Mages Are Too OP
330 Army of Locusts
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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330 Army of Locusts

There was a dungeon for vampires deep inside the cavern.

At first, the prisoners would be suppressed by special enchanted equipment, before they were put in special iron cages.

Those cages were very tight, with holes only the size of a finger. The prisoners couldn't escape in bat form.

As for Atomization… Since the cages were meant for vampires, that problem had been taken into consideration too.

Those cages were partly made of gold, an inert metal that wouldn't react with magic power and could block Atomization.

After Wenger was imprisoned, Christina did not leave but simply stood nearby. She asked after a brief silence, "Do the Golden Sons have special ways to communicate?"

"Yes, we do."

Having lived for some time in the Bruce family, Wenger had met a lot of people. He wasn't very familiar with Christina yet, but they greeted each other every time they met.

He had been quite fond of this girl, who was both pretty and had principles.

"Why did you change from a Golden Son to a vampire?"

"Actually, I'm still a Golden So,." Wenger said with a smile. "I can still resurrect, and I can use all the functions of the system. The abilities of vampires are just added onto my previous identity."

Christina snorted and said, "Is that why you can resist Lord Bruce's order?"

"That's part of the reason."

Nobody else was in the dungeon, and it was deep and quiet underground. So, they sounded quite loud even though they kept their voices low.

Christina rubbed her eyes and asked again, "What kind of person is Roland among your people?"

"I have no personal contact with him. I've only learned of him through special channels."

Christina furrowed her brow and said, "Why don't you tell me about it?"

"He's the strongest Mage. He has powerful friends. He's generous and amiable too." Wenger said with a smile, "If I have to comment on him, he's like one of the Mage protagonists in the knight novels."

"He's so good?"

"You've already met him. Do you think he's good?"

Remembering the fireball that exploded like a sun, Christina's heart was still shaking even now. She was rendered speechless.

"Christina, a word of advice: you will only be killed if you stay here," Wenger said solemnly. "My people will arrive in five hours at best, and more will come later. By then, there will be no time for you to escape."

"Seriously?" Christina was still unconvinced. "Thousands of professionals are coming here? Are they all crazy?"

"They're here for money."

"The vampires don't have much money."

"Bone powder." Staring at Christina, Wenger said, "Roland stated that the bone powder of vampires is valuable on our communication channel."

After a brief shock, Christina had goosebumps all over her body.

"Your people… are killing us for money?"

"That's right." Wenger's gaze became queer.

"How could you…"

"Why couldn't we?" Wenger said matter-of-factly. "If you regard human beings as prey, isn't it fair that the Golden Sons regard you as prey?"

"But we're vampires…" Christina murmured.

"And we're the Golden Sons." There was pity in Wenger's smile. "Why can't the vampires be prey?"

Christina was horrified by Wenger's smile.

She subconsciously stepped back and staggered out of the cavern.


We're prey!

The thought rang in Christina's head.

By the time she woke up, she found that she had flown away from the Bruce family's base.

What am I doing?

Christina was of a mind to fly back to the family base, but what Wenger said popped up in her head.

"A piece of advice: you will only be killed if you stay here."

"If you regard human beings as prey, why can't you be regarded as prey?"

As a colony of bats, Christina flew aimlessly to a wood and hid herself there.

She was about to take a rest when she heard horses passing rapidly the wood.

She sent one of her bats out of the wood, only to see a dozen people riding horses to her family base.

All of them were professionals and had the same vibe as Wenger's, indicating that they were Golden Sons.

"They're really so fast?"

Christina was rather panicked.

Soon after they passed the wood, she saw another twenty people galloping toward her family base on horseback.

Seriously? They're really coming?

Christina really felt frightened.

This was only one direction. What about the other directions?

While she was thinking, she heard horses coming up from behind her again.

This time, one of the riders was even shouting, "Horse tracks! A lot of people are ahead of us! Let's hurry up! There's only a limited number of vampires!"

Hide! Hide now!

Christina dared not fly out of the wood or up above. She simply flew inside the wood in the opposite direction of her family base.

At this point, Roland had come to the edge of the Bruce family's base too.

Hardly had he climbed the hill when he heard battle cries from the castle.

About a hundred people had launched attacks on the castle from all directions.

Since it was the day, the vampires were greatly affected. The weak, patrolling vampires at the periphery had been caught by big nets while they were flying.

Net Casting Specialty!

It was a special trick available for Hunters and Rogues that could even catch angels when their levels were high enough.

Looking at the bats, who were angry but dared not assume human shape, the players all laughed.

After all, it was still daytime, and the sun was strong. They would be burned to ashes if they transformed into vampires.

Then, magic flames were thrown into the nets.

Very soon, all the bats were burnt into bone powder and collected into system Backpacks.

"I've earned hundreds of thousands." The players who made a fortune laughed crazily.

Then, more and more players scored.

In no more than two hours, all the patrolling bats outside of the castle were gone.

The bats that luckily survived had flown back to the castle.

At this point, the players were ready to attack the castle as more and more of them were gathered here.

Two hours earlier, there were only a hundred, but their number had exceeded a thousand at this point.

Standing on the hilltop, Roland watched the players charge forward and shout.

"Spare some for me!"

"You can kill them, but please leave their ashes to me. I like spraying ashes best!"

The hundred players in the lead looked back, only to be shocked. They rushed at the castle even faster.

At this moment, there was obviously not enough meat for everybody, and they intended to claim their share first.

Anyone who stopped would be a real idiot.

However, when the few players at the front were about to break into the castle, they were flung away by a strange power and blown into pulps of flesh and blood in midair.

Then, a black ball rose from a balcony in the castle and expanded into a black round dome that surrounded the entire valley in the hills.

The players in the middle of the Dome of Darkness could not even see their own hands.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》