Mages Are Too OP
331 Rabid Golden Sons
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Mages Are Too OP
Author :Soaring Flames
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331 Rabid Golden Sons

When the massive Dome of Darkness was deployed, all the players within its range lost their vision.

Only the players who had learned Dark Vision or night battle specialties could see at all.

Then, the commanders of the guilds and the teams were all shouting, "Activate the illumination skills, or light torches if you don't know any!"

Very soon, hundreds of luminous spheres and torches were raised.

According to common sense, such a large number of sources of light should've illuminated the whole valley, but they were nothing more than matches in the darkness. They were so pitifully weak that it seemed like dusk despite all their light.

"The enemy's dark spells can absorb the light." Some commanders realized this and shouted, "Are there Priests of the light class? Can you try casting Sunlight?"

Very soon, a few small suns were raised at the bottom of the valley and on the slope, making the place slightly brighter, but it was still not as bright as it was supposed to be during the day.

Also, a crescent moon had emerged in the sky.

The environment was quite creepy. It was as if everything was covered in a black haze.

But the players were excited. Many of them were shouting, "It seems that the boss is coming out!"

As they expected, a dense colony of bats flew out the moment they said that.

Different from the small bats they saw earlier, those bats were at least three times that size, and their wings were almost a meter wide after being unfolded.

When those bats came out, they were followed by countless smaller bats, their emergence like plumes of smoke roiling from the castle.

"We're getting rich! There must be a lot of vampires behind those bats!"

The players cried in delight. Some of them even subconsciously wiped away drool.

The big bats in the lead combined into an old man with pale skin and elegant black clothes.

Bruce looked around and roared in fury, "You goddamn Golden Sons, we've lived here for hundreds of years, and you trespassed on our territory. You're asking to be killed…"

Before Bruce even finished his sentence, a dozen fishing nets had been thrown at him, followed by numerous arrows and colorful magic bullets.

From a distance, they were like a constricting halo.

"The boss is here! Attack the boss! Let's deal damage first! Whoever kills him will earn fifty credit points!"

The ranged classes dealt damage crazily, but there was nothing that the melee classes could do when the boss was floating in the sky.

"Get him down! Get him down! We'd like to participate too!"

All the remote attacks that were aimed at Bruce came to a stop three centimeters from him.

A simple Decay had rendered the spells useless.

"You're nothing but ants!" Bruce waved his hand, and the bats behind him turned into vampires and cast spells from the sky.

A storm of spells bombarded the ground. Very soon, half of the players within the Dome of Darkness were killed or injured. Even more outrageously, Bruce took action too.

He created dark energy spheres with both hands and tossed them down. The spheres swirled and turned into black tornadoes, which revolved quickly and caught everything within a certain range before spewing them out in pieces.

The players initiated counterattacks in haste and successfully took down a few unlucky vampires. Then, the living players burned the vampires that had fallen with natural or magical flames with no consideration for their own lives, before they collected the bone powder that was still red in their system Backpacks.

Because there were too many players, some of them only picked a few grams of the bone powder.

But even a few grams would still earn a lot of money.

Looking at the Golden Sons who were fighting for the ashes, Bruce was even more furious. But he was also somewhat chilled despite his wrath.

At this point, on the hilltop where he was standing, Roland was not enshrouded in the Dome of Darkness. He could only see an enormous black sphere but nothing inside.

But more and more players were joining him.

Some players were even building simplified ritual tables of the Temple of Life nearby.

Then, as green light flashed, many players were reborn from the ritual tables. They charged into the black sphere again crazily with the players who came late.

Standing next to Roland, Yelia looked at the relentless Golden Sons in fear. He looked at the back of the hill, only to see more people riding over from far away.

They must be Golden Sons too.

By his estimation, there must be more than three thousand Golden Sons here.

"Are your people all lunatics?"

Watching a player who shouted "Save my ashes for me!" with bloodshot eyes after being resurrected on the ritual table, Yelia couldn't help but make the remark.

"They want to make money. One vampire equals fifty gold coins. The vampires are dark creatures, and they don't feel guilty killing them. Why shouldn't they make money?"

Watching the crowd of Golden Sons charging into the Dome of Darkness, Yelia's mouth went dry. He couldn't help but loosen his collar, saying, "But there's no need to be so crazy, is there?"

"They're no match for the vampires without this craziness," replied Roland casually.

"Then why are you not taking action?"

Roland said with a smile, "I'm waiting for the right moment."

At this time, the vampires noticed something wrong inside the Dome of Darkness.

They had killed at least three thousand Golden Sons, but why were more still coming?

In their surprise, a couple of vampires were caught by fishing nets or hit by arrows and magic bullets.

Though the Golden Sons' counterattacks were weak in general, some of the vampires would be hit and brought to the ground now and then. Then, the well-prepared Golden Sons would lunge forward greedily and turn them into ashes in less than a minute, burning their bodies.

Then, they would fight for the ashes like hungry dogs fighting over s*it.

After that, they would raise their heads and stare at the vampires with bloodshot eyes, like hungry dogs that were looking forward to more excrement.

Although the two hundred vampires in the sky were still slaughtering the Golden Sons with their overwhelming firepower, all of them had a terrible feeling, including their chief, Bruce.

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    《Mages Are Too OP》