser Healing on himself and then looked around at the unbelievable wildfire.

"This is too powerful, isn't it?" He turned around and looked at Roland as if Roland was a rarity. "I've prepared my gold coins. Give the model to me the moment we're back."

Roland smiled and said, "Not a problem."

Five hundred gold coins was a large sum of money.

If they weren't exchanged into money in reality, a lot of things could be done with those gold coins in the game.

Speaking of money… Roland remembered something else.

He logged in on the forum and made another post.

Tips on How to Deal With Vampires.

He mentioned the vampires' vulnerabilities to light, fire, and lightning. He also informed the melee classes that the vampires could atomize themselves, in which case they would be immune from physical damages.

At the end of the post, he wrote, "The vampires burned in high-heat fire may yield bone powder which is very valuable. It's about fifty gold coins per kilogram, and it's in high demand. Of course, if a lot of vampires are killed and the productivity of bone powder soars, the price may fluctuate."

However, Hollevin was just a small country; Fareins, Urganda, and other bigger countries were still out there.

In those countries, there were a lot of Mages and Alchemists too, who were also in dire need of the bone powder of vampires.

Everybody was excited after reading the post.

The players were very interested in the quest in the first place. They didn't know what a credit point was yet, but it wouldn't hurt to earn some first.

Besides, there must be wealth in the nests of vampires.

Many guilds had set up teams of Rogues who were adept at stealing and excavation. They were about to take off.

Roland's post was like lighting a fire under their butt.

They immediately jerked upright and rushed to Liguburg City.

One pile of bone powder equaled fifty gold coins, which almost equaled 800,000 yuan in reality.

They were determined to kill a vampire whatever it might take.

The post became popular very soon, but few people replied.

Everybody simply logged off and contacted their brothers and friends after reading the post. They had no time to write a reply.

Only the players who were too far away were lamenting that they didn't have enough time to get there.

Roland logged off and said to Yelia, "Let's go back to the city first."


Yelia looked around. The two horses that they rode here had been turned into cooked meat in Roland's fireball explosion.

They had no choice except to go back on foot.

The night had completely fallen. Reeking of ash and dust, Yelia said solemnly, "Mr. Roland, the vampire said that he was from a group. If thirty vampires are deployed this time, a hundred may come later. It seems that I have to ask for the headquarters' reinforcements. I wonder if there will be enough time."

Roland shook his head and said, "I don't think you need to call for aid."

"Why not?"

Roland said easily, "Because I already did. I'm a Golden Son. It's not a problem if I need some people to give me a hand."

"How many people will come?" Yelia was obviously delighted.

"Probably more than a thousand."

"A thousand professionals?" Yelia was so stunned that he paused and looked at Roland.

Yelia's reaction was understandable. It was very costly to deploy a thousand fully-armed elite soldiers, not to mention a thousand professionals.

"Mr. Roland, I owe you a big one." Yelia was both happy and helpless.

It was a good thing that Liguburg City would be safe, but it would be difficult to return the favor.

"It's not because of you. I simply don't want to be haunted by a bunch of stealthy, sordid vampires."

Yelia felt that Roland was only being polite. He simply remembered the favor in his heart and didn't say anything.

At this point, a group of plump bats were hovering in the sky a kilometer away.

They watched thirty people establish the Dome of Darkness, they watched the Dome of Darkness be blown up by a solar explosion, and they saw that none of their fellows escaped.

Then, they flew away quickly and returned to the Bruce family's base late at night.

In the cavern behind the castle, Christina, in the appearance of a girl, was on one of her knees before Bruce.

She reported what she had seen in a low voice.

"Thirty of my children were killed outside of Liguburg City?" Bruce was bellowing despite his usually good temper.

His immense mental power twisted the air. The whole cavern was shaking with his fury.

After a long time, Bruce finally managed to suppress his anger and put an end to the shaking.

"Very good! Very good!" Bruce stood up and left his stone seat. "Inform all the family members who are out and ask them to return to the base. In three days, I'll lead them to conquer Liguburg City."

"Three days are unnecessary." At this moment, Wenger came out and said, "Chief, let's evacuate. We need to get out of here right now."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Bruce squinted and stared at Wenger. "Are you telling me to just let it go?"

"My people have found this place," Wenger said helplessly. "Roland has summoned at least a thousand Golden Sons. They're coming from all directions."

"A thousand?" Bruce's eyes were narrowed into tiny slits.

"That's a conservative estimate." Wenger smiled bitterly. "My personal, bold estimate is that at least three thousand are coming."

Three thousand professionals were not to be underestimated even if they were all level one.

In fact, many Golden Sons were close to the Elite level, which was level four. There must be a bunch of level fives and even a dozen level sixes among them.

With such an overwhelming force, it wouldn't be hard for them to destroy a small country if they didn't fight amongst themselves.

"On your knees!"

Bruce suddenly shouted.

Wenger's legs softened and he was about to kneel, but at the critical moment, he laid his hands on the ground and fell on only one of his knees.

At this point, Wenger's face was pain-filled and twisted, as if his body was beyond his own control.

"You're truly good." Bruce chuckled at Wenger, who was fighting his instincts. "You're so determined that you can resist an order from your direct superior."

"I only kneel to the heavens, the earth, and my parents!" While struggling to reply, Wenger tried his best to rise and stand straight. His face was awful, with sweat dripping from his forehead. It was exhausting enough for him to just stand there. "I have my pride."

Looking at Wenger, who was unbent, Bruce sighed and said, "I'll spare you this time for your resolve. Christina, lock him in the dungeon and don't let him come out."

"Yes, Lord Bruce."

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    《Mages Are Too OP》